After all they shared…..How could he simply say NO???

After all they shared how could he simply say no….Lyrics to a beautiful song by Delerium featuring Jael.
I was actually searching for a different song on YouTube and happened across this old favourite and immediately knew this is what I was looking for!!

I never watch or listen to news, but it’s amazing how things that are important for me to know or things I’m possibly interested in still make their way into my experience between turning the key, the radio coming on, and putting my iPod on!! Yesterday, the first time I got in the car I heard something about a tribute to Robbie Williams before my iPod came on. I thought, hang on…..Aren’t tributes often done when someone dies……Surely something hasn’t happened to Robbie Williams? Then I thought, nah I would know if that had happened.
I happily did my shopping then got back in the car to drive home. I was about to put my iPod on but an awesome song was playing on the radio, and since it’s only a five-minute drive home, I decided to keep the radio on.

After my song finished, I heard a somber announcer say, here’s our tribute to Robbie Williams, and I thought, Oh No, it is him…..Then a voice quite unlike Robbie Williams came on as they played someone doing many funny voice overs, and I was like, what the??? By the time I got home I realised it wasn’t Robbie Williams, but Robin Williams they were talking about……And I felt sadness…..

For those that have read some of what I write, you will know I mostly speak of moving to better feeling vibrational places, and I stand by that 100%, no matter what’s happening.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t feel sadness or any other negative emotions. Moving into a better feeling place isn’t about denying how one is truly feeling in any given moment, but is more about feeling whatever it is we’re feeling, acknowledging that’s where we currently are, and then making a conscious decision to do our best to move forward and feel better, even if it is only slightly.

Many would say, no I cannot do that, you don’t understand how I’m feeling, I cannot feel better right now. And I say, that is true, no one else knows exactly how we’re feeling about anything, even if they’ve had similar experiences. When our grief is deep and strong it can feel like we don’t have the ability to feel better, and sometimes it may take all our energy just to keep going.
In these circumstances time can be our friend, as we move through time the intensity of our sadness and grief usually lessens and this can be a good opportunity to start consciously trying to move our thoughts and feelings.

I know many struggle with thoughts about death, and it’s only reasonable we would feel strongly about losing someone we dearly love. If we believe they are now at peace and in a better place, that can help to alleviate some of the anguish we may be feeling, but how their transition back to Non-Physical energy came about, and the fact that they will no longer be around us, are realities that cannot be denied for long, and do need to be dealt with for us to truly move forward and be happy once again.

My thoughts go out to those that have lost a loved one in this way….
It’s true, we all came here to love and live this life to it’s fullest, and sometimes we can get a little off track….But when everything is said and done, we also came with the ability to feel the whole spectrum of emotions and with the freewill to choose what we feel is best for us, and although it’s a choice no one would want anyone they love to make, it is a choice we are free to make….

And so it is….

Ignorance is bliss….Or is it???

Well I would have to agree with this statement, as long as we’re ignorant, it often is bliss because you don’t know what you don’t know, and what you don’t know can’t hurt you…( so I’ve heard? )
Well, that’s not entirely true, it can hurt us, it’s just we don’t know it’s hurting us.
The only drawback about ignorance being bliss is that there is no awareness of what we are creating in our life and how we are creating it.
Therefore the ability to deliberately move into a better vibrational
( thoughts and emotions ) places is not consciously considered because we have not been aware we have the ability to move our thoughts on any and all subjects that are important to us.
This usually means we’re living our life by default, by this I mean we may be believing things in our life are just happening “to us” and that we are powerless to do anything about it.
And although this is very far from the truth, it can often feel this way to the unaware, again this comes from not knowing how life is working and how we are creating our own life experiences.
This prevents us from taking any responsibility for what’s happening in our lives and it will be unlikely we will make an effort to move to a place that feels better than where we are by choosing thoughts that feel slightly better than what we are currently thinking.
Why would anyone make an effort to do such a thing? ( because it does take some effort ) If we don’t know what we are experiencing in our life is a result of our focused thoughts and feelings ( vibrations ) and that the Law of Attraction is responding to and reflecting back to us the original vibration frequency we’ve emitted with matching physical manifestations, we just wouldn’t make an effort.
Instead, we often do what we have been taught as we were growing up and what the majority of other human beings on this planet are doing, and that is…
Observing whatever is in front of us and having an uncontrolled, knee-jerk emotional response to it.
If it’s something we consider to be “unwanted, wrong, bad, or inappropriate behaviour,” whether it’s judgment of ourselves or others, we will usually feel strong negative emotion.
Feeling negative emotion is not bad, but it is an important sign, and very valuable communication from our Inner Being, the Non-Physical part of us, letting us know we are now focusing on something that we do not wish to experience and we would be well advised to change our focus to something we are wanting to experience, or anything that feels slightly better than where we currently are.
That being said, once we begin down the path of awareness and start to understanding how we are creating our life, not because someone else told us how life works, but because we have seen and experienced it in our own life experiences, there is no turning back so to speak.
We cannot un-know what we have come to know through the living of our own life, and although everything does constantly change and evolve as we move through time, you can never go back to a time when you did not know what you now know, even if you wanted to.
And yes, we will all have moments when we may wish we could have stayed in our world of ignorance and blame, but we usually get over that given some time and reflection. ( and let us not forget awesomely improved physical manifestations!! )
I suppose that would be denial, but even if we do deny that which we know, it will only be a matter of time before it becomes no longer possible to deny the truth of how life is working, for as the Law of Attraction delivers us evidence of the truths we have become aware of and that are pulsing strongly within us, we will see it everywhere we turn, and it becomes a futile endeavour to continue to deny it.
At this point comes acceptance of the truth, and this is a very good place to be.
Nothing is more important than knowing the truth about how life is working and knowing the truth of who we really are, for once we know this, we can start “deliberately creating” the more joyful experience we all came here to live!!
Life is supposed to be good….

