Why would we even consider copying someone else’s work???


“It is never necessary to copy someone else’s work….Instead let the greatness you observe within others, inspire the greatness within you and then act on it.”

Initially, this is easy to answer. The only reason we would attempt to copy someone else’s work without acknowledging the fact is because we don’t believe we can have any original ideas ourselves!!

In truth, if we set out to copy anything with our own hand, it’s very hard to copy exactly what someone else has done, especially if it is something that’s created artistically and visually. If we do attempt to copy someone else’s artwork, apart from actually taking an exact copy, it can never be exactly the same. Even the same artist trying to copy a work they have previously completed will end up with a different version of the original work.

As far as copying others written work and ideas, this also comes from a lack of belief in our own ability to have original ideas and to bring forward and create

through our own personal perspective and experiences.
Who we really are, the blending of our Physical and Non-Physical selves knows we have the absolute ability to create anything we are wanting in our own way without the need to copy what another is doing. Think about copying someone else’s work and see how it feels….For most this doesn’t feel good because our Non-Physical counterpart knows we came here to be the creators of our own experience, not the duplicator of what already is, and is communicating this to us in the form of our emotions, that’s why it doesn’t feel good!!

That being said, we do get much inspiration from what others are doing which does influence us in many ways as this is part of the Physical journey we’ve come here to live. But this is entirely different from taking what we know is someone else’s idea or body of work, an idea we wouldn’t have had on our own and often isn’t what we really want to do, copying it and using it.
Of course there are many people out in the big wide world that are doing things of a similar nature, that isn’t an issue, because no matter how similar what we’re doing seems, if it’s truly coming from our own perspective and experiences of where we really are, it is a truly original work.

I know in the whole scheme of things, it’s not the worse thing in the world we could do, but for me I find it to be not a very nice thing to do and have little respect for people who choose to do such things.
At the end of the day, we’re all the receivers of that which we give out, (Law of Attraction) whether we’re aware of this or not, and copying others work can never give us the feelings we were hoping for, even if what we’ve copied does somewhat well. Whatever we create carries within it the vibrational place we were in during its creation, so when we copy and don’t use our own ideas, this knowing is transferred into our work and is often known by the recipients of it, even if it’s just a feeling they have.

I can’t think of much that would feel worse than receiving admiration for something I know I’ve copied……But that’s just me….

And so it is….

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