All good things come to those who wait….Really!!!

Well,….Maybe, maybe not???
Whether good things come to those who wait depends entirely on how we feel about waiting, how long we’ve been waiting and how much we are wanting whatever we’re waiting for.

If we’re thinking about waiting for something to turn up and we feel positive expectation and emotion about it, this is a very good indication that we’ve put ourselves in a good feeling vibrational place, and if our good feeling is maintained with emotional intensity, what we are wanting must eventually manifest.

Although this is true, when we’re waiting for something to turn up, it’s very likely some of our vibrational focus will be on the fact that what we are wanting hasn’t turned up yet, and depending on how strong that part of our vibration regarding the lack of what we’re wanting being here is….It can prevent things from flowing and manifesting as easily as they could.

When this happens, ones focus can waiver, especially if we know we’ve been feeling very good for a long period of time and have done well working through many lower vibrational states and unwanted circumstances to reach our improved feeling place.
This can make us question all sorts of things and can sometimes send us a little off track. It’s often not that we weren’t feeling as good as we thought we were, because it’s not possible to really fake any good feeling we have, even if we’re smiling outwardly, we all know when we’re not genuinely feeling it, and so does anyone else who’s sensitive to how they’re feeling and what others are putting “out there”!!! We’re either feeling good or we aren’t, it’s that simple, but sometimes where not completely aware of a vibration we might have going on and the impact it’s having as the Law of Attraction responds to it.

The moral of the story is…..Time limits and waiting for things to turn up can really set us up to not achieve what we were wanting. Strict time limits can propel us forward sometimes, but if we don’t achieve what we were wanting in our set time limit, it hardly ever feels good, and we often give-up.
Waiting, especially if we feel we’ve been waiting a long time, often promotes more waiting as the Law of Attraction responds to our feelings of waiting by giving us more things we feel we’re waiting for. (Holy Moses….That’s a lot of waiting in there!!! Hehehe)

I know it can be difficult to take time limits and waiting out of the equation when we really want something, but believing that things are working out for us even when we can’t immediately see how, and knowing we have the power to change our focus and feel better which in turn changes what we’re attracting, is a powerful belief to have, especially when we experience challenges.

I prefer the saying “All in good time,” which for me translates too,

I know things are working out for me,
I believe in the power I have to create what I am wanting in my life,
I know I will attract just the right circumstances that will help to move me closer to that which I am wanting to experience in my life…..

And I invite it!!!

And so it is….