Why would we ask….For everyone else’s opinion???

I am not necessarily saying asking for others opinions about something is right or wrong, but it is an indication of where we are in relation to what we’re asking about.
The most important factor to consider when we’re asking for an opinion from someone else is, what is our reason for asking, and how are we feeling about the subject we’re asking about.
For example, are we generally exchanging ideas in a progressive conversation without any premeditated ideas or the need of getting others opinions on a specific subject? I would consider this mostly positive, good feeling communication with the exchanging of many ideas and opinions on many different subjects, and although we may be listening to many different opinions, we are not coming from a place of unknowingness, but more from a place of interest.
During these conversations, we may hear many things that inspire us to find out more about what we have talked about.
If we are coming from a not so good vibrational place of unknowingness, or we feel a need to know what others think in order to come to our own decision or opinion, this is often not so positive.
If our vibrational feelings are strongly directed towards not knowing and unsureness, if we have a decent amount of power and momentum behind these feelings through our focused thoughts, the Law of Attraction responds in-kind to our vibration with manifestational evidence of what is pulsing strongly within us, often increasing our feelings of not knowing where we sit with our own opinion and usually just confuses us more!! A strong negative feeling of not knowing what to think or do brings you more feelings of the same. (although over time, if we do not move to a better feeling place, the strength of the emotions we’re feeling often increase)
Yes, it is true, and all of us feel unsure about things in our lives at one time or another, but for some that feel unsure in many areas of their life, it can become very difficult to make a decision about anything.
Sometimes it’s a specific subject that we may hold some resistance to or about, that we attempt to get many people’s opinion on?
But even if the information we gain is good and positive, we just don’t know it and usually continue to look for more information that will make us feel better. This can become a cycle until we finally realise we could ask a million people their opinion and we still wouldn’t know what to do.
This is when we need to find our inner strength and decide we might as well go with what we think we should do and feel as good as we can about whatever decision we do make, for other people’s opinions are exactly that; a conclusion one has come to based on what they are wanting and what they have experienced so far in their own life. (which often doesn’t have a lot to do with your life, where you are, and what you are wanting)
We may learn from, and ponder information given to us from others, but ultimately only we know how we feel and what we are wanting, so it’s important to come to our own opinions and make our own decisions, for no other is in a better position than us, to make our decisions!

And so it is….

2 thoughts on “Why would we ask….For everyone else’s opinion???

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    This post is brilliant! It made me realize that following my heart is the best decision to make in order for me to be happy!

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    Great Post! I think alot of the time we are in built with the age old, Men are hunters and women are gatherers. Men are by nature less communicative, whereas women often gather and discuss the village issues. (..sometimes gossip!). But of course it makes sense to consult yourself!…after all you know yourself the best, and what is best you oneself! Bye for now, I’m off to discuss some important issues with myself. xx

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