The goal is to love everything….Or is it???

Well, if we believe it is our job in this physical life to love everyone and everything, our life experience may be extremely difficult.
As we make an effort to move to better and better feeling (vibrational) places, all will usually come to the place where they may think this is what they are now required to do… And I say “good luck with that one!!”
It’s not possible to look directly in the face of something you find strongly unwanted and “love it,” although you may, and can if you are wanting to, move yourself to a better feeling place regarding it.
But if our goal or intention is to try to love unlovable things and our desire is maintained over time with strong emotion, the Law of Attraction will respond to our dominant vibration and bring many unwanted, unlovable circumstances for us to deal with. But as soon as we have moved one unlovable circumstance to a better vibrational place, along comes another and another and another for there are millions of things out there both wanted and unwanted so there will be a constant flow of not good feeling circumstances coming into our experience for us to move on vibrationally.
There are too many things in this world both wanted and unwanted to bring everything into a good feeling place, for you would need not just this lifetime, but many lifetimes to achieve such a goal.
In truth we have not come here to love everyone and every experience, but we have come to put our focused attention on that which we do love and are wanting to experience that the Law of Attraction will respond to in-kind.
We already have many things within us, especially if we have lived for some time in this physical body without knowing how we were creating our reality, that may need moving to a better feeling place, so I find it quite unnecessary to look out into our world trying to find more unwanted circumstances to focus on, and bring into a better vibrational place?
Of course there is nothing wrong with doing this, and there may be many benefits, but it does make for a difficult life experience in many ways. We usually realise after a short period of time, that this may be a futile endeavour and start putting our attention more on what we are wanting to experience and what we feel good about.
Once we have thought negative thoughts they cannot be taken back, but they do become non-attracting with the lack of our focused attention. It does not matter what stage in the creation process we are at, for we have the ability to gradually change our thoughts at any point, but it would be true to say, it’s much easier before a physical manifestation has come into our reality, for once this has happened, now we have the observation of something in front of us that we have to deal with. It’s much easier before the physical manifestation has happened to change one’s focus in a more positive direction.
So for the full physical manifestation of anything, there needs to be power and momentum that is achieved through focused thought that’s maintained over time producing strong emotions.
The stronger the emotion we’re feeling, the closer we are to a physical manifestation that will feel similar to the thoughts that originally created it.
It matters not whether the emotion is positive or negative, positive emotions are creating and attracting wanted experiences and negative emotions are creating and attracting unwanted experiences.
So our emotions are very important and are communicating valuable information to us about where we are and what we are creating in relation to what we are wanting.
I would never seek unwanted circumstances to love, but I do make an effort to put my attention on things I do love and see the best in them and to move to better vibrational places regarding subjects that are important to me…otherwise I let the world take care of itself.
Remember putting your attention on circumstances you are not ready to move to a better feeling place on only adds power to that which you are not wanting. It’s a good idea to leave these subjects until you are generally in a better feeling place and able to deal with them.
But really it doesn’t matter too much, for once we truly know how we are creating our lives, it’s only a matter of time before we start improving our thoughts and start living the more improved life experience we came here to live!!
And so our journey together continues….

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