Can we receive respect…. If we don’t give respect???

Friendly Bear
                           It is not possible to receive that which we are not prepared to give ourselves.                                                         Paulette De-Har

No, true respect for another must go both ways. If we expect respect without giving respect, we will be sadly disappointed.

Some may believe the longer you have been here in this physical body, all younger ones should respect you. Well, it’s nice to be nice, that’s for sure, but you must give respect to receive respect, it’s not an automatically given commodity based purely on your length of time you’ve been alive, you get back what you give out.
You cannot condemn any part of society or an individual, and expect to receive anything positive back from them. No matter what generation we are speaking of, it often happens that previous generations focus on all they think the younger generations are doing, that they feel isn’t right compared to how they lived their lives. Its like some take it as a personal criticism of how they lived their lives?
Who among us can say that every single thing we’ve done in our lives was done in the best possible way, and that it’s the only way?
Of course most of us were doing our best, but we must acknowledge as we move forward in our lives, there are always better ways that we can do things, and that’s what our beautiful young ones are trying to do.
When we close ourselves off to the possibility of improvements, we can become very judgemental and set in our ways, as if wanting an improvement in life is bad or wrong?
If no one came forward wanting any improvement in life, what would be the point of life? There would be no point.
It’s a good idea to respect those we interact with no matter their age, gender, race, religion, or lifestyle choice, but if we do find this difficult our best action is to acknowledge we’re all different and let our negative judgements of others go. We all come from different perspectives, and although we may not want to choose what others are choosing, they are free as we are, to choose what they believe is best for them based on what they’re wanting and how they want to live.
Do your best to make peace with what others are doing, whether you like what they are choosing or not, and avoid focusing on what they are doing that you do not wish to bring into your world, for the Law of Attraction will bring you more evidence of that which you are focused upon, every time!
It’s true when things change it often brings wanted and unwanted circumstances to the forefront, this is the process of life and isn’t a problem when we know staying positive will work through any resistant we have and get us where we’re wanting to go.
We cannot stay in the past, things must move forward, we cannot control what everyone else is doing, but there is a choice of focusing on the positive aspects of what’s new or the negative aspects of what’s new.
When we transition into new circumstances, problems do arise, and with problems come solutions, but to see the solution we desire, we must be close to the vibrational vicinity of the solution, which means getting in a place where we believe we will find a solution.
We are all getting there, whether we’re aware of it or not, for in the times that are before us it’s getting harder and harder to be complacent with our thoughts as manifestations are turning up with increased frequency and intensity letting us know where we are, and in a sense asking us, “This is what you’ve been giving thought to, would you like more of it?”
If it’s wanted, yes, yes, yes, keep thinking what you’re thinking! If it’s unwanted, do your best to move to a better feeling place or focus on things in your life that are working well, but don’t stress about it.
You really can’t get it wrong, for every experience both wanted and unwanted has in it the opportunity of moving to better and better places, and as we start to see this in our lives and the lives of those around us, we really put ourselves in a position to experience more of the wonderful life we came here to live!!

And so our journey together continues….

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