What causes the yo-yo dieting effect???


There’s no use denying where we really are…….Acceptance of where we truly are is required with a focus on where we really want to be.      Paulette De-Har

Many people will understand very well through the living of their own life experiences that a lot of the time dieting doesn’t work.


Not only do people sometimes experience very sporadic results but on finishing a diet will often gain what they initially lost and then gain more on top of that, hence the term yo-yo dieting.
Many attempts at dieting ending with the above results can leave one feeling rather demoralized making the chances of succeeding at further attempts later down the road even more unlikely.

I know that doesn’t sound very encouraging right now but there’s no hiding from the truth. Putting one’s head in the sand and not acknowledging what is really happening doesn’t mean that it won’t happen and in truth sometimes guarantees it will. Knowledge is power so when we understand more about possibly how and why things are happening as they are, we are in a much better position to make an informed decision on how to move forward in a more positive direction.

There are as many different reasons why diets don’t work as there are people doing diets because each person’s thought process on the subjects of food, eating, exercise, and general health will be different based on their own personal life experiences. Nevertheless, almost all unwanted results that are achieved will be the result of having a stronger vibration made up of our thoughts and feelings that are more orientated towards what we are not wanting rather than what we are wanting.

For example;
~Focusing on the feeling of being deprived of what we really want to eat versus feeling proud we are doing something very good for our body, mind, and soul by making an effort to become more healthy.
~Focusing on feelings of being disappointed in a lack of visible results versus feeling happy with the improvement in energy, body strength and any other improvements in health no matter how small they may seem.
~Focusing on how hard it is versus the positive benefits one is achieving.

When beginning any new course of action whether it be an improved eating regime or exercise regime, work schedule or anything else, there will always be doubts that come into one’s mind as to which way to go. This is completely logical as the mind can often be resistant to change, especially if we have shied away from change and left others around us to make decisions for us. If the mind is not taken control of by the occupant of that mind it tends to run riot by spewing out negative thoughts and reasons why this or that will not work to try to keep the status quo. A mind not kept in check by moving initial negative thoughts to a more positive good feeling place can make one feel defeated before any actions have even been taken. Most people will not have the ability to take action from this place of negative contemplation as this kills any belief one might have of succeeding, and let’s face it no one wants to start something they don’t believe they can do, especially when it’s going to take a lot of effort.

Another factor that has strong influences on the results we achieve will be how big the change we are planning to make is and how difficult it will be to implement. Major changes in many different areas of our current lifestyle make it difficult to maintain and increases greatly our expectation of seeing results quickly. Expectation can be good but only when we are sitting in a strongly positive place of belief and knowing otherwise it tends to have the opposite effect especially if we have placed a strict time limit on ourselves. Both expectation and time can be positive or negative depending on where each person is sitting vibrationally on whatever they are wanting to achieve. But one thing is for sure, unrealistic expectations and strict time limits hardly ever put us in the ideal place to experience the good feeling life we are wanting.
It’s better to be flexible and open about both time and expectations as this gives us the freedom to change as we move forward without declaring we have failed because we haven’t followed an unrealistic schedule we’ve set down for ourselves.

Ok, so what happens when we initially make progress achieving some success with what we are wanting to do, in this case losing weight but then put it all back on plus some more. When we implement big changes in many different areas of our lives it can be very hard to maintain. The body may initially respond to the extra exercise or change in diet even if we aren’t liking it,  but unless our thoughts and feelings are improved and we can maintain feeling good about what we are doing apart from purely seeing physical results, they are hard to achieve. Any results gained are eventually lost as our enthusiasm for taking the actions we believe are required dwindles. Putting more on after this can only be the result of feeling stronger negative emotion about it. It’s very understandable because it never feels good to have tried something and to feel like we have not succeeded.

Although we all know what we put into our bodies and how much we move directly affects our health and well-being, none of this action makes any long-term difference if our thought is not changed and improved. Any action taken from a resistant uninspired place is always very hard that often produces poor results and doesn’t last unless great strength over our mind is attained. Great benefit can be gained from undertaking something we initially find hard if our mind is strong and we do our best to improve our thought as we go. No matter which way we look at it, it’s always the same. The body follows the mind every single time. A strong body cannot be found in a weak mind and a weak body cannot be found in a strong mind. Working only the body in exclusion to the mind is like trying to drive a car without a motor in it!!! That’s funny don’t you think…..

It is a simple formula really, but when translated into all the specific details of our lives and who we have specifically become in this physical body, it does get complicated I know.
The formula is, take the time to move our thoughts as close as we can to belief and knowing before taking any action. Once this has been achieved one will usually know or have a very good feeling about the initial actions that should be taken, this is inspired action that comes as a result of our improved vibration. Continue to improve any resistant thoughts that come up and focus on the positive aspects of what we have chosen to do and be open to making changes as we move forward.

Whatever anyone is wanting to achieve, I know for sure they can. But what I know about someone else’s experience really means nothing unless they know it themselves……..

For we are the true creators of our lives, and we create our lives through our focused thoughts and feeling, our vibration……..

And so we do…….


All good things come to those who wait….Really!!!

Well,….Maybe, maybe not???
Whether good things come to those who wait depends entirely on how we feel about waiting, how long we’ve been waiting and how much we are wanting whatever we’re waiting for.

If we’re thinking about waiting for something to turn up and we feel positive expectation and emotion about it, this is a very good indication that we’ve put ourselves in a good feeling vibrational place, and if our good feeling is maintained with emotional intensity, what we are wanting must eventually manifest.

Although this is true, when we’re waiting for something to turn up, it’s very likely some of our vibrational focus will be on the fact that what we are wanting hasn’t turned up yet, and depending on how strong that part of our vibration regarding the lack of what we’re wanting being here is….It can prevent things from flowing and manifesting as easily as they could.

When this happens, ones focus can waiver, especially if we know we’ve been feeling very good for a long period of time and have done well working through many lower vibrational states and unwanted circumstances to reach our improved feeling place.
This can make us question all sorts of things and can sometimes send us a little off track. It’s often not that we weren’t feeling as good as we thought we were, because it’s not possible to really fake any good feeling we have, even if we’re smiling outwardly, we all know when we’re not genuinely feeling it, and so does anyone else who’s sensitive to how they’re feeling and what others are putting “out there”!!! We’re either feeling good or we aren’t, it’s that simple, but sometimes where not completely aware of a vibration we might have going on and the impact it’s having as the Law of Attraction responds to it.

The moral of the story is…..Time limits and waiting for things to turn up can really set us up to not achieve what we were wanting. Strict time limits can propel us forward sometimes, but if we don’t achieve what we were wanting in our set time limit, it hardly ever feels good, and we often give-up.
Waiting, especially if we feel we’ve been waiting a long time, often promotes more waiting as the Law of Attraction responds to our feelings of waiting by giving us more things we feel we’re waiting for. (Holy Moses….That’s a lot of waiting in there!!! Hehehe)

I know it can be difficult to take time limits and waiting out of the equation when we really want something, but believing that things are working out for us even when we can’t immediately see how, and knowing we have the power to change our focus and feel better which in turn changes what we’re attracting, is a powerful belief to have, especially when we experience challenges.

I prefer the saying “All in good time,” which for me translates too,

I know things are working out for me,
I believe in the power I have to create what I am wanting in my life,
I know I will attract just the right circumstances that will help to move me closer to that which I am wanting to experience in my life…..

And I invite it!!!

And so it is….