Choose your battles….And let the rest slide!!

Whoever originally said this definitely knew what they were talking about, and although this is good advice in relation to all the relationships we’re involved in, it’s especially relevant to the relationships we have with the younger members of our society, our beautiful children!

I like to rephrase as follows;

Decide what is really important to you….That which you are not prepared to compromise on, and stand strongly and positively by it.
In other words, be prepared to stand up strongly for those things that are at the top of our list of priorities, that we believe are the most important aspects we wish our children and others we have relationships with to know and understand. What we feel is necessary to live a happy and healthy life….And let the rest slide.
In other words, don’t make every little thing a big issue, choose what’s most important, and chill about the rest!!

When we stand strongly and positively on what is important to us, this sends a very clear message of what we find to be acceptable and unacceptable. This doesn’t mean that everyone is going to act in a way we find to be acceptable, but at least there’s no ambiguity, and this is especially important when dealing with children. The clearer and stronger we are with what we are expecting, with the ability to communicate it in a positive way, the better the chances are that our point of view will be listened to, thought about, and possibly acted upon?

We should always be open to discussion and negotiation whenever asking our children to carry out something we have requested, especially when questioned on why we’ve come to the decisions we have. Just saying, “Because I said so,” is a very unacceptable answer to give to anyone that is questioning us on why they should carry out something we have asked them to do. Our children are not robots that have come here purely to be told what to do by their parents, no matter how well-meaning parents are, and I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but not many of our young ones are prepared to follow anyone blindly anymore!!

No one learns anything by being told what to do and following instructions blindly….Well that’s not true….Much is learnt by doing such things….
Learning to follow what everyone else wants us to do erodes our self-confidence in ourselves and doesn’t prepare us very well for when we have to go out on our own and make decisions for ourselves.

So being strong and not following what others are saying blindly is a very good quality to have, although it can make dealing with our children a bit more challenging. We should have good reasons why we are requiring them to do what we are wanting, and we should be prepared to take the time to explain how we have come to those decisions. Rules just for the sake of obedience and conformity are crazy and makes life unbearable for all concerned.

I know it can be a difficult to know what to do sometimes, especially if we have gained everyone else’s opinion on what they think we should or should not be doing, and yes, we can often get good ideas from others, but when everyone’s had their say, we must make our own decision on what we believe is best for our specific circumstances, no one else is in a better position than us to know this.
Once we have come to our decision, the most important thing we can do is put all our positive focused thought behind the decisions we’ve made. Do not split your energy by second guessing yourself all the time by asking “What if, I don’t know, maybe?”
When you split your energy in this way, you achieve mixed results because the Law of Attraction has responded to your mixed up unsure vibration with similar results.

It’s not possible to make the “Wrong decision” because any decision that’s given focused positive thought for some time, will reap good results, and I say “That is so Awesome!!”

And so it is….

Could “Whatever”…be the best word in the world???

This is a good follow-on from “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” since it is a word our children often love to use, much to the disgust of many parents I’m sure!!
So I totally get it, it can be extremely frustrating when you’re trying to communicate with someone and all they offer you as a response is “whatever” with a lot of attitude. (Yep, I’ve had that comment given to me more times than I care to remember, but I probably need to add I love to use it myself too….Hehehe!!)
But what does someone usually mean when they say this, beyond trying to annoy the living daylights out of us!!

It’s a way of saying, “I don’t agree with what you are saying right now, and I don’t like it, and I know if I try to communicate anything to you….it’s just going to get ugly cause I’m pretty sure you’re not in a place to hear anything I’ve got to say about it, so I’ll sort of keep the peace, or more to the point, keep quite otherwise I may receive some consequences I’m not wanting, but I want you to know how I feel anyway!!”

Oh, that’s pretty good don’t you think….That’s a lot to convey in just one word, but that’s totally what it does.

So I think it can be good in the sense our children are not just accepting everything others are telling them just because we’ve been in a physical body longer than they have, and although this can make you want to pull your hair out and scream, it is a very positive aspect of who they really are coming through.

Many children coming forward from Non-Physical in these times are very strong-willed and not easily lead away from what they are wanting by others, or what they are believing is good for them.
Now I understand this makes for some very challenging times, especially if we are wanting them to follow all the rules we may have followed when we were growing up, and I would go as far to say, if this is what we are trying to impose on our children, it’s very likely this will cause extreme behaviours until we learn to communicate with them in a way that includes them in the decisions we make, rather than dictating everything to them without seeking their opinions and ideas.

I like to think of it as more of a collaboration rather than a dictatorship style of communicating, and to tell you the truth, from what I see, most of us are doing a pretty good job considering the vast difference from the way many of us were brought up.

So maybe this word isn’t as bad as what some of us may have thought?
For when our children grow-up and leave the nest, if they have learnt to just follow everything someone else says, they can be lost when they’re on their own.
Of course they usually find their way, but why would we make things harder for them than they need to be? Encouraging good communication, problem solving, respect for others, and the ability to change as the circumstances may require are totally awesome skills to teach and be an example of!

