It’s better to focus on what’s good about what you do have….than what’s good about what you don’t have!

I love it when new discoveries are inspired from within….through the living of one’s own life experiences.
Questions and answers, problems and solutions, all attracted through the power of our focused thoughts and emotions. ( vibrations )

Okay so back to the title, it’s better to focus on what’s good about what you “do have” than what’s good about what you “don’t have.”
Now, whether this statement is true for you or not depends entirely on where you are in relation to it and is also dependent on the subject we’re thinking about, for we will be in different vibrational places on every subject that’s important to us.

If we are finding it difficult to appreciate what we have now it’s because we may be focused on things that we’re experiencing that we are not liking, the unwanted circumstances we are living.
If this is the case and we hold ourselves in this vibrational place over time that the Law of Attraction is responding in-kind to, this is what is highlighted to us as we look around, so in other words you put yourself in a place where you can no longer see the good that is also there.
Make no mistake, the good is there, but if we have intently focused on all that we feel is not good, this is mostly what we have easy access to through the power of our own focused thoughts.
So being grateful for all the horrible or unwanted things you don’t have is definitely an improvement from just noticing everything that isn’t good or unwanted.
But I like to think of it as a stepping stone to where we’re going, a place that’s a good improvement on where we’ve been, but by no means the end point.
For although it may initially feel good to look at what others are experiencing that is unwanted and be happy that we are not experiencing such circumstances, if we stay in this vibrational place with increased focused thoughts ( remember, we cannot observe anything without giving thought to it, whether we are aware of our thoughts or not! ) we have now included this in our own vibration therefore increasing the possibility of experiencing similar feeling circumstances in our own lives.
If we are sensitive to how we’re feeling, and are aware that our feelings are communication from our Inner Being, the Non-Physical part of us letting us know what we are creating right now in our lives, this is not a problem.
Why? Because we know we have the ability, with a little bit of effort, to adjust our vibration ( thoughts and feelings ) into a better feeling place which in turn…changes everything!!
As we all move through time this is naturally happening, but without conscious awareness of how we are creating our life experiences, it can be slow progress that tires us out.
So now is the time to really “get into the game and go for it!!”
And so it is….

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