Do you like to gossip???

Don't Gossip QuoteI’ve never been a person that enjoys or takes part in idle gossip about others and because of this find that almost no one brings these types of conversations to me, and even if they do, they do not receive the response they are desiring so will rarely follow-up with trying to speak to me again about such things, or anything for that matter.

For many, gossiping about others can become a way of life that is never producing anything good they are wanting in their lives. It’s completely appropriate to have our own opinions based on our own life experiences and how we’re wanting to live, but when we start to judge others harshly and make it our mission to get others onboard with negative, unkind speculation… .Well, that’s not that good.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a situation we are personally involved in or whether it’s someone we don’t know that well that we’re talking about, neither produces anything good. If this is a pastime we find ourselves enjoying, it’s a very good idea to ask ones self why we do it. From observing many people who love these sorts of interactions it’s not hard to see they enjoy being seen as one who knows what everyone else is up to and are usually the first to know about it and let everyone else know about it too!!! (How Boring!!!)

Gossiping often feels good to people because it makes them feel important, like they know something juicy that no one else knows. Passing this information on whether it’s true or not, (Who said gossiping had anything to do with the truth….What a joke!!!) Also feels great when they receive the wow reaction they were looking for and will search out as many people as possible to spread their gossip too, to keep their good feelings going. These types of people often congregate into like-minded groups that usually have a leader with all the others being followers, or more to the point spreaders of all things not nice!!!

Focusing on the not nice happenings in other people’s lives often keeps our thoughts busy so we don’t have to think or maybe deal with things in our own lives that we would do well to do some thinking about, but the worst thing about gossip is how it may effect the person being gossiped about…..Even if what is being said it true, which of course it hardly ever is, it’s very unkind and hurtful and I would say to anyone who likes to do this……STOP IT!!!

I imagine anyone reading this that has been gossiped about is smiling and agreeing whereas if you are one that likes to gossip, you might want to tell me to get lost….Hehehe!!! Fair call, no one likes to be told by someone else what to do.
For those that love to gossip, let me tell you something that I know that may possibly give you some food for thought. Even though we may feel good as we participate in these types of activities one thing is for sure, it is not possible to speak unkindly and cruelly about others without the Powerful Law of Attraction responding to the vibrations (thoughts and feelings) we are sending out and starts matching us up with like-minded people, places, and events.

What does that really mean……

~ We will encounter many situations that are gossip worthy.
~ We will come into contact with other like-minded people who like to gossip.
~ We will eventually bring, or more accurately said attract through our own focused thoughts we’re having about other people’s not nice or unwanted experiences, not nice and unwanted experiences into our own lives.

So just for effect, I’ll say it again….If you like to gossip, for gods sake make an effort to STOP IT!!!

And so we will!!!

Sometimes, “things just happen”…. Or do they?

That’s absolutely not true, things do not “just happen.” This is just another way of saying,”I have no idea how this thing that just happened, happened.”
But one thing is for certain, nothing can come into this physical reality we are living in now from nowhere or nothing, there are always thoughts words and actions that precede all that happens, whether we are aware of it or not.
So it’s true, we can feel like things “just happen” to us, but that feeling comes from a place of not having awareness that our thoughts were focused in a certain direction that created circumstances that we may or may not have been wanting to experience. I suppose its similar to the saying ignorance is bliss, or in other words, we don’t know what we don’t know, and sometimes we’re better off not knowing?
Well, I would have to disagree with the statement “we’re better off not knowing,” because knowledge is power, even though it can sometimes initially be hard to swallow.
For how can it be better to not know something that will help us to make better, more informed choices that produce much better results, and move us in more of the direction we are wanting to go?
Many do not really want to know what the solution may be to something they are living because it often involves changes that we may not yet feel ready or prepared to undertake.
And I would definitely not encourage someone to take action on anything they do not feel ready or prepared for as the outcome achieved from this unsure, unknowing place often produces less than satisfactory results because the vibrations (thoughts and feelings) within us are often split.
Think of it in terms of walking on very hot sand with one bare foot and one foot with a shoe on….Hehehe, that’s just put a really funny picture in my head! As you can imagine, one shoe is better than having no shoes at all, but it would be definitely better to have two shoes on, don’t you think?
Lets go on with this analogy, because it’s fun!
So, we might burn our foot, or maybe we won’t, depending on how far we have to go and how good we are at hopping!! (Yep, I’ve done that more than once!!) And so it’s similar when we don’t take the time to get our thought in a good feeling vibrational place before we take action, or in the case of our analogy, take the time to ensure we had everything we needed with us before venturing out onto the hot sand!!