It’s very interesting to ponder…. “Who’s teaching who?”
I can only speak from my own personal experiences, when I tell you, through having to learn new and improved ways of interacting with my children in a positive manner, I have become a better person….And I can only hope they learn as much good stuff about themselves from me, as I have learnt from them….

And so it is….

Special does not mean better… Or does it???

Of course it doesn’t, but unfortunately many have come to the conclusion that to be special means your better or superior than others. As far back as I can remember, I felt there was something special inside of me, even though I wasn’t really sure what that specialness was, but it didn’t take me long to realise that everyone had that same specialness inside of them too, but that it was expressed differently in each person depending on the opportunities that we attracted and our ability to recognise and act on them.
Why do some feel better or superior to others?
This often comes from our upbringing where we may learn, if you’re not a winner you’re a loser, second is unacceptable, or “my way” is the right and only way, and although this idea has changed a lot in recent times, there are still many that are indoctrinated in these ways.
Of course we want our children to do well, that goes without saying, we want them to reach their potential and to do their best, but when we teach them the belief; if they don’t win they have not succeeded, this is not good. Some are coming from a place where they believe instilling a fear of failing is a good motivating tool, this is very outdated thinking that may have vaguely worked in the past, but No, it is not working any longer.
I am not suggesting we over praise or make everything someone does wonderful when it is not, our beautiful children sense this is off when done and usually rebel against this untruth with extreme behaviours, but what I am saying is, look for the specialness that is within us all, believe in it, look for it, and you will find it, not just in others but in yourself, for it’s often not until you find it within yourself that you can recognise it in others. Look for it when you are in a good feeling place, do not try to find it when you are experiencing strong negative emotion, for you cannot see it at that time, for you are focused in the opposite direction to where that specialness is.
You cannot search for anything for very long before the powerful Law of Attraction will bring you some evidence of that which you are focused on, this I know.
When we come to know who we really are, we come into a full and clear understanding of the awesomeness of us and all others, that is my desire for you!!
And so a journey together continues….

Do you like watching news???

From as far back as I can remember I never liked watching news. Even before I actually knew what my parents were watching and what news really was, I just didn’t like it. I have memories of going into a sort of daze when ever it came on, and at other times wanting to scream and pull my hair out and yell, “why are you watching this!” Of course they were just thoughts in my head, for I would never have spoken to my parents in such a way as there would have been strong negative consequences for such actions. At that time I never understood why they loved it so much and just always did something else if it was streaming into the house.
As I’ve moved through time and experienced more in my life, I have come to understand so clearly why I disliked news and why I ensured I was not sitting in front of it.
I like knowing that even before I truly understood how things were working in my life I instinctively knew this was not good. This is a good example of how our beautiful young children instinctively know things that they could never articulate to others in words.
I can imagine what some of you may be thinking right now, “are you crazy, I would never stop watching the news!”
The news I’m referring to is the hard-core news about all the major “not nice” stuff that’s happening from every corner of the globe, conveniently streamed directly into your home, car, workplace, gym and, well everywhere!!
Many people give me the following reasons why they watch the news; “But these things are really happening, I must be informed about what’s happening in the world or else….”
I say, “or else what?” Can you help that person or people that experience has happened to? Probably not, so how do you feel? Depressed, helpless, angry, sad, blaming?
I don’t know exactly what emotion someone else will feel as they watch news, but I know you cannot look directly in the face of extremely unwanted circumstances for yourself or anyone else and be happy about it, that is not possible. If you can watch hard-core news without feeling bad, you know you have acclimatised yourself to it so well, you have become numb to it, or you have moved your self to a positive place regarding it.
There are unwanted effects or consequences from watching lots of news, and the top of the list is it gives people a very skewed one-sided view of the world. It negatively orientates you about the world you’re living in and puts focus on all that is unwanted in life, and the fact that it’s true and really happening is a very poor excuse to bring attention and focus to such things! There are many wonderful things that are true and really happening to, but unfortunately if over time we’ve focused in the opposite direction to what is good, we no longer see the beauty in life.
When you focus on anything, be it news or wonderful things happening, you include that in your vibration, you think and feel something about it, and as you continue to focus you’re sending that vibration out to the Universe, and the Universe is answering your vibration through the powerful Law of Attraction, and is returning to you something that has the same emotional feeling of that which you have originally sent out. To begin with, it may just be similar thoughts to what you have sent out you receive back, and if you maintain focus, you add power and momentum to those thoughts, until eventually with enough attention, something will physically manifest. This is not a bad thing, this is wonderful, and means we have creative control over our lives, for we can start to control our thoughts and feelings by gradually moving to better places on anything that is important to us.
We may not have been exercising this power if we didn’t know how we were creating our lives through the power of our thoughts and emotions, but when we know better we can do better, no point looking back with regrets.
I am not suggesting that something that happens to someone on the news will happen to us if we watch it, but it does give us an unbalanced view of the world without the other positive side, and this is not a true reflection of everything that’s out there. But even if it was a true representation of what’s out there,(and it isn’t) it still wouldn’t be a good idea to watch it, for as we focus and watch, so the attracting of unwanted begins, and although what we’re attracting may be less unwanted in severity to what’s on the news, do we really want to do such a thing?
No, no one would do such things if they knew it was drawing or attracting unwanted circumstances into their life.
Watching news does not improve your life. Sometimes it’s just something that people have become use to doing or they may like to have conversations with others about “what’s happening in the world”, sometimes people just like to have something to push against. Whatever the reason is for watching news, for me, there is no reason that is good enough, because I know what I’m creating by doing that.
Believe me if something is happening close to you that you need to know about, you will know, someone will bring that news to you or you will just happen to hear someone talking about it, if it’s important for you to know, you will know. And if there is resistance within you that you need to move to a better place about, you will find yourself seeing snippets of news here and there about these subjects, which is your opportunity to move these resistant subjects into a better feeling place, therefore improving your vibration which improves what you are attracting into your life!
So what I’m saying is, you will attract the circumstances you need to move yourself to better and better places, that is Universal Law and cannot be sidestepped, but you do not need to expose yourself to hours and hours of not nice information to do that, you do not need to be informed about every bad thing that’s happening in the world for the sake of conversation.
Sometimes it’s just a habit we’ve got into without realising what it is we’re really doing, but you always have a choice, we always have a choice. So what are you choosing now?
And so our journey together continues…

