Don’t use family characteristics as an excuse for behaving badly. Who you are now being………is a choice.


Tree Roots

Has how we have been brought up and by whom had an effect on who we are now?
Yes of course it has and I don’t think many people would disagree with this statement after giving it even a small degree of thought.
As we grow and acclimatise to the environment we have been born into, this is a completely normal and necessary part of learning how to live a productive and happy life within the physical boundaries of being a human being in a physical time space reality.
That being true, it does not necessarily mean everything we’ve learnt growing up within our family unit is in alignment with who and what we are and what we are really wanting in our lives. It’s more of a jumping off place that gives us a foundation on which we can mature and evolve as we move forward with our lives. It’s only until we’ve questioned the beliefs passed by those that brought us into this world that one starts deliberately choosing and moulding their experience to their liking by continuing to follow beliefs that may be working, but more importantly by changing or altering those beliefs and behaviours that are not working for us.
Changing a belief that no longer serves us is definitely possible but does take awareness and focus to do, especially when it’s a belief that’s been held for a large portion of our lives that we’ve seen much evidence about.


When it comes to unwanted personality traits such as excessive anger, a lack of caring or warm towards others or manipulative behaviours, blaming such negative actions on family traits by saying, “we’re all like this in our family,” is just another way of saying, “I have not yet exercised the power of my mind and decided who I really want to be, instead I’ve just followed the mould I was put into by observing those around me because it’s easier than having to change and become the person I really want to be.” Deciding who we really want to be and behaving in a way that supports this to the best of our ability is what growing up really is. Many things can be accumulated over a lifetime, but who cares if we have only been a shadow of what we could have been?

At the core, all people have greatness within them, but whether they are behaving in a great way, well that’s a completely different story and comes down to each person’s individual thoughts and actions. Knowing that all possess greatness is a good start, but what does it matter if that greatness is never expressed or seen in the world?

Let your greatness shine through so everyone may see the light that is you……
For when another sees the greatness within you, they have the opportunity to see the greatness within themselves……..

And so it is……

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