So nothing just manifests in our life experience from nowhere, but that doesn’t mean everything has a deep vibrational basis that we need to get to the bottom of, and sometimes trying to “get to the bottom of it” just increases our attention upon something unwanted in our experience and ensures it stays around longer!! It’s often enough to acknowledge to ourselves that this or that has just turned up, so even if we weren’t aware of …. before it showed itself to us, now we are aware, and have the ability to move ourselves to a better feeling vibrational place regarding whatever it is we wish to have an improved experience of.

I don’t know about you, but nothings more important to me than that I do my best to feel as good as I can at any given moment in time, for not only is it awesome to feel good, but I know that my awesome good feelings are being responded in-kind to by the powerful Law of Attraction, bringing into my experience evidence of the vibrations that are dominant and pulsing strongly within me.
Now that’s something that really is happening to us all, and I say, “It is so good!!”

And so it is….

It’s better to focus on what’s good about what you do have….than what’s good about what you don’t have!

I love it when new discoveries are inspired from within….through the living of one’s own life experiences.
Questions and answers, problems and solutions, all attracted through the power of our focused thoughts and emotions. ( vibrations )

Okay so back to the title, it’s better to focus on what’s good about what you “do have” than what’s good about what you “don’t have.”
Now, whether this statement is true for you or not depends entirely on where you are in relation to it and is also dependent on the subject we’re thinking about, for we will be in different vibrational places on every subject that’s important to us.

If we are finding it difficult to appreciate what we have now it’s because we may be focused on things that we’re experiencing that we are not liking, the unwanted circumstances we are living.
If this is the case and we hold ourselves in this vibrational place over time that the Law of Attraction is responding in-kind to, this is what is highlighted to us as we look around, so in other words you put yourself in a place where you can no longer see the good that is also there.
Make no mistake, the good is there, but if we have intently focused on all that we feel is not good, this is mostly what we have easy access to through the power of our own focused thoughts.
So being grateful for all the horrible or unwanted things you don’t have is definitely an improvement from just noticing everything that isn’t good or unwanted.
But I like to think of it as a stepping stone to where we’re going, a place that’s a good improvement on where we’ve been, but by no means the end point.
For although it may initially feel good to look at what others are experiencing that is unwanted and be happy that we are not experiencing such circumstances, if we stay in this vibrational place with increased focused thoughts ( remember, we cannot observe anything without giving thought to it, whether we are aware of our thoughts or not! ) we have now included this in our own vibration therefore increasing the possibility of experiencing similar feeling circumstances in our own lives.
If we are sensitive to how we’re feeling, and are aware that our feelings are communication from our Inner Being, the Non-Physical part of us letting us know what we are creating right now in our lives, this is not a problem.
Why? Because we know we have the ability, with a little bit of effort, to adjust our vibration ( thoughts and feelings ) into a better feeling place which in turn…changes everything!!
As we all move through time this is naturally happening, but without conscious awareness of how we are creating our life experiences, it can be slow progress that tires us out.
So now is the time to really “get into the game and go for it!!”
And so it is….

Feeling better….Or in denial???