The truth will set you free….Or will it???

I’m sure many would have heard the quote many great teachers from the past have said: “the truth will set you free”. But what truth are they speaking of, and how would it set us free?

The truth they speak of, is the truth about how life in the Physical and Non-Physical world is really working, and the reason it is followed up with, “it will set you free,” is when we come to know the truth about how life is truly working and how we’re creating our own life experiences and you start putting this knowledge into practice in your life, you become one that’s truly free. For it’s through this understanding that you gain creative control over your life, and then you’ll feel the freedom of who you really are.

So does this mean we are only free if we know how this life is working?
No, freedom is the core of who we really are, along with truth and love. We come into this physical world free, we live here with free will and free choice, and we will make our transition back to Non-Physical free.
So if I’m not feeling free in my life, why am I not feeling free?
This is a natural consequence if we haven’t known how it is we’ve been creating our life experiences.
We may have come to the conclusion or belief that things just happen for no good reason, or that life was meant to be difficult, or that there’s someone outside of ourselves setting down rules and regulations as to what, how, and when we should be doing this or that and that’s why things are not working out.
Nothing could be further from the truth. You came here for a wonderful experience, not a life of pain and struggle, and it’s true we’ll all have our different challenges in life to overcome, but they’re always of our own making, and propel us to greater heights and understandings once overcome.

How could I be making problems in my own life without knowing about it?
Mainly because that’s what we all observed as we were growing up. We watched others around us focus on things that were not working in their life, creating more unwanted circumstances and being oblivious to what they were creating.
I say this to not blame others, for they were doing’s the best that they could with what they knew, no one would create unwanted circumstances in their life if they knew what they were doing, that would be crazy!

So we may have sort of fell into the same vibrational place (general emotional place) as those that surrounded us. Yes, it’s only natural we would take on their beliefs and not always know how we were creating our life.
Have you noticed how our beautiful children are coming forth into this physical world now? They are emotionally sensitive, strong-willed, freedom seeking, not rule following souls.
In other words, they will not be easily guided away from who they really are, they are knowing their self-worth, they are believing they know what is best for them and they are telling us so, but are we hearing what they are trying to tell us or are we just labelling them as problem children?

They will not follow blindly what others say or give up their freedom easily, and to get them to do this, you must severely break their spirit. All I will say is the consequences of doing such things are not good. I’m not suggesting our children do not require guidance, actually, they require very specific guidance where their individual needs are known and considered and they’re actively involved, consulted and listened to when making decisions regarding them. They also often require explanations as to how and why you have come to the decisions you have. I know it takes more time, and sometimes you have to explain something so many times you want to scream and pull your hair out, (Yep, I’ve been there more than once!) but I can not overestimate the wonderful long-term effects that come from treating our children in this way.

The truth is, we’re all creating our own life experiences whether we’re aware of it or not, and when we know this, we start to feel the freedom and truth that’s within us more and more.
It is a journey and we don’t need to get there all at once, just do our best to pay attention to how we’re feeling and making an effort to feel slightly better than we currently are, especially if we’re in a not good feeling vibrational place, and over time we will feel our life experience improve.

Why would I bother to make an effort to feel better? Because it feels better to feel good doesn’t it?

And so our journey together continues….