Do you believe in Psychic Predictions?

Voices Within

It’s difficult to speak about predictions of possible or probable future events without first discussing whether one believes such predictions are even possible or real.

When thinking about this, it’s similar to any subject or information we may be receiving from a source outside of ourselves in the sense that it depends on our perspective in relation to what the other is saying and also where the persons perspective is that is delivering such information. In other words, anything given or received will depend on both parties experiences, beliefs and knowing gained in the current life being lived with possible information being brought forward from what human beings like to call past or future life experiences.

That being true, I’m sure it’s not too much of a surprise to some it certainly is possible to predict events that may occur in the future and I would go as far to say that almost all people at some time or another have either knowingly or unknowingly predicted future events in their own lives. By understanding how the energy of predictions can be read and what the probability of them coming into fruition may be can shed much light on a subject that may have previously been seen as somewhat mystical and esoteric in nature.

The process is quite simple really. It’s only a matter of being sensitive to reading the current energy that either a specific person, or groups of people maybe emitting about any given subject that’s important to them that gives the reader the ability to feel and read the probability of certain outcomes.
It’s extremely important to understand that no matter how sensitive any being may be to the vibrations others emit, it is only possible to read the energy as it is right here, right now, and therefore there can never be an 100% chance of anything occurring unless it happens at that exact moment……..And then it’s not really a prediction is it.
The best way I can think to describe it is to see it as a numbers game. The stronger any vibrations being emitted are, the sooner and higher the probability of what the feeling of the core of that vibration is has of manifesting in the future. This is why no future predictions can ever be 100% sure as we have the complete ability to change our vibration and often do in every and any moment that we are living if we so choose too.

I think it’s easy to understand the stronger we have something going on, the lower the likelihood is that vibration will be altered as strong momentum has usually been achieved by this stage and does takes a tremendous amount of focus and knowing to move or change, nevertheless of course it’s possible. The further away a prediction is the lower the probability is of the proposed outcome is as there’s more time between the reading of the current energy vibrations and the possible time of something manifesting giving more time for that vibration to be altered therefore creating altered realities and manifestations.

So what does this really mean? Nothing if we have no interest in the mechanics behind such circumstances or don’t believe such things are possible.
Whether we believe or not all people read other people’s vibrations to differing degrees depending on how sensitive they are and how strongly the signal or vibrations that are being emitted are. We would perceive nothing if this was not true. Although it is often easy to read other people’s vibrations I believe the real benefit is to cultivate a vibrational sensitivity to one’s self and what is within ourselves. This gives us the ability to feel what maybe coming into our soon or not to distant experience and gives us a chance to alter our vibration if the feeling of what may possibly be coming isn’t good or to strengthen our focus on those things that are feeling good and bring them into our physical reality in a more timely manner.

It’s not really for me to say how people actually translate theses vibrations as it is different for each person. However the translation happens whether it be a strong thought that pops into one’s head, a vision, a sound or smell, or a mixture of any of these, and leaves one with a distinct and often strong knowing of a probable outcome.

For me it’s not about predicting possible world events, especially supposedly not good ones. No, I would never give my powerful focus to anything so unwanted. I know that no matter what happens on the world stage, circumstances always work themselves out one way or another and I choose to believe even through the worst of circumstances, once the dust has settled, finding a better place always prevails……

And so it does……