Am I feeling better or am I in denial?
A question that can only be answered by oneself.
Why, because only you know how you are feeling about whatever you are giving thought to, no one else has the ability to get inside of you and truly know how you are feeling. (although those of us that are sensitive can read your vibration like a book!!)
I find this question to be very interesting but it is complex in the sense that denial often starts out as feeling better but as it progresses, (especially if it’s strongly negatively focused) can have a detrimental effect on our life.
1. The refusal to grant the truth of a statement, situation or allegation.
2. The refusal to accept or believe something, such as a doctrine or belief.
3. An unconscious defence mechanism characterised by the refusal to acknowledge painful realities, thoughts, and/or feelings.

Most would agree with the general description above, but to understand how denial starts, let’s go to the beginning.
Many times denial begins from not wanting to accept a reality in our lives, in other words, not wanting to focus strongly and feel negative emotion about something that has manifested or is about to manifest in our life.
Why do we do this?
Because we want to feel good and if we are looking at something and believe we cannot feel good about it, it will often feel better to pretend this “not good feeling thing” is not happening, rather than facing the truth of the situation.This can actually be a good action to take if it’s not a personal circumstance in our lives or a situation that doesn’t really affect us directly.
Denial comes from some misunderstandings about ourselves and life, the main one being, “I cannot control how I feel, I am just a responder to whatever comes within my world.” Now nothing could be further from the truth, but if this has been what we’ve become accustomed to doing, it does take some time and effort to change.
It’s important to note the difference between trying to move a resistant situation to a better feeling place or denying it’s even happening.
When attempting to move our thoughts to feel better, we always acknowledge what has happened and accept whatever feelings have been stirred within us, making an effort to move to a better feeling vibrational place.( because we’re knowing how important our thoughts and emotions are and that we’re creating our life experience with them!!) Whereas if we are in denial the unwanted situation is completely avoided at all costs so we don’t have to confront how we truly feel about it.
By doing this it’s impossible to move our vibration to where we feel better, for we must;
1.Acknowledge something unwanted has happened.
2.Acknowledge we are feeling strong negative emotion about it.
3.Know this is something that’s important for us to move to a better vibrational place about.
4.Know we have the ability to gradually move ourselves to a better vibrational place.
And why would we bother to do this?
Firstly, isn’t it better to feel better, even if it does take a little bit of effort? For you cannot hide the truth from the Law of Attraction, just because we are in denial does not mean that those emotions aren’t pulsing strongly within us. For something strongly unwanted to turn up in our experience means there is something within us (that we may not be aware of) that the Law of Attraction has responded to, and if we allow ourselves to stay in a strongly negative feeling place,(even though we may have done our best to pretend those emotions weren’t there) more unwanted circumstances that have a similar feeling will turn up until we have dealt with our negative emotion and moved it to a better feeling place.
Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s true.
Now, depending on where you are in relation to what you are wanting and how strong the emotions are you are feeling about it, will depend on what action may be the best to take.
The more personal the situation or circumstances are for us, and the stronger the emotion we would feel if we allowed ourselves to feel it, the more important it is to face the situation and emotions that are coming up, (even if they are strongly negative) and deal with them.
If a lot of circumstances that are similar keep showing up with the same emotional feeling to them, this is a sign there are vibrations (thoughts and feelings) within us that the Law of Attraction is responding to and bringing us evidence of, ( adding power and momentum to and reflecting back to us the vibration we have originally sent out ) and it would be a good idea to do our best to move to a slightly better feeling place rather than pretending everything is “as right as rain?”
I am not suggesting we feel negative emotion from whatever is turning up and stay there feeling bad, or even worse, to focus our attention negatively and produce stronger negative emotion towards or about it, but I am saying, it’s important to initially feel where you really are even if it doesn’t feel great, and then gradually move through those emotions to a better vibrational place.
That’s the only thing to do, denial does not release negative emotion that is already within us, it keeps it there, where it usually grows stronger and therefore has stronger attracting power to it that the Law of Attraction is responding in-kind to.
I’m sure deep down, within us all, most of us know this, but I understand it’s hard to hear sometimes.
If it’s a circumstance that’s not very personal to us that isn’t producing strong emotion within us, and doesn’t appear to be a situation that is reoccurring over time, it’s a good cause of action to just let it be.
In this situation I would say, it’s not really denial but just not wanting to bring unwanted circumstances into our general vibrational mix that aren’t so important to us or affecting our life.
Yep, no use giving ourselves more negative things to focus on and feel bad about…unless of course we’ve worked through everything that’s very important to us and moved to an awesome place on every subject, then sure, we can focus our attention on every other problem in the world and try to bring ourselves into a better feeling place regarding them…why not? Hehehe!!
No, but seriously, we would have to be a little bit crazy to do that, because as we start feeling better and start to experience the creative control we’ve achieved through deliberately moving our vibration (thoughts and emotions) into better feeling places, we’re less prepared, (not more prepared) to put our attention on people or circumstances that we do not need to, for we begin to understand we have nothing of benefit to give ourselves or anyone else unless we are standing in the true power of “who we really are.”
The truth is….You cannot deny what is within you, the truth will be constantly shown to you through the physical manifestations you attract, whether you are aware of it or not….

