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I thought I would add this page for anyone that has a question that may have been inspired within them, on any of the subjects I have talked about, but it doesn’t quite fit within any of the posts.

Thank-you javymon for the following question…….I am very much enjoying our back and forth conversation!!!

Would it be correct to state that any being of light is hated by beings of darkness? I have experienced a lot of this in my life. It can be debilitating temporarily, since an approach to bad people sometimes rubs off on you, especially if you are attacking their purpose in the name of justice.

I agree with what you have suggested in your statement above, and as you explained you have experienced such circumstances in your own life, and there’s no denying the truth of your experience.That being said, I may have some insight from a different perspective you may be interested in hearing.

It is my knowing that all beings are ultimately beings of light. We have all come from the light and we will all return back to the light in our own time no matter how much time we may have spent in darkness while being physical. I also acknowledge that very few people are being the light that they truly are because they have been taught and have focused on many things they see around them and what they may have experienced in their own lives that they are not wanting. Although we definitely intended to come into a physical environment with variety so we could choose what we are wanting to create in our own lives, many of us have got stuck in a position of focusing almost exclusively on what others are doing that we believe to be “wrong and unwanted” for fear of it entering our own lives. This begins the attraction process even though we may not be knowing our focus on anything wanted or unwanted brings similar feeling circumstances closer and closer to manifesting into our own lives.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like and although this is absolutely true, it’s not hard to see that opposites on many different levels are also attracted to each other depending to the extent each party has focused on what they see as opposition or what they don’t like about the other. Even though both statements are opposites and would seem to contradict each other, nonetheless both are true.

When similar vibrations (like attracting like) come together there is always harmony and synergy. For example when two or more people come together with similar core beliefs and perspectives, we often see much can be accomplished as each feeds of the other in good positive ways meaning far less action is required to achieve goals and problems are more easily overcome as all are cooperating and working towards a similar outcome. Whereas on the other hand, when strongly opposing forces that sit in very different vibrational places come together, instead of harmony there is disharmony and often conflict. Depending on how strong their opposition may be, it can be very hard to achieve anything and what is achieved takes much action with minimal positive movement forward. In other words, it’s damn hard work and the results often disappointing!!! If conflict is very strong, opposing forces will usually fall apart as the vibrational gap will be too large to find any common ground. For many this is just the ways things have always been, and the way things will continue to be unless a very large shift in understanding is achieved. Many believe this is the only way to achieve anything, and although yes, sometimes conflict and challenges are very good and do propel us into bigger and better things especially if we can do our best to remain positive during the process. From a negative not good feeling place…….Not much good is achieved.

There are many reasons why one that is usually in a relatively good positive general vibrational place may be attracting the opposite to that which they really are and noticing some of the other

~ By focusing on the ‘injustice’ we see around us with strong negative emotion attracts more of what we are not wanting into our experience.

Now I understand it’s not an easy task to disregard what we see around us, especially if we have had personal experiences and the subject matter is very important to us, but when we understand and have observed through our own and others life experiences the attraction of unwanted circumstances through doing this, it makes it easier to start shifting our focus. Depending on how much momentum we have going behind anything we’ve given our focus to will depend on whether we can start moving how we feel into a better feeling vibrational place or whether we just have to do whatever we can to distract ourselves from going to the thoughts we usually think about this subject or until our resistance is softened a little.

Trying to think thoughts that are strongly positive when we have been strongly negatively focused for some time doesn’t work. The Law of Attraction is serving us up thoughts that have momentum behind them through our own focus meaning we need to gradually and in smaller increments improve our thoughts. This doesn’t mean it needs to take forever. Making a small effort every time we bring a resistant subject into our mind we’d like to move vibrationally can see us make very substantial positive momentum forward in a short space of time. It depends on each individuals belief, desire and intentions. Moving ourselves in to a better vibrational place is not about saying we like something we clearly do not. It’s about softening negative emotion we feel when we think about anything therefore improving what we will be attracting into our lives.

~ Another reason we may attract darkness has to do with the intentions we may have put forward before entered the physical realm.

All beings are on a journey and have lived many physical lives even though we may not remember this. For each physical life we live, from our Non-Physical perspective we will put forward intentions for what we would like to achieve and experience in our next physical life. These intentions are more general rather than specific in nature and depend largely on where we are in our spiritual evolution as we move through our lives. Can you imagine one that has lived many Physical lives that has moved forward in their spiritual evolution and growth having much to offer others that may have forgotten who they really are. Do you think many may have come forward with the intention to help others to come more fully into the knowing of who they really are and to also improve their own spiritual evolution through the doing of such things.

Yes, this indeed is true and can be a strong factor in attracting the opposite to that which we are. This is not a problem and can be a joyful undertaking unless we forget how things work and start strongly pushing against by focusing negatively and by making it our crusade to change people from a less than ‘light’ position. Any person, no matter how ‘wrong’ whatever our perspective of what they are doing is will never be lead into the light by being shown how ‘wrong’ they are and can literally bring their darkness or resistance into our vibration.

Only understanding, light and love can bring a person into the light…..

Only knowing who someone really is and shining that brightly to them has the chance of leading them more fully into the light. And even then we don’t know what intentions they made before they came forward. What we believe they should or shouldn’t be doing may be in opposition to the intentions they made before coming. Trying to help those that are not ready to be helped is a hopeless task and only pushes a person more in the direction they are already in.

And in the whole scheme of things it doesn’t really matter…….All are ultimately light and we will all return to the light, evaluate our life experience and make new and exciting intentions for their next life…….

And so it goes on and on…….

And so it does……

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