Are you a teacher???

Frame Family
We all teach not through what we say but through the power of our example, every single time.   Paulette De-Har.

Yes, of course, we are all teachers, it‘s not a question of whether we are teachers or not, the real question is… what is it that you’re teaching?

We teach through the power of our example, and although we can teach through our words, if what we’re saying with our words is not consistent with our actions, it will always be our actions that people will believe over our words.

I’m not suggesting that we should change our behaviour because others are observing us, no, for when we start doing this, we’re no longer listening to our Inner Guidance, now we’ve cut ourselves off from the Non-Physical perspective that is knowing everything we’ve ever wanted in this life (and previous lives for that matter too!) sending us direct and constant communication through our emotions of which direction we’re moving in. Positive emotion indicates you’re moving towards something you are wanting, whereas negative emotion means you’re moving towards something that’s unwanted.

Just by being here in this physical body and physical world, we are teaching, it’s not necessary to sit people down and tell them anything, and in fact, unless people are asking for this information, they cannot hear what we have to say, even if it is good and true.
So when you are feeling great and full of life, loving what you’re doing, know that you are shining such a bright light, and you are a joy to behold to anyone that has the good fortune to be in your presence!!
And when you’re not having a good day, know that you are still setting a great example, an example of how to get up and do your best, even when it’s not easy.
Yes, it’s all so good!!

And so our journey together continues….

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