And so it is….

Feeling better….Or in denial???

Am I feeling better or am I in denial?
A question that can only be answered by oneself.
Why, because only you know how you are feeling about whatever you are giving thought to, no one else has the ability to get inside of you and truly know how you are feeling. (although those of us that are sensitive can read your vibration like a book!!)
I find this question to be very interesting but it is complex in the sense that denial often starts out as feeling better but as it progresses, (especially if it’s strongly negatively focused) can have a detrimental effect on our life.
1. The refusal to grant the truth of a statement, situation or allegation.
2. The refusal to accept or believe something, such as a doctrine or belief.
3. An unconscious defence mechanism characterised by the refusal to acknowledge painful realities, thoughts, and/or feelings.

Most would agree with the general description above, but to understand how denial starts, let’s go to the beginning.
Many times denial begins from not wanting to accept a reality in our lives, in other words, not wanting to focus strongly and feel negative emotion about something that has manifested or is about to manifest in our life.
Why do we do this?
Because we want to feel good and if we are looking at something and believe we cannot feel good about it, it will often feel better to pretend this “not good feeling thing” is not happening, rather than facing the truth of the situation.This can actually be a good action to take if it’s not a personal circumstance in our lives or a situation that doesn’t really affect us directly.
Denial comes from some misunderstandings about ourselves and life, the main one being, “I cannot control how I feel, I am just a responder to whatever comes within my world.” Now nothing could be further from the truth, but if this has been what we’ve become accustomed to doing, it does take some time and effort to change.
It’s important to note the difference between trying to move a resistant situation to a better feeling place or denying it’s even happening.
When attempting to move our thoughts to feel better, we always acknowledge what has happened and accept whatever feelings have been stirred within us, making an effort to move to a better feeling vibrational place.( because we’re knowing how important our thoughts and emotions are and that we’re creating our life experience with them!!) Whereas if we are in denial the unwanted situation is completely avoided at all costs so we don’t have to confront how we truly feel about it.
By doing this it’s impossible to move our vibration to where we feel better, for we must;
1.Acknowledge something unwanted has happened.
2.Acknowledge we are feeling strong negative emotion about it.
3.Know this is something that’s important for us to move to a better vibrational place about.
4.Know we have the ability to gradually move ourselves to a better vibrational place.
And why would we bother to do this?
Firstly, isn’t it better to feel better, even if it does take a little bit of effort? For you cannot hide the truth from the Law of Attraction, just because we are in denial does not mean that those emotions aren’t pulsing strongly within us. For something strongly unwanted to turn up in our experience means there is something within us (that we may not be aware of) that the Law of Attraction has responded to, and if we allow ourselves to stay in a strongly negative feeling place,(even though we may have done our best to pretend those emotions weren’t there) more unwanted circumstances that have a similar feeling will turn up until we have dealt with our negative emotion and moved it to a better feeling place.
Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s true.
Now, depending on where you are in relation to what you are wanting and how strong the emotions are you are feeling about it, will depend on what action may be the best to take.
The more personal the situation or circumstances are for us, and the stronger the emotion we would feel if we allowed ourselves to feel it, the more important it is to face the situation and emotions that are coming up, (even if they are strongly negative) and deal with them.
If a lot of circumstances that are similar keep showing up with the same emotional feeling to them, this is a sign there are vibrations (thoughts and feelings) within us that the Law of Attraction is responding to and bringing us evidence of, ( adding power and momentum to and reflecting back to us the vibration we have originally sent out ) and it would be a good idea to do our best to move to a slightly better feeling place rather than pretending everything is “as right as rain?”
I am not suggesting we feel negative emotion from whatever is turning up and stay there feeling bad, or even worse, to focus our attention negatively and produce stronger negative emotion towards or about it, but I am saying, it’s important to initially feel where you really are even if it doesn’t feel great, and then gradually move through those emotions to a better vibrational place.
That’s the only thing to do, denial does not release negative emotion that is already within us, it keeps it there, where it usually grows stronger and therefore has stronger attracting power to it that the Law of Attraction is responding in-kind to.
I’m sure deep down, within us all, most of us know this, but I understand it’s hard to hear sometimes.
If it’s a circumstance that’s not very personal to us that isn’t producing strong emotion within us, and doesn’t appear to be a situation that is reoccurring over time, it’s a good cause of action to just let it be.
In this situation I would say, it’s not really denial but just not wanting to bring unwanted circumstances into our general vibrational mix that aren’t so important to us or affecting our life.
Yep, no use giving ourselves more negative things to focus on and feel bad about…unless of course we’ve worked through everything that’s very important to us and moved to an awesome place on every subject, then sure, we can focus our attention on every other problem in the world and try to bring ourselves into a better feeling place regarding them…why not? Hehehe!!
No, but seriously, we would have to be a little bit crazy to do that, because as we start feeling better and start to experience the creative control we’ve achieved through deliberately moving our vibration (thoughts and emotions) into better feeling places, we’re less prepared, (not more prepared) to put our attention on people or circumstances that we do not need to, for we begin to understand we have nothing of benefit to give ourselves or anyone else unless we are standing in the true power of “who we really are.”
The truth is….You cannot deny what is within you, the truth will be constantly shown to you through the physical manifestations you attract, whether you are aware of it or not….

And so it is…..