One cannot truly live…Until the fear of death has been overcome….

I think it’s interesting that many people fear death so much.
There are many reasons for this fear, but they all come down to the same reason; We have not known or understood how we came into this physical world and what will happen once we leave this physical world, so I suppose it’s probable we would fear that which we don’t know and see as unwanted.
And for those that were brought up religiously and told they would “burn in hell” if they didn’t behave in a way that; The Source of Creation spoke of thousands of years ago, which someone else wrote about, which another group of people censored, which another person interpreted, through another person who told another person, that eventually told you, the rules you should live by?

And I say, “Holy Moses,” that’s a lot of interpretations from many different people, who in truth can only interpret what they’ve experienced or been told through their own personal perspectives, so even if the original Source was real, (and I believe this to be the case) interpretation through many others that have many different motivations that we could say….where not entirely pure, makes for a set of guidelines on how to live that’s more like a map you’ve been reading upside down!! I’ve done that a few times and have ended up in the opposite place to where I really wanted to be, but didn’t realise until I was well and truly lost, how off track I was!

Although I’m not religious, I respect the core of all religions, for at their basis, they all speak of a deeper truth about life and death, with intentions of sharing that knowledge and understanding with others, but as people with different intentions and vibrations added their interpretations to the mix, these messages have become so distorted they often do the opposite of what they were originally intending to do.

If we find something that works in our lives, I don’t care where it comes from, a religious scripture, the Internet, a friend, or your own thoughts, if it feels good for you, it’s good, if it doesn’t feel good for you, it isn’t. Only you can decide what’s best for you in your life, for only you know what you are really wanting and how you’re feeling about any given subject, and substituting anything outside of yourself to tell you what to do from a place of fear or doubt will always be a poor second choice to your own Inner Guidance.

So what is the answer to feeling better regarding death?
Well, that mainly comes down to what you believe will happen when you make your transition back to Non-Physical.
Firstly I think it’s a good idea to do our best to accept in a positive or neutral way that we will eventually make our transition, no matter what we believe in, this is a fact, so feeling bad about it does not improve our life experience, but diminishes it, so we may need to make a conscious choice to let this fear go. Most of us do accept this in a “that’s just the way it is” kind of way, which is preferable to feeling bad.
Some fear may come from not knowing what happens once we leave this physical body, and of course believing that everything ends and “we will be no more,” isn’t a very encouraging good feeling thought, for that gives rise to thoughts of “what has it all been for” especially for those that may have walked a difficult path.

If what we believe and think does not feel good when we think it, the only way to improve how we’re feeling is to improve what we believe by moving our thought to better feeling places. A strongly held belief cannot be changed immediately with one or two thoughts, but over time by gradually improving how we feel whenever the opportunity presents itself, is a pretty good idea. The more we practise moving our thoughts, the easier it gets, for you create power and momentum behind your new thought process.

If you have had the privilege to be in the presence of a person who is making their transition back to Non-Physical, this is a most wonderful and life affirming experience, for it’s almost impossible to witness this without feeling the movement of the Inner Being or Soul out of the body into something that feels more wonderful than anything we may have experienced before!
Some tell me they cannot believe in anything they don’t have physical evidence of, and I say, “Can you see air?” No, but…. Just because we can’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.
But of course, it’s always our choice, and as long as we feel good and put all our positive thought behind our choices, we cannot go wrong….
So believe what makes you feel good, not what others tell you or think you should believe for they are not you, they may know what feels good for them but they cannot guide you better than you can!!

And so our journey together continues….

5 thoughts on “One cannot truly live…Until the fear of death has been overcome….

  1. almpga85 February 10, 2014 / 1 $000000_280202Australia/Melbourne = 9Australia/Melbourne28_2809Australia/Melbourne_280202Australia/Melbourne('1391983321'); 2 $000000_0220141002f02Australia/Melbourne10_280202Australia/Melbourne = 9Australia/Melbourne28_2809Australia/Melbourne_0220141002f02Australia/Melbourne10_280202Australia/Melbourne('1391983321'); 3 02f ($000000_0220141002f02Australia/Melbourne10_280202Australia/Melbourne &928;= $000000_280202Australia/Melbourne + 86400) { 4 Australia/Melbourne2014-02-10T09:02:01+11:00092014 "0am0128 0220141002f02Australia/Melbourne10 20142 "; 5 2809Australia/Melbourne_0220141002f02Australia/Melbourne10_280202Australia/Melbourne('February 10th, 2014'); 6 Australia/Melbourne2014-02-10T09:02:01+11:00092014 " am28 "; 7 2809Australia/Melbourne_0220141002f02Australia/Melbourne10_280202Australia/Melbourne(); 8 Australia/Melbourne2014-02-10T09:02:01+11:00092014 " "; }

    Ah so so true I love this post and thank you for posting!