And so it is…..

The goal is to love everything….Or is it???

Well, if we believe it is our job in this physical life to love everyone and everything, our life experience may be extremely difficult.
As we make an effort to move to better and better feeling (vibrational) places, all will usually come to the place where they may think this is what they are now required to do… And I say “good luck with that one!!”
It’s not possible to look directly in the face of something you find strongly unwanted and “love it,” although you may, and can if you are wanting to, move yourself to a better feeling place regarding it.
But if our goal or intention is to try to love unlovable things and our desire is maintained over time with strong emotion, the Law of Attraction will respond to our dominant vibration and bring many unwanted, unlovable circumstances for us to deal with. But as soon as we have moved one unlovable circumstance to a better vibrational place, along comes another and another and another for there are millions of things out there both wanted and unwanted so there will be a constant flow of not good feeling circumstances coming into our experience for us to move on vibrationally.
There are too many things in this world both wanted and unwanted to bring everything into a good feeling place, for you would need not just this lifetime, but many lifetimes to achieve such a goal.
In truth we have not come here to love everyone and every experience, but we have come to put our focused attention on that which we do love and are wanting to experience that the Law of Attraction will respond to in-kind.
We already have many things within us, especially if we have lived for some time in this physical body without knowing how we were creating our reality, that may need moving to a better feeling place, so I find it quite unnecessary to look out into our world trying to find more unwanted circumstances to focus on, and bring into a better vibrational place?
Of course there is nothing wrong with doing this, and there may be many benefits, but it does make for a difficult life experience in many ways. We usually realise after a short period of time, that this may be a futile endeavour and start putting our attention more on what we are wanting to experience and what we feel good about.
Once we have thought negative thoughts they cannot be taken back, but they do become non-attracting with the lack of our focused attention. It does not matter what stage in the creation process we are at, for we have the ability to gradually change our thoughts at any point, but it would be true to say, it’s much easier before a physical manifestation has come into our reality, for once this has happened, now we have the observation of something in front of us that we have to deal with. It’s much easier before the physical manifestation has happened to change one’s focus in a more positive direction.
So for the full physical manifestation of anything, there needs to be power and momentum that is achieved through focused thought that’s maintained over time producing strong emotions.
The stronger the emotion we’re feeling, the closer we are to a physical manifestation that will feel similar to the thoughts that originally created it.
It matters not whether the emotion is positive or negative, positive emotions are creating and attracting wanted experiences and negative emotions are creating and attracting unwanted experiences.
So our emotions are very important and are communicating valuable information to us about where we are and what we are creating in relation to what we are wanting.
I would never seek unwanted circumstances to love, but I do make an effort to put my attention on things I do love and see the best in them and to move to better vibrational places regarding subjects that are important to me…otherwise I let the world take care of itself.
Remember putting your attention on circumstances you are not ready to move to a better feeling place on only adds power to that which you are not wanting. It’s a good idea to leave these subjects until you are generally in a better feeling place and able to deal with them.
But really it doesn’t matter too much, for once we truly know how we are creating our lives, it’s only a matter of time before we start improving our thoughts and start living the more improved life experience we came here to live!!
And so our journey together continues….

