Another moneymaking blog follower….Seriously???

Oh my god, seriously I might just go and “kill myself” (that’s a figure of speech I like to use, meaning I’ve given this subject a lot of thought and decided it’s totally not for me!!) If another person that follows my blog is from a moneymaking scheme!!
Look, I think it’s great if people are making money however they are making it online, but I suppose, I have a feeling that just following someone to get them to come onboard with whatever it is you are selling, is well, I don’t know, not what I’m interested in doing.
Don’t get me wrong, I think that if people are interested in following this path that’s awesome, and there’s nothing at all wrong with that.
In fact, I can see for many, it has been something wonderful that has helped them to transform their thoughts, words and actions in more of the direction they’re wanting to go. And of course, if they maintain that new and improved vibrational place over time, they will experience the full physical manifestation of that which they have originally given out that the Law of Attraction has responded in-kind to.
That’s the “Law of the Land” ( Universal Law ) so to speak, and is the truth regardless of whatever the subject matter may be.
That being said, it doesn’t sit very well with me that people may be following whoever they are following with no actual interest at all in what those they are following are blogging about.
Maybe that’s just me? But I like to think that if people do make the choice to follow someone, that they’re hopefully slightly interested in what you’re talking about…otherwise what’s the point?
Could it be that I feel many have something of value to say and that there may be some people out there that are in a place to hear it? Uhm…yes, isn’t that why we’re blogging or face booking or doing any of the social media communicating we’re doing?
But the lines often become blurred when money becomes involved, does it not? And why is this often the case?
It’s because many people have a strongly negative vibration (thoughts and feelings) regarding anything to do with money.
Money is a big subject that influences our lives in almost every way, so it’s completely predictable we would have some very strongly held beliefs about it based on what we are wanting, what we’ve been taught by our family, culture and community, and what we have observed and experienced ourselves.
Remember, our experiences come from those strong beliefs and doctrines that were handed and ingrained into us when we were growing up, and if we’ve never questioned the beliefs we received, especially as we move through time and grow-up, we will continue to live such circumstances.
That’s great if we were handed positive beliefs about money and abundance and are now knowing how to create the abundance we are wanting in our lives, but more often than not, we were not.
There’s a distinction here between having a personal endeavour such as blogging or a business endeavour, but of course, there’s no reason why they cannot overlap, and I know many do successfully, but for me, it depends on the pureness of our intentions and what one is prepared to do to “achieve” their goals.
Before I started blogging, I knew there was a possibility to make money from doing it, but I made a choice not to go down that path because I didn’t want the reason I was writing to be “motivated” from a place of wanting to make money. Instead I wanted to write from an “inspired place.” An inspired place of alignment with all of who I am, the physical and Non-Physical parts of me, and of believing there are people out there that are ready and in a place to hear what I have to say.
Now, whether people are ready to hear what I have to say, is neither here or there, at least I know, for me, my intentions have been pure and good.
That’s the moral of the story really, as long as our intentions are pure and good for ourselves and others when we go into doing whatever we decide to do, no matter how it turns out, we have to acknowledge we went into it only wanting the best, not the worst, not mediocre, and not anything else…only the best.
So sometimes things don’t work out like we’d hoped they would, and sometimes they do, but if we did our best based on what ever we knew at that time, and we do our best to learn from our experiences and move forward in a positive way, then that’s all we can do….Isn’t it? And that has to be good enough…
And so it is….

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