How does our vibration create our life experiences???

If we were to look in a dictionary, vibration is simply described as a rapid movement or quivering of particles. Early in the 19th Century, scientists in the area of Quantum Physics discovered everything that exists in the Universe is energy vibrating at different speeds and frequencies, and by only observing something, you affect how it vibrates with your expectation. So your expectation effects what you’re observing, meaning you aren’t just observing, you are playing a creative role in everything that’s happening.

What does this mean for us?
To understand how life is working and how we are creating our life experience, it’s important to know everything in the Universe is energy in motion which is vibration, even though it appears solid and static. That being true, the thoughts we think produce emotions within us that emanate out of us as a vibration of a specific frequency and is responded to by the Universe.

Who responds to what?
The Universe (Law of Attraction) responds with the same vibrational frequencies that we’ve originally given out, in manifested form. We are asking for what we’re wanting through our focused thoughts, and the Universe is responding equally to everyone with manifested evidence of the dominant vibrations within us.
I’m sure you’ve noticed that matter doesn’t manifest the moment you have a thought about something, as the physical manifestation of it does not immediately spring into your experience.
Why is this? Because one thought, on one subject does not have enough momentum or creative power to come fully into our physical reality. For anything to manifest, there must be thought that has been thought on for long enough, (momentum) that we experience strong emotional feelings (creative power) when we give thought to any subject.
Even the emotions we feel are manifestations, which are the receiving of that which we have originally given out. If emotions are manifestations of thoughts the Universe has responded to, and they are, maybe we should look at them more closely.
What do our emotions mean?
Emotions are communication from what I have been calling our Inner Being, or Non-Physical, Soul part of us. Yes, we came forward into this physical life from Non-Physical, and when we leave this physical life we’ll return to the Non-Physical realm.
When we made the choice to come into this physical world, a part of us, the physical part, was born, the other part of us that you may or may not be entirely aware of, stayed in Non-Physical. It’s impossible to separate the physical and Non-Physical parts of ourselves.
The Non-Physical part of us is letting us know where we are in relation to everything we’re wanting through our emotions. Positive emotion indicates we’re moving towards the manifestation of something wanted, whereas negative emotion indicates we’re moving in the direction of something unwanted. The stronger the emotional feeling we have when we think about anything, the closer we are to the physical manifestation of a circumstance, that will feel very similar to the dominant feeling we’ve had on that subject when it turns up.

As you can imagine, we have thousands of different thoughts on all the subjects we may think about, which will be a mixture of positive and negative thoughts with varying degrees of emotional intensity to them. So what is manifesting regarding any subjects that are important to you, is a blending of all the thoughts and feelings you’ve had, which gives you a sort of vibrational set point on that subject.
When a vibrational set point or emotional attitude has been achieved in relation to any subject, any new thoughts you have regarding that subject, naturally fall easily into the already established emotional place, and the longer the vibrational set point for that subject is maintained, the harder it is to move to a different vibrational place. This is great when we’re sitting in a positive place, but not so good when we’re sitting in a negative place.

How does the Non-Physical part of me know everything I’m wanting?
Any moment the physical us experiences something, desires are stirred within on what would be a better experience; these desires are automatically received and known by the Non-Physical and doesn’t require our conscious awareness to be communicated. Many times we’re very aware of the desires we have, especially when we’ve held them for a long time in a resistant place. Our desires are received by our Inner Being and held at the vibrational frequency required for them to come into our physical reality without any opposing vibration signals. By opposing vibrational signals, I mean negative emotion or resistance, for it is the negative emotion that causes resistance that prevents anything you’re wanting from manifesting.
Why are my desires not manifesting more quickly?
Think about how it feels in the first moment we desire something, this is always a strongly positive feeling about what you are wanting, but depending on whether we believe we will receive what we’re wanting or not, usually determines what thoughts follow.
If we believe what we are wanting will come, it’s easier to maintain a good feeling place until we feel momentum and intensity of positive emotion, and as long as we hold steady in our good feeling place, sometimes in the face of evidence to the contrary, the physical manifestation must eventually come, it is Law!
If we don’t believe what we are wanting will come, and we maintain a not good feeling place until we feel momentum and intensity of negative emotions, and we hold steady to the resistance we’re feeling, the physical manifestation of more of what we are not wanting must eventually come, it is Law!
Remember, nothing is set in stone, and we always have the ability to change our vibration in any moment we choose. Once we know our emotions are communication from our Inner Being, (and not evidence there’s something wrong with who or what you’re giving your attention to) the trick is to become aware of how we feel and move ourselves to the best possible feeling place we can.
As we gradually improve our thought, we improve the manifestation that will unfold and the good news is… no matter where we are, on any subject that is important to us, we have the power to move to a better feeling place about it now.

I am not saying this is always easy, and it does take some time and effort, but I believe in the strength and power that has always been within us to create our own lives, for I have experienced this in my own life.
Look closely at your own life and those that you know well, for it’s through your own observations and life experiences we see evidence of how life really works…

And so our journey together continues…

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