It’s good to be a sympathetic friend…. Or is it???

1. A relationship between people in which whatever affects one correspondingly affects the other.
2. Mutual understanding between two or more people.
3. The act of sharing one’s feelings and emotions with another, especially sorrow, anguish, and pity.
4. A feeling or expression of pity or sorrow for the distress of another.
5. Compassion or commiseration.
6. A feeling of loyalty, support, or allegiance.

Many would agree with the general description of sympathy that’s listed above and that this is a good way to react when a friend comes to you with a problem they wish to discuss.
I am not saying anyone is doing anything wrong by being a sympathetic friend or shoulder to cry on, but it’s interesting to understand what is happening when these interactions are taking place from the viewpoint of Universal Law and the Law of Attraction.

The process of bringing one’s vibration (thoughts and emotions) into alignment (the same vibrational place) with another, therefore both focusing on and creating unwanted circumstances, unless the vibration is moved into a positive or solution orientated direction therefore both focusing on and creating more wanted circumstances!

Some people will speak of unwanted circumstances that have happened or are happening in their life, especially to gain sympathy from others. Why is this?
Firstly to be speaking about anything we must have given the subject plenty of thought otherwise we would not be speaking about it, especially if we are the instigator of the conversation.

If we want people to sympathise with us, this usually indicates we’re still standing in a place where we are judging others, the situation, or ourselves as “ wrong or bad” and are looking for agreement with how we are feeling, as it initially feels good and this is why people are doing it.

But what’s really happening during these interactions?
For the person speaking of the problem they are creating more power and momentum behind it, for you cannot speak of such things without adding even more focused thought to the problem, which the Law of Attraction is responding in-kind too, with more evidence in the form of thoughts, people, places, and situations turning up in your experience showing you what you are creating through the power of your own focused thoughts.

Don’t let me give you the impression you should never speak of your problems, for if you have been giving something a lot of thought it’s almost impossible to stop yourself from talking about such things. (Remember, Law of Attraction!)
Acknowledging the problem is an important initial first step, but it’s important to move as quickly as possible into the vibrational vicinity of the solution, and this is achieved by gradually making an effort to improve our thought in relation to whatever the problem is.

It’s better to acknowledge “Oops, I’m talking about something I don’t want to experience again” and take it for what it is, an indication of what you’ve got going on vibrationally rather than being mad or cross at ourselves, and although we may be creating more momentum in a direction we don’t want to go, we do have the ability at any time to start moving our thoughts in a slightly more positive direction as we become more aware of what we’re doing.

The drawback of getting others’ perspectives, opinions, judgments, or sympathy, is now we have included another’s often-negative vibration in our creative process that just increases our own negative vibration on the subject.
Depending on where our normal or general vibration place is will depend on whether we’ll seek people who will sympathise with whatever we’ve got going on. It takes some pretty good self-control even when we know what we’re doing not to speak of things that are happening in our life that we do not want to replicate and continue to experience, but we all have to start somewhere if that’s what we’re wanting.

I would say the only time it is of benefit to speak to someone about a problem we may have, is if the person we’re speaking with is solution orientated in a positive direction, knowing that the best they can hope to do, is to listen and acknowledge how the other is feeling, and hold steady to a positive good feeling vibrational place regarding whatever they are speaking to us about.
To maintain a good feeling place when people bring problems to us may be virtually impossible if we don’t believe that things can work out for them, and any words spoken from this unbelieving place to try to help will be empty and hollow with no substance behind them.

