Fake it….Until you make it….Uhmm???

I’m not a big fan of this saying because, in truth, you cannot truly say, be or do anything at any moment, and “fake it”. You are either doing something, or you are not doing something, there is no in-between about it, but I do understand what people are meaning when they say this.
I like to think people mean they are making an effort to move to a better feeling (vibrational) place that they want to be in, but are not yet in, and that they know they have the ability to feel better, even if it is only slightly.
But when you try to move too far from where you really are feeling…that really is faking it, and I say the same thing I said in my previous post to this one, “We are not really kidding anyone,” least of all ourselves, because we all know how we are really feeling when we’re doing this. Our feelings also let us know what people are coming to us with emotionally, and what their true intentions are, apart from the words they may be speaking, and the more sensitive we are to how we are feeling, the stronger our knowing of who they are currently being will be.

It’s all about the intentions we have when we are trying to feel better.
If we are doing it for ourselves, because we want to be more of the person we want to be, no, more of the person we truly are, we cannot go wrong, even if others do not react to us in a positive way or in a way we had hoped for.
We cannot control how others react because that is far more about them and where they are than about us.
Of course, it’s wonderful when people react positively and reciprocate when we have given pure positive energy with the best of intentions, but I’m sure you’ve noticed, it doesn’t always work this way, well, not immediately anyway. If people do react badly to something given with positive energy and intentions, it must be good enough that we know we’ve done and given our best with a pure heart and not let ourselves be pulled down to a not good feeling place.
I’m not talking about negatively judging others that are not in a good feeling place, I’m saying that when you have given purely and positively and are receiving negative in return, do your best to avoid reciprocating by returning negativity, for if we do return similar negativity to what they have given out, now we have joined their chain of pain so to speak, and made it ours, even if it is only temporarily.
In other words, we have let someone else that is in a less than good feeling place, influence us out of our good feeling place, and we may now have become someone other than who we might usually be, and that’s never a good thing.
I know this is much easier said than done and does require immense strength and belief in who you are and a desire to feel good above all other things.
If we don’t always react in a way we would have wanted, especially when we are directly faced with negativity, but instead react in a way that’s not in our best interests, we can think about what happened after the experience and move to a better feeling vibrational place regarding it, if that’s what we’re wanting to do. But if the emotions we are feeling are strongly negative, it’s sometimes a good idea to leave the subject alone until we can think about it without such a strong emotional response, (this is the benefit that time gives us) because as you can imagine, the stronger the negative emotion is when we think about anything, the more power and momentum these thoughts have behind them and the harder they will be to move into a better feeling place.
Sometimes it’s easier to generally do our best to feel as good as we can to everything that is happening now, because remember, everything that’s coming into our experience is being attracted through our focused thoughts that the Law of Attraction has been responding in-kind too. If there are strong negative or positive emotions pulsing within us, it’s usually turning up in one form or another, but sometimes we may not be making the connections between;
-What we have previously experienced.
-Our emotional responses to those experiences.
-How we continue to feel about similar experiences that are occurring.
-And what’s turning up “now!”
So it’s not always necessary to go back and specifically focus on things that have happened in the past to bring them into a better vibrational place, but that’s a call we all need to make individually, and only you know what is best for you.
And the truth is…you never need to “fake it,” because who you really are is wonderful, and that’s something that’s real and true, and there’s no faking that!!

And so it is….

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