Luck has nothing to do with it…. Truly, it doesn’t!

Although I try not to complain too much to others and prefer to move into a better feeling vibrational place on my own regarding whatever I may have resistance about, like everyone here, I do sometimes slip and complain.
So the other day I was complaining about being busier than usual, and by husband commented, “You’re just lucky every day is not like that!”
Well, I’m not quite sure what possessed him to say such a thing (that’s not true, I knew exactly what he was trying to tell me of course) and my response was a very strong, “Luck has nothing to do with it!” Which pretty much ended the conversation. (Which was my way of saying, “I can’t believe you just said that to me, you know what I think about that comment!”)
There are a number of very different perspectives this comment can come from, both positive and negative.
1. I see things are working out well for you and I have no idea how, but would love to know how!
2. I see things are working out well for you and it makes me feel jealous because nothing seems to be working out well for me and I don’t know why?
3. I see things are working out well for you, and I’m annoyed because it feels like I’m working much harder than you but not receiving what I feel I deserve.
4. I see things are working out well for you, I bet you’re really appreciating it; I totally want to know what you’re doing! Do you think some of that will rub off on me!(Hehehe….I hope so!)
It’s not so much about the words we are speaking, but the intentions we hold while we are speaking them. (Remember, it’s not possible to hide what our true intentions are, the Universe knows, and so does everyone else usually) But it would be true to say, the better our intentions are as we speak our words, the more meaning and importance these words have, especially when they are heard by one that’s in a close enough vibrational vicinity to truly hear them.

So in the past it annoyed me when people commented I was “so lucky” when something good was happening in my life, because I always felt like no matter whether this was coming from a generally positive place or a negative place on their part, it always downplayed anything we may have done through our thought and action preceding this wanted circumstance turning up, as if things were just unfolding magically in our favour, with no effort or input from ourselves? And although this may be how it sometimes appears when observing others, there’s always more to the story than this.
There are many ways one can go about achieving that which they are wanting, but it always comes down to what our thoughts are regarding whatever we’re wanting, that then inspires action.
What did I just say?
I think I said, every action, no matter what that action is, is inspired by and through the thoughts we’ve predominantly been thinking in relation to whatever the subject is we’ve been thinking about.
So for anyone to take any action, positive or negative, wanted or unwanted, there has been thoughts that have been given enough focused attention (whether we’ve been aware of them or not) that the Law of Attraction has responded in-kind to, that attracts manifestations of the same vibrational frequency and inspires us into actions that are also in the same vibrational vicinity.
That’s a very good thing to know, don’t you think?
What that means, is that by the time we feel inspired into taking action, there is quite a lot of momentum behind us that makes it quite difficult to pull back from doing…. which isn’t a problem when it’s a positive action that is moving us in a direction we are wanting to go, but if it’s a negative action that is moving us in a direction we are not wanting to go, it takes some very strong will power to not carry that action out to its conclusion.
Well, now you might be thinking, “That doesn’t sound too good now?” And I say, “It is not possible to hide from the truth, the truth is the truth, whether we are liking it or not.”
But like I’ve said before “Knowledge is Power”

And so it is…

Fake it….Until you make it….Uhmm???

I’m not a big fan of this saying because, in truth, you cannot truly say, be or do anything at any moment, and “fake it”. You are either doing something, or you are not doing something, there is no in-between about it, but I do understand what people are meaning when they say this.
I like to think people mean they are making an effort to move to a better feeling (vibrational) place that they want to be in, but are not yet in, and that they know they have the ability to feel better, even if it is only slightly.
But when you try to move too far from where you really are feeling…that really is faking it, and I say the same thing I said in my previous post to this one, “We are not really kidding anyone,” least of all ourselves, because we all know how we are really feeling when we’re doing this. Our feelings also let us know what people are coming to us with emotionally, and what their true intentions are, apart from the words they may be speaking, and the more sensitive we are to how we are feeling, the stronger our knowing of who they are currently being will be.

It’s all about the intentions we have when we are trying to feel better.
If we are doing it for ourselves, because we want to be more of the person we want to be, no, more of the person we truly are, we cannot go wrong, even if others do not react to us in a positive way or in a way we had hoped for.
We cannot control how others react because that is far more about them and where they are than about us.
Of course, it’s wonderful when people react positively and reciprocate when we have given pure positive energy with the best of intentions, but I’m sure you’ve noticed, it doesn’t always work this way, well, not immediately anyway. If people do react badly to something given with positive energy and intentions, it must be good enough that we know we’ve done and given our best with a pure heart and not let ourselves be pulled down to a not good feeling place.
I’m not talking about negatively judging others that are not in a good feeling place, I’m saying that when you have given purely and positively and are receiving negative in return, do your best to avoid reciprocating by returning negativity, for if we do return similar negativity to what they have given out, now we have joined their chain of pain so to speak, and made it ours, even if it is only temporarily.
In other words, we have let someone else that is in a less than good feeling place, influence us out of our good feeling place, and we may now have become someone other than who we might usually be, and that’s never a good thing.
I know this is much easier said than done and does require immense strength and belief in who you are and a desire to feel good above all other things.
If we don’t always react in a way we would have wanted, especially when we are directly faced with negativity, but instead react in a way that’s not in our best interests, we can think about what happened after the experience and move to a better feeling vibrational place regarding it, if that’s what we’re wanting to do. But if the emotions we are feeling are strongly negative, it’s sometimes a good idea to leave the subject alone until we can think about it without such a strong emotional response, (this is the benefit that time gives us) because as you can imagine, the stronger the negative emotion is when we think about anything, the more power and momentum these thoughts have behind them and the harder they will be to move into a better feeling place.
Sometimes it’s easier to generally do our best to feel as good as we can to everything that is happening now, because remember, everything that’s coming into our experience is being attracted through our focused thoughts that the Law of Attraction has been responding in-kind too. If there are strong negative or positive emotions pulsing within us, it’s usually turning up in one form or another, but sometimes we may not be making the connections between;
-What we have previously experienced.
-Our emotional responses to those experiences.
-How we continue to feel about similar experiences that are occurring.
-And what’s turning up “now!”
So it’s not always necessary to go back and specifically focus on things that have happened in the past to bring them into a better vibrational place, but that’s a call we all need to make individually, and only you know what is best for you.
And the truth is…you never need to “fake it,” because who you really are is wonderful, and that’s something that’s real and true, and there’s no faking that!!