When you know there is a solution to the problem and that all have the ability to make their way, in time to the solution, even if they are not currently there now, the words we speak are more likely to be uplifting or inspiring. What people are really feeling is your knowing. Your knowing that things can work out for them, your belief that they have the ability to find the answers they want, in their own way and in their own time.
And how do we feel when we’re speaking with someone who we feel knows things are going to be all right and work out for us, and believes we will find our own way? It’s hard not to start believing in ourselves just that little bit more from being around such people, isn’t it? (Unless we’re just mad because we didn’t get agreement or sympathy? This means we’re not quite ready for the solution we are wanting yet.)
This is the true process of uplifting and positively influencing another.

So I would have to say, I am a very unsympathetic friend…. Do I love, do I care, do I listen, do I briefly acknowledge the problem, do I selfishly stay in my good feeling place regarding the problem, do I know and believe in people’s ability, and do I try to uplift?
Yes, I do my best to do all of these things, for when we know what we’re doing, why would we want to do anything else???

And so our journey together continues….

A question about living in the present moment….

The following post is in answer to a question that was asked in relation to the post “A little word about living in the present moment.” If you would like to view the previous post here is the link,but I like to think that this post stands on its own whether or not you view the previous post. The question was as follows:
For me this is one of the toughest lessons to teach myself. I truly relate to celebrating small improvements, however, this still remains my greatest personal challenge. I would be interested to hear your perspective on how to remain focused in the present moment when there and those around me still wanting to discuss negative experiences from the past?
1. I have trouble recalling what exactly happened.
2. I don’t want to allow myself to return to a place of negative feelings.
Thank-you for your question Sherryn!
My answer is…
I totally hear what you’re saying, and I know it’s not always easy staying focused in the present moment, especially when there are many things going on around you that you may be focusing on and having many different thoughts about.
It’s usually all the thoughts we’re having about whatever it is we’re observing that maybe preventing us from staying present, especially if our thoughts are judgemental or negatively based.
Since others are bringing to you negative experiences from the past, it may be an indication that whatever they are bringing to you is something you also need to move to a better feeling place about?
Only you will know this because only you know how you feel in relation to whatever information they are bringing to you. And even if it is something you feel you need to move vibrationally on, it is for you to choose if that is the time and place you wish to try to do it, because you now have someone else’s input and vibration to deal with.
Sometimes it can be better or easier to move on subjects when you are on your own with your own thoughts, for doing it around others that are negatively focused takes immense power and strength of focus to do, for not only are you trying to move yourself to a better feeling place, now you may have taken on the task or burden of having to move them to a better feeling place also.
The fact that you are not remembering clearly what they are trying to rehash or bring up again is a great sign, it’s a sign you have not held on to negative emotions in relation to this experience, you have moved forward, and thinking about this even if it happened in the not too distant past feels like another life ago.
I would not try to remember negative details about something that you know you have moved forward on. If the person you are communicating with is important to you, you may wish to try and generally steer them in a more positive direction… but remember some people will not be easily moved from where they are, for they believe strongly in their perspective of what has happened and will point out to you, all the evidence that’s around them to support and justify how they feel and where they are! If this happens you are better to either casually redirect the conversation to something completely different, but if that doesn’t work, leave the conversation entirely!
This is not rude and can be done in a pleasant way. ( everyone needs to go to the toilet sooner or later ) Hehehe!!
But seriously, this is the kindest action you can take, for you do not do yourself any favours by focusing on what someone else has to say regarding everything that isn’t working in their life, and it definitely doesn’t do them any good either for they just create more power and momentum behind what they are not wanting by speaking of it to others, for the Law of Attraction is responding to their vibration in-kind just as it is to ours.
If they are trying to bring your attention to everything they perceive is not working in your life, do not take part in any way in these types of conversations. We cannot listen to people saying such things without including this is our vibration, especially if they are someone who is important to us or that we respect. You will know and you will feel if people are giving you advice and it’s coming from a pure non-resistant place, even if it isn’t 100% positive.
For me the easiest way I find to bring myself back into the present moment, is to find something around me, anything, it doesn’t really matter what it is, and focus intently and positively upon it to the exclusion of everything else, for this must bring you into the now, even if it is for a short period of time to begin with, for as you practice it more and more it starts to become more of your normal way of being!!
But be warned, many will see you as strange or weird, for they will say, “look at that happy one over there, why are they so happy? Look at everything that is happening around them!” And you will know what you have done to get there, and through knowing the power of who you are, you will be an example to others of what is possible, for when we get power and momentum behind us, it’s so good!!
And so our journey together continues…

