Observation v’s Judgement… Where are you???

Although there’s quite a fine line between observing people and circumstances or judging them, I think it can be quite an important distinction to be able to make.

Judging is noticing what is, in a negative and critical manner, with an implied feeling of wrong doing, whereas observation is noticing what is, from a neutral place without any negative or positive emotion. In other words, seeing what is in front of you, without making judgements of right or wrong.

Very few people are able to do this as most have been programmed with all sorts of things, from all sorts of people, about the rightness or wrongness of this or that… and of course, we have come to our own conclusions based on what we have been told, experienced and observed, as to what is right or wrong regarding most situations, behaviours or attitudes.

It is completely appropriate for us to decide what it is we are wanting, or how we wish to live our life on every and any subject that is important to us.
It’s not possible to get inside of somebody else and know what their intentions and desires for this life are, we have not lived their experiences, thought their thoughts, or felt their feelings, and therefore, cannot know for sure why they have reacted to each circumstance as they have. So how can anyone be a better judge than them, of what, how and when they should be doing this or that, for we cannot say with any real certainty if we’d lived their life experiences, we would do anything differently.
Maybe we would, maybe we wouldn’t? We just don’t know.
So the question is, why do we judge others, and does it improve our lives in any way?
Judging others critically always come from a not good feeling, negative place. A place of fear, fearing someone may do something that will affect us or others in a negative way. A place of feeling superiority over others, believing you know better than they do, what, how or why they should be doing this or that. A place of feeling inferior to others, therefore discounting their achievements to make one’s self feel better. Although initially, in the short-term these types of responses may help us to feel better, if we do not move to better feeling places, we can become uncaring and negatively focused, only seeing the worst in every situation we encounter.

If this happens, it’s often hard to assess whether these behaviours are working in our lives or not, because for most, it has become a way of being, something that’s been done consistently for so long, we’re no longer aware that we’re doing it.
It becomes our normal way of being, it becomes who you are temporarily being, not who you really are, just who you’re being right now. It’s not who you truly are, because we may not have been factoring in a very large part of ourselves, our Inner Being, Inner Guidance or the Non-Physical part of us.

Your Inner Being never feels inferior to others, for who you really are knows the magnificence of you! Your Inner Being never feels superior to others, for who you really are knows all beings have value, just as you do! Your Inner Being never fears what others are or are not doing, for who you really are knows you were born with the ability to change your focus at any moment and start attracting more wanted circumstances into your life!

When we start thinking in terms of what is wanted and unwanted and make an effort to redirect our thoughts in the direction of what we are wanting rather than the lack of what we’re wanting, it usually takes the judgement out of what we’re observing, and over time, puts us in a place where we’re more able to see the good in all people and situations….

We have all come forward with powerful intentions and desires, both individually and collectively, and we are moving into new discoveries about ourselves and life, and ultimately, to the evolution and truth of who we really are!!
And oh how wonderful that is!!

And so our journey continues….

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