Do you like watching news???

From as far back as I can remember I never liked watching news. Even before I actually knew what my parents were watching and what news really was, I just didn’t like it. I have memories of going into a sort of daze when ever it came on, and at other times wanting to scream and pull my hair out and yell, “why are you watching this!” Of course they were just thoughts in my head, for I would never have spoken to my parents in such a way as there would have been strong negative consequences for such actions. At that time I never understood why they loved it so much and just always did something else if it was streaming into the house.
As I’ve moved through time and experienced more in my life, I have come to understand so clearly why I disliked news and why I ensured I was not sitting in front of it.
I like knowing that even before I truly understood how things were working in my life I instinctively knew this was not good. This is a good example of how our beautiful young children instinctively know things that they could never articulate to others in words.
I can imagine what some of you may be thinking right now, “are you crazy, I would never stop watching the news!”
The news I’m referring to is the hard-core news about all the major “not nice” stuff that’s happening from every corner of the globe, conveniently streamed directly into your home, car, workplace, gym and, well everywhere!!
Many people give me the following reasons why they watch the news; “But these things are really happening, I must be informed about what’s happening in the world or else….”
I say, “or else what?” Can you help that person or people that experience has happened to? Probably not, so how do you feel? Depressed, helpless, angry, sad, blaming?
I don’t know exactly what emotion someone else will feel as they watch news, but I know you cannot look directly in the face of extremely unwanted circumstances for yourself or anyone else and be happy about it, that is not possible. If you can watch hard-core news without feeling bad, you know you have acclimatised yourself to it so well, you have become numb to it, or you have moved your self to a positive place regarding it.
There are unwanted effects or consequences from watching lots of news, and the top of the list is it gives people a very skewed one-sided view of the world. It negatively orientates you about the world you’re living in and puts focus on all that is unwanted in life, and the fact that it’s true and really happening is a very poor excuse to bring attention and focus to such things! There are many wonderful things that are true and really happening to, but unfortunately if over time we’ve focused in the opposite direction to what is good, we no longer see the beauty in life.
When you focus on anything, be it news or wonderful things happening, you include that in your vibration, you think and feel something about it, and as you continue to focus you’re sending that vibration out to the Universe, and the Universe is answering your vibration through the powerful Law of Attraction, and is returning to you something that has the same emotional feeling of that which you have originally sent out. To begin with, it may just be similar thoughts to what you have sent out you receive back, and if you maintain focus, you add power and momentum to those thoughts, until eventually with enough attention, something will physically manifest. This is not a bad thing, this is wonderful, and means we have creative control over our lives, for we can start to control our thoughts and feelings by gradually moving to better places on anything that is important to us.
We may not have been exercising this power if we didn’t know how we were creating our lives through the power of our thoughts and emotions, but when we know better we can do better, no point looking back with regrets.
I am not suggesting that something that happens to someone on the news will happen to us if we watch it, but it does give us an unbalanced view of the world without the other positive side, and this is not a true reflection of everything that’s out there. But even if it was a true representation of what’s out there,(and it isn’t) it still wouldn’t be a good idea to watch it, for as we focus and watch, so the attracting of unwanted begins, and although what we’re attracting may be less unwanted in severity to what’s on the news, do we really want to do such a thing?
No, no one would do such things if they knew it was drawing or attracting unwanted circumstances into their life.
Watching news does not improve your life. Sometimes it’s just something that people have become use to doing or they may like to have conversations with others about “what’s happening in the world”, sometimes people just like to have something to push against. Whatever the reason is for watching news, for me, there is no reason that is good enough, because I know what I’m creating by doing that.
Believe me if something is happening close to you that you need to know about, you will know, someone will bring that news to you or you will just happen to hear someone talking about it, if it’s important for you to know, you will know. And if there is resistance within you that you need to move to a better place about, you will find yourself seeing snippets of news here and there about these subjects, which is your opportunity to move these resistant subjects into a better feeling place, therefore improving your vibration which improves what you are attracting into your life!
So what I’m saying is, you will attract the circumstances you need to move yourself to better and better places, that is Universal Law and cannot be sidestepped, but you do not need to expose yourself to hours and hours of not nice information to do that, you do not need to be informed about every bad thing that’s happening in the world for the sake of conversation.
Sometimes it’s just a habit we’ve got into without realising what it is we’re really doing, but you always have a choice, we always have a choice. So what are you choosing now?
And so our journey together continues…

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