And so it is….

Everything I do…I do it for you…As if!!

I think it’s amusing when people tell a big story about how they do all these things for other people, like it’s not also for them as if they can take their own desires out of the equation.
It goes something like this…
I’m here purely for others, I help others with no regard for what I’m wanting and for no personal benefit.
And I say, “who do you think you are kidding?
Now it’s true we can be kind and do wonderful things for others, there’s no doubt about that, especially if this is the person we are wanting to be, but think about it….why would we be doing such things, or anything for that matter, without a reason?
If we are being kind and doing things for others, we are doing this because it feels good. Now some may disagree and say, “No , I’m often doing things because I feel I have to and not because it’s feeling good,” and I say the same thing, even if you are doing things that are not making you feel like you want to “jump for joy,” you are still choosing this action over an even less good feeling action…are we not? Yes, it is true.

For example, let’s say I may not be the greatest morning person in the world but I need to get up at a reasonable time to get ready for my forthcoming day ahead. I could just stay in bed if I really wanted to and say, “bugger it, I’m not getting up now,” but I choose to get up because even though I would like to stay in bed, for me I would feel like I haven’t followed through with something I should have and that would feel worse than not getting up. This example may seem like an unimportant subject, but it matters not how important or unimportant the subject is, although we may put more pressure on ourselves to make the best choice if we feel the subject is more important to us, so whether we are aware of it or not, we are always choosing what we think will feel best.
“Which choice out of the options before me feels best, what choice do I feel will get me the closest to that which I am wanting?” It does not matter whether it’s a choice between two wanted situations, something wanted and unwanted, or two unwanted situations.
There may be many factors we consider depending on the situation, where we are in relation to the situation, and the outcome we are desiring, but it always comes down to the same thing, after considering all the possibilities, which choice do we think will feel best?
So I didn’t say our choices are always easy between a wanted or unwanted choice, more often that not and depending on where many earlier choices have lead us based on where we are and our focused thoughts,(vibration) it can be between two highly unwanted choices, but no matter what our choices are, we have the ability to turn any choice into a positive outcome through the power of our focused thoughts.

The idea that a person is not really doing something good unless they want absolutely nothing out of it, is a false truth that can never truly be.
Because we have all come forward into this life with powerful Inner Guidance from the Non-Physical part of us that remained in the Non-Physical realm giving us constant and consistent feedback in the form of our emotions, letting us know where we are in relation to all we are wanting. If this is so, (and it is) we are always doing what we believe will benefit us most. This does not mean that our intentions cannot be pure in the sense, it feels good to be kind to others, it feels good to help others, it feels good to love others, this is the ultimate “win/win situation!”
And I don’t know about you, but I have never once met a person that has no emotional feelings, although it is possible to meet one that has not listened to what their emotions have been telling them, or have felt so much negative emotion for so long, they have become numb to it.
They are still receiving emotional feedback about where they are in relation to what they are wanting, but may not have understood what it meant or that they had the absolute power to move to a better feeling place. If we do not exercise our power of moving to a better vibrational place, it’s usually only a matter of time before we start becoming accustomed to our negative feelings, and over time, it starts becoming our normal emotional place to be in, feeling less negative than it once did.
So one could think “awesome” when I’m feeling negative emotion, I don’t need to make an effort to move myself to a better feeling place because after a while I’ll get used to it and I won’t feel it anymore. (because it can be difficult and does take some effort if you have lived in this body for some time without exercising your power to do so)
And I say “Holy Moses,” remember that the powerful Law of Attraction is responding in-kind to how you are really feeling, not to what you have become numb too!
Yes, it’s true you cannot hide how you are really feeling from the Universe and the Law of Attraction, and what you are really feeling will be reflected back to you in all manner of manifestations.
You do not need to go back to work through everything you have felt strong negative emotion about in the past.
If we are paying attention to what’s turning up in our experience right here, right now, and doing our best to move to the best feeling place we can even if it’s only a slightly improved feeling place, (especially with negative feeling manifestations) this starts to clear resistance that may have been preventing us from moving in the direction we are really wanting to go, and as we get power and momentum behind this new and improved vibrational place, there’s only one direction this leads….
And that’s into more of the “awesome” life experience you came here to live….

And so it is….