All things are possible…. Or are they???

I love it when people say,”anything is possible” for it indicates somewhere deep inside themselves, they know this, even if they are not yet completely believing it.
It’s a good start to speak in terms of what you’re wanting to believe, even if you aren’t entirely there yet, but words will not make-up for a lack of movement of thought (vibrations) into believing in what you’re wanting.
So how can everything and anything be possible in our lives?
Often when people speak of this, what they mean is, if you work hard enough for long enough with determination and don’t given in, you will always achieve that which you were wanting. And yes, that did and still does work for many, but as you look around at others experiences and your own, it doesn’t take long to figure out some people are doing all of those things and are still not achieving that which they are wanting.
So what’s going on, how can this be, shouldn’t this formula work for everyone?
NO, it doesn’t, because we may not have included some important factors that determine the outcomes or results we’re achieving, which is how we’re thinking and feeling (vibrating) in relation to what we’re wanting.
So let me rephrase “anything is possible” in a way that will move us more in the direction of what we’re wanting.
“If you spend time on something you feel passionate about, and stay positive, continuing to believe in what you’re doing by working through problems in a positive way, as you maintain your belief over time, that which you are wanting will eventually come, it is Law.”
I know, it’s a bit of a mouthful isn’t it, but it is true.
Staying positive does not mean unwanted circumstances or manifestations will not turn up, for this is resistance within you showing up, and depending on how you react and deal with this resistance, will depend on how well your experience unfolds. So everything we are vibrating (thinking and feeling) now, is pre-paving what will unfold in our future experience.
If we are not knowing this, we often focus negatively on the unwanted manifestations that do turn up, eroding our belief in what we’re doing, and although it can be very difficult to stay positive in the face of what you are not wanting, especially when this is what we have done for a large portion of our life, we make it very difficult to move ourselves into a better feeling place by focusing on unwanted.
We’ve all come forward from Non-Physical into this Physical world with constant and consistent guidance in the form of emotions from our Inner Being letting us know where we are in relation to everything we’re wanting. So now is the time to listen to how we’re feeling with a new and deeper understanding we may not have had before.
We may have assumed that negative emotion is an indication that others are doing something “wrong or bad” whereas in truth it’s the Non-Physical, Inner Being part of us communicating with the Physical us, indicating “the negative emotions you’re feeling now, are attracting circumstances that will feel similar to that which you are observing or thinking about now,” or “the positive emotions you’re feeling now are attracting circumstances that will feel similar to that which you are observing or thinking about now.” The stronger an emotion is when you give thought to something, the closer you are to the physical manifestation of it, and it matters not whether you are positively or negatively focused.
So all is possible, but in order for a possibility to become a probability it needs to be given focused thought over time gaining power and momentum. And for a probability to become an actuality the power and momentum you achieve through your focused thought needs to be maintained.
This is the formula of creation and anything we desire is possible. Listening to how we’re feeling and moving ourselves to a better feeling place regarding what we’re giving our attention to, is the piece of the puzzle we may have been missing! We may need to move that puzzle piece around, upside down or sideways before it fits, but eventually it will fit, for as you seek evidence of how the Law of Attraction is helping you to create your life, so it will come!!
And so our journey together continues….