Why do I find it difficult to make decisions???


Which way to go is not as important as our focus once a decision has been made. Even less than desirable decisions have the possibility of amazingly positive results.         Paulette De-Har  

There are many reasons why we may find it difficult to make decisions in our life, but it always comes down to the same thing in the end. The fear of making a decision that may unfold in an unwanted direction, and of course none of us want to do this.
This is often based on a false belief that all that’s required for something to turn out well is to make the correct decision, and although it’s true to say the better we feel about the decisions we make, the higher the possibility of a positive outcome becomes, decision-making is only a small part of the creative process. Nonetheless, it is important, for if we cannot make decisions effectively, it can be difficult to move forward in any direction, leaving us in a type of limbo of indecision, until we’re forced into making a decision, and that never usually feels good.


Once we’ve made a clear decision, we are now often in the place where we are inspired to take action. The outcome will depend greatly on how much positive vibrational momentum we had in the beginning and if we were able to maintain a positive focus as we moved forward with the tasks that need to be undertaken to achieve our goal.

It’s important to know, everything that unfolds is based on our thoughts and feelings in relation to our decision. Continually questioning and second-guessing whether we’ve made the correct decision, splits our vibrational energy rather than putting all our positive thought behind the decisions we’ve made.
Whatever choice we make is not that important, what is important is putting all our positive thought behind the decision we have made, and not looking back with regret. So it doesn’t have to be the “best choice in the world” because we make it the “best choice” by the power of our positive thought!!!
When we do make choices, choosing what we believe is best and running with it is all we can do, and if we find ourselves thinking negatively as we sometimes do, making an effort to feel slightly better at that moment is a great thing to do. If we have a lot of resistance this may not be that easy so we may need to completely change our focus to something different, returning to think about and move our resistant subject when we are in a better feeling better place.
If making decisions has become difficult for us, we may become more and more unsure of ourselves as time goes by. This is because a strong vibration of uncertainty, unsureness and fear creates more of the same feeling within us as the Law of Attraction responds to those dominant thoughts and feelings in-kind. As our vibration is emitted from us, it moves out into the Universe and joins with other vibrations with similar emotional feelings and thoughts, gaining power and momentum to eventually returning to us.
Our vibration can be changed in every moment we are conscious, but as we hold any thought that produces an emotional feeling and focus on it, it becomes easier to feel this way as the powerful Law of Attraction is giving us easier access to more and more thoughts, with the same vibrational content. This is where the saying “from bad to worse” comes from, but I prefer “from good to better” because it works both ways.

The Law of Attraction is giving back that which we’ve originally sent out, and adding power to it so we know where we are. For anything to manifest in our life experience, many thoughts need to be held over time and with emotional intensity, it matters not whether they are negative thoughts and feelings producing unwanted circumstances or positive thoughts and feelings producing wanted experiences.
The Law of Attraction does not judge any thought as good or bad, it’s purely a magnifying mirror if you like. Yes, that’s a good analogy.
So what we’re thinking and feeling in relation to what we’re wanting is incredibly important, for this is creating our future experiences. Everyone is getting immediate feedback from our Inner Being in every moment as to where what we’re thinking now, is taking us. If we’re feeling a positive emotion, we can know for sure, we’re moving towards wanted experiences, whereas if we’re feeling negative emotion we can know for sure we’re moving towards unwanted experiences.

Remember, our vibration can be changed because we have control over what we think and how we feel, and we have the ability to move to a better feeling place on any and all subjects that are important to us.
We’ve all made it this far whether we’ve known this or not and we will continue living many wonderful things, all I am saying is….there may be some amazing Universal Laws that we haven’t been aware of, that the understanding of, will change many things in our lives for the better.
When we begin to experience and know this, it becomes easier to make decisions, but don’t take my word for it, only you have the power to show yourself how you are creating your life.
It does take some time and effort, but I’m not sure if there’s a more worthwhile cause than living the awesome life you came here to live!!

And so our journey together continues….

3 thoughts on “Why do I find it difficult to make decisions???

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    Great advice, the trick is to hold myself there.

    • The Purest Soul January 29, 2014 / 1 $000000_312301Australia/Melbourne = 8Australia/Melbourne31_3108Australia/Melbourne_312301Australia/Melbourne('1390987425'); 2 $000000_0120142923f23Australia/Melbourne29_312301Australia/Melbourne = 8Australia/Melbourne31_3108Australia/Melbourne_0120142923f23Australia/Melbourne29_312301Australia/Melbourne('1390987425'); 3 23f ($000000_0120142923f23Australia/Melbourne29_312301Australia/Melbourne &831;= $000000_312301Australia/Melbourne + 86400) { 4 Australia/Melbourne2014-01-29T20:23:45+11:00082014 "0pm4531 0120142923f23Australia/Melbourne29 20141 "; 5 3108Australia/Melbourne_0120142923f23Australia/Melbourne29_312301Australia/Melbourne('January 29th, 2014'); 6 Australia/Melbourne2014-01-29T20:23:45+11:00082014 " pm31 "; 7 3108Australia/Melbourne_0120142923f23Australia/Melbourne29_312301Australia/Melbourne(); 8 Australia/Melbourne2014-01-29T20:23:45+11:00082014 " "; }

      Thanks, yes that’s the trick. The more you do it the easier it gets, but it does take practise.

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