Stop and smell the flowers….

I think I’ve said, I love common sayings because there’s often hidden ( or not so hidden ) truths deep within them, that the true understanding of would bring clarity and answers to many things we may have previously thought we might never have known the answers too.
Well, you may not want to stop and “smell the flowers,” hell, you may not even like flowers!
But Seriously, it’s not really about flowers at all, ( not that there’s anything wrong with flowers ) it’s about taking time to notice all the often small, wonderful, beautiful things that are happening around us that we sometimes miss because our mind is full of “other stuff.”
And by other stuff, I mean resistant or negative thoughts that are getting a lot of air-time or traffic from our constant attention or focus on them through our thought process.
If we have worked through any resistance we may have had from past experiences and are doing our best to move into better feeling, vibrational places regarding what we’re living now, we might not have a lot of resistant stuff going on, which means we are “stopping to smell the flowers” so to speak, or noticing the well-being that is always around us.
So our emotions are communication from the Non-Physical, Inner Being or Soul part of us letting us know whether we are moving in the direction of something we are wanting ( positive emotion ) or something we are not wanting. ( negative emotion )
It’s not possible for us in our physical body and mind to remember every desire we have ever had since coming forth into this physical body, but the Non-Physical part of us that has remained, yes you guessed it, in the Non-Physical realm, knows every desire we’ve had in this life, and for that matter in all previous lives, and is letting us know through our emotions, where we are in relation to all that we have desired in every moment of this physical life experience.
The question is not, are we receiving communication from our Inner being, for every one of us is whether we are knowing so or not, that is our birthright, the question is…have we been aware of it and have we understood what it has meant?
Many have taken negative emotion to mean whatever or whoever we’re observing while we’re feeling negative emotion is doing something wrong and needs to change their behaviour, whereas the true meaning is, the Non-Physical Inner Being part of us is letting us know we are now focusing on something we are not wanting to experience and emitting a vibration that the Law of Attraction is responding in-kind to, that will bring us something less than wanted if we continue with this line of thought.
So observing someone behaving in a way that we feel is inappropriate or unwanted does not mean that we have to try to get ourselves to like what they are doing, but it does mean that it would be beneficial if we put our attention on something that makes us feel better or on something we are wanting to experience.
It’s not the easiest thing to change our thoughts if we have become accustomed to noticing everything everyone is doing that we think is “wrong” or “inappropriate” as this will become something we see before anything else. Our focus on things other than “the flowers” causes us over time to no longer even see them!
So there is “good stuff” everywhere, but whether we are seeing it or not depends entirely on where our focus has predominantly been…. And where we have been, does not have to be the same place we are going.
Through the power of your focused positive thought you can make it so….
And so it is….

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