Why understanding where our General Vibrational Place is….Is important….


Bella Bunny
Once we know exactly where we are, then we can start to make our way to where we want to be.          Paulette De-Har

The general vibrational place we find ourselves in is an accumulation of all the thoughts and feelings we’ve had and are currently having in relation to all the subjects that are important to us, and although our vibration will be different on each subject we give our attention too, the variation between all the things that are important to us are, cannot be too great.


Many may think….Well, who cares??? And I say, if we’re coming to know how it is that we are creating our life experiences, it’s very valuable information to know. So what does it really mean??? It means that as we navigate our way through all the subjects that are important to us, if we’re focusing on improving only one subject into a better feeling place, although this is a great thing and we all need to start somewhere, we will reach a level where we may find it difficult to move beyond, if there are too many other subjects sitting in a much lower vibrational place that we haven’t made an effort to move into a better vibrational place.

Any vibrational movement we make on any subject is totally awesome….Don’t let me give you the impression it isn’t, but I wouldn’t be being totally honest if I didn’t say that focusing on one subject to the exclusion of everything else doesn’t always work. It could work if we could focus solely on the subject we’ve moved into a better feeling vibrational place, and this is possible….But the elevated good feeling we’ve achieved on one subject causes the subjects that have not been moved into a better vibrational place to feel worse than they previously did, and it takes an enormous amount of strength not to give these increased not good feeling subjects more attention.

The good news is…..As subjects we may have been previously happy to leave in a moderately not good feeling vibrational place that the Law of Attraction has been responding in-kind to gain more emotional intensity, we find ourselves in a position where we have to make an effort to move these into a better vibrational place if we’re to continue our positive vibrational momentum into better and better feeling places!!!

This can mean that we may attract some resistant, unwanted circumstances to ourselves giving us the opportunity to move through and clear whatever resistance we’ve got going on, especially if we do our best to move into a better vibrational place when resistant circumstances turn up???

Although we may not be initially “jumping for joy” to hear this, it does somewhat help to understand whats happening as it’s happening, and may just give us the extra belief we need to work through whatever resistance has turned up knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel, and that we will receive the benefits of the improved vibrational place we’ve made an effort to achieve….It is Universal Law!!!

And so it is….

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