Facing your fears….Do you think that’s a good idea???

I’m quite unsure why we live in a time where many people encourage others to take action and do something they are extremely scared and fearful of doing….We would only do this if we were unaware of what we are really doing.

I’m not speaking about offering some positive encouragement when someone may be requiring a little boost of confidence in themselves to do what they are really wanting to do. I’m talking about trying to persuade someone to do something they are obviously and clearly not wanting to do because of an extreme fear they have.

To understand this, we need to know what the emotion of fear really is.
Fear, no matter what our fear is about or what it’s in relation too, is always communication from the Non-Physical part of us that has remained in the Non-Physical realm, letting us know….
What we are currently giving our attention too, or contemplating doing is a highly unwanted circumstance or situation that we have given focused thought to over time, that the Law of Attraction has responded too, offering up similar feeling circumstances giving us the opportunity to move into a better feeling vibrational place regarding it. (or to continue to feel fear and receive other circumstances that sit in this fearful vibrational place?)

Encouraging anyone to go against what they are strongly feeling, their own Inner Guidance based on all that they know and have experienced in this Physical life, is very poor advice at best, and I would say it’s a good idea to question ones motivations for doing such things. Just because we see something as an irrational or unwarranted fear based on our life experiences, does not make it so for others.
The most important thing to know is….the stronger our own or someone else’s reaction is to anything we are currently giving thought too, the closer we are to a full blown, here and now, physical manifestation that will match what we are feeling!!
Of course it feels good to give another some positive reinforcement, but to try very hard to get anyone to do something that goes against what they strongly feel….I don’t know? It’s better to gently encourage if we feel someone is close to being able to do what they are wanting, but to know ultimately, only they know how they are truly feeling and what’s best for them.

It’s better to tackle strong fear in small steps if we are wanting to help ourselves or anyone else move to a better feeling vibrational place regarding it.
If it’s a fear we don’t think about very often, we probably won’t be experiencing many physical manifestations regarding it, but if it’s something we think about often with increasingly strong emotions, we will probably be experiencing some physical manifestations that may not match what we are fearing exactly, but they will definitely have the same emotional feel about them.

I definitely wouldn’t suggest it’s a good idea to drag up everything we may be fearing and try to move it to a better feeling vibrational place, but if we are experiencing some fearful situations, this is a very strong indication that our fearful thoughts have gained enough power and momentum behind them through receiving plenty of air time through our own thought process that the Law of Attraction has responded to with similar feeling physical circumstances….This is the perfect opportunity to move our thought into a slightly better feeling place.

As with all things, it’s not usually possible to go from zero to hero (from strongly fearful to no fear) all at one time, and trying usually causes us to give up and resign ourselves to feeling bad if we don’t achieve the better feeling place we were reaching for.
It’s not that we can’t do it, it’s more that by the time we get to any place where we feel strong emotion, positive or negative for that matter, there is much power and momentum behind those thoughts that does take some time and effort to redirect into a different place.

No matter where any of us are….we are all doing our best based on what we know, and when we know better, we can do better….

And so it is….

Special does not mean better… Or does it???

Of course it doesn’t, but unfortunately many have come to the conclusion that to be special means your better or superior than others. As far back as I can remember, I felt there was something special inside of me, even though I wasn’t really sure what that specialness was, but it didn’t take me long to realise that everyone had that same specialness inside of them too, but that it was expressed differently in each person depending on the opportunities that we attracted and our ability to recognise and act on them.
Why do some feel better or superior to others?
This often comes from our upbringing where we may learn, if you’re not a winner you’re a loser, second is unacceptable, or “my way” is the right and only way, and although this idea has changed a lot in recent times, there are still many that are indoctrinated in these ways.
Of course we want our children to do well, that goes without saying, we want them to reach their potential and to do their best, but when we teach them the belief; if they don’t win they have not succeeded, this is not good. Some are coming from a place where they believe instilling a fear of failing is a good motivating tool, this is very outdated thinking that may have vaguely worked in the past, but No, it is not working any longer.
I am not suggesting we over praise or make everything someone does wonderful when it is not, our beautiful children sense this is off when done and usually rebel against this untruth with extreme behaviours, but what I am saying is, look for the specialness that is within us all, believe in it, look for it, and you will find it, not just in others but in yourself, for it’s often not until you find it within yourself that you can recognise it in others. Look for it when you are in a good feeling place, do not try to find it when you are experiencing strong negative emotion, for you cannot see it at that time, for you are focused in the opposite direction to where that specialness is.
You cannot search for anything for very long before the powerful Law of Attraction will bring you some evidence of that which you are focused on, this I know.
When we come to know who we really are, we come into a full and clear understanding of the awesomeness of us and all others, that is my desire for you!!
And so a journey together continues….