And so the pendulum swings…

I use this saying to describe what can often happen when we have experienced strongly unwanted circumstances in our life, especially as we were growing up.
It goes something like this….

I have a very unwanted experience.
I decide this is not what I’m going to do in my life as I grow up.
I do the exact opposite in my own life to ensure I never become or do whatever it was that was done to me.

Usually the more unwanted and extreme the experience, the stronger and extreme the behaviour will be towards the opposite end of the behaviour scale so we may go from one extreme to the other extreme.
A good example of this is people who may have been harshly physically disciplined as children;
Some may never question this and continue with this behaviour in their own lives, but many will feel strongly this is not something they will choose to do and will often go to the extreme of complete freedom.
I can tell you, as a child that was harshly physically disciplined, I would definitely rather under discipline than over discipline, but it would be true to say that both extremes can produce very poor results.

Mostly it’s about balance, everything balances itself out sooner or later but it can take time, and by time, I mean it can take generations.
I do my best not to worry about people even if they are at the extreme ends of experience, and I definitely do not put my attention on whatever they are doing if it does not agree with what I am wanting in my own life experience or how I have chosen to live.
Putting our attention and focused thoughts on anything around us that we are wanting to experience and that feels good, is the best action we can take, for this starts redirecting us towards more of the experiences we are wanting to live, and of those circumstances, we are not wanting to live.
It’s totally okay not to like things, but you want the strongest vibration within you that the Law of Attraction is responding to, to be what you are wanting, not what you are not wanting.
People think they are focused on what they’re wanting, but often our focus is actually on the lack of what we’re wanting.
The only way to know the true direction of our thought is by how we are feeling. Positive emotion indicates you are moving towards something you are wanting, whereas negative emotion indicates you are moving towards something you are not wanting.

It’s not for me to judge what others should or shouldn’t be doing, I hold onto my belief that most people are doing the best they can, based on what they know, and when we know better we can do better.
In these days we are living now, things are showing up thick and fast in answer to our focused thoughts (vibration) that the Law of Attraction is responding in-kind to, letting us know exactly where we are.
And once we know where we truly are, and start improving how we are feeling….The skies the limit!!

And so it is….