Why is the Universe sending me these challenges???

The Universe is not judging who’s supposedly “good or bad” and sending us challenges, if we are experiencing challenges, they are coming through our own focused thoughts, whether we are aware of it or not! In other words, we are receiving many things in our lives both wanted and unwanted, but it’s not through luck or the Universe deciding we’ve had it “too good for too long” and need some not nice experiences in our lives, these things come through our own focused thoughts that we’ve given plenty of attention, over a prolonged period of time with strong emotions that the Law of Attraction has responded in-kind too.

The Universe and everything within it is governed by some very strong and consistent laws such as Gravity, Physics, and the powerful Law of Attraction to name a few, and it doesn’t matter whether or not we are aware of these Universal Laws for them to have an effect on every aspect of our lives, they just are….But it would be true to say, the more aware we are of these Laws, and the more consciously we apply them in our life, the better the results we’re achieving will be.

When challenges do arise in our lives, it’s usually because we’ve had some resistant, negative thoughts that need to be moved to a better feeling vibrational place in order for us to move into more of what we are really wanting, and to do so, our thoughts may need to be slightly redirected in some way.
It’s also important to know…. Even when we are sitting in a very good feeling vibrational place in relation to all we’re experiencing and wanting in our life, challenges will always present themselves to us. The idea of consistently and immediately being in vibrational alignment in a Physical environment where there’s so many contrasting experiences we may be living and observing, is probably a slightly unrealistic expectation and can set one up for disappointment.

Although this is true, being in a good feeling vibrational place does indicate the level or strength of the challenges we’ll face. It’s very unlikely that circumstances that are the manifestation of very resistant, not good feeling thoughts will come our way if we have been making a gentle effort to move our thoughts and feelings into a generally better feeling vibrational place in relation to what we’re currently experiencing and what’s important to us.

There is always a time difference between desiring something and getting ourselves in vibrational alignment with that which we have desired, but the more we are listening to the guidance from our Inner Being, the Non-Physical part of us that is letting us know through our emotions where we are in relation to whatever we’re wanting, the shorter the time period will be before the Physical manifestations we are wanting turn up.

Life is supposed to be good for all of us….And there is nothing that we have wanted or will desire in the future that we cannot achieve, but we do need to find the good feeling vibrational place of it.
This is the same for every physical being that has ever lived….And there’s nothing fairer in the world than this….

And so it is….

4 thoughts on “Why is the Universe sending me these challenges???

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      I’m sorry I never replied to your message but for some reason it never showed up in my comments, I just found it because I was looking at some other old comments. You click on one of the links below the post that says follow with a little + sign by it and then it will prompt you to put in your email address.
      Hope that helps……
      Take care & have a great day!

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