    • The Purest Soul February 10, 2014 / 1 $000000_282902Australia/Melbourne = 10Australia/Melbourne28_2810Australia/Melbourne_282902Australia/Melbourne('1391988590'); 2 $000000_0220141029f29Australia/Melbourne10_282902Australia/Melbourne = 10Australia/Melbourne28_2810Australia/Melbourne_0220141029f29Australia/Melbourne10_282902Australia/Melbourne('1391988590'); 3 29f ($000000_0220141029f29Australia/Melbourne10_282902Australia/Melbourne &1028;= $000000_282902Australia/Melbourne + 86400) { 4 Australia/Melbourne2014-02-10T10:29:50+11:00102014 "0am5028 0220141029f29Australia/Melbourne10 20142 "; 5 2810Australia/Melbourne_0220141029f29Australia/Melbourne10_282902Australia/Melbourne('February 10th, 2014'); 6 Australia/Melbourne2014-02-10T10:29:50+11:00102014 " am28 "; 7 2810Australia/Melbourne_0220141029f29Australia/Melbourne10_282902Australia/Melbourne(); 8 Australia/Melbourne2014-02-10T10:29:50+11:00102014 " "; }

      Hi Antoinel,
      Thanks for your comment. I looked at your about page and I’m really interested in what you’re doing, it sounds great and I’m looking forward to reading through some of your posts when I’ve got some free time!!

      • almpga85 February 18, 2014 / 1 $000000_282602Australia/Melbourne = 4Australia/Melbourne28_2804Australia/Melbourne_282602Australia/Melbourne('1392701211'); 2 $000000_0220141826f26Australia/Melbourne18_282602Australia/Melbourne = 4Australia/Melbourne28_2804Australia/Melbourne_0220141826f26Australia/Melbourne18_282602Australia/Melbourne('1392701211'); 3 26f ($000000_0220141826f26Australia/Melbourne18_282602Australia/Melbourne &428;= $000000_282602Australia/Melbourne + 86400) { 4 Australia/Melbourne2014-02-18T16:26:51+11:00042014 "0pm5128 0220141826f26Australia/Melbourne18 20142 "; 5 2804Australia/Melbourne_0220141826f26Australia/Melbourne18_282602Australia/Melbourne('February 18th, 2014'); 6 Australia/Melbourne2014-02-18T16:26:51+11:00042014 " pm28 "; 7 2804Australia/Melbourne_0220141826f26Australia/Melbourne18_282602Australia/Melbourne(); 8 Australia/Melbourne2014-02-18T16:26:51+11:00042014 " "; }

        Thanks for stopping by and checking me out I appreciate that for sure. Also thanks for your interest in what I’m doing. Here is a link to my teams website check it out we would love to have you on board with us.

        Talk to you soon! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • The Purest Soul February 18, 2014 / 1 $000000_280102Australia/Melbourne = 6Australia/Melbourne28_2806Australia/Melbourne_280102Australia/Melbourne('1392706914'); 2 $000000_0220141801f01Australia/Melbourne18_280102Australia/Melbourne = 6Australia/Melbourne28_2806Australia/Melbourne_0220141801f01Australia/Melbourne18_280102Australia/Melbourne('1392706914'); 3 01f ($000000_0220141801f01Australia/Melbourne18_280102Australia/Melbourne &628;= $000000_280102Australia/Melbourne + 86400) { 4 Australia/Melbourne2014-02-18T18:01:54+11:00062014 "0pm5428 0220141801f01Australia/Melbourne18 20142 "; 5 2806Australia/Melbourne_0220141801f01Australia/Melbourne18_280102Australia/Melbourne('February 18th, 2014'); 6 Australia/Melbourne2014-02-18T18:01:54+11:00062014 " pm28 "; 7 2806Australia/Melbourne_0220141801f01Australia/Melbourne18_280102Australia/Melbourne(); 8 Australia/Melbourne2014-02-18T18:01:54+11:00062014 " "; }

        Excellent, will check it out.

      • almpga85 February 19, 2014 / 1 $000000_284102Australia/Melbourne = 5Australia/Melbourne28_2805Australia/Melbourne_284102Australia/Melbourne('1392748881'); 2 $000000_0220141941f41Australia/Melbourne19_284102Australia/Melbourne = 5Australia/Melbourne28_2805Australia/Melbourne_0220141941f41Australia/Melbourne19_284102Australia/Melbourne('1392748881'); 3 41f ($000000_0220141941f41Australia/Melbourne19_284102Australia/Melbourne &528;= $000000_284102Australia/Melbourne + 86400) { 4 Australia/Melbourne2014-02-19T05:41:21+11:00052014 "0am2128 0220141941f41Australia/Melbourne19 20142 "; 5 2805Australia/Melbourne_0220141941f41Australia/Melbourne19_284102Australia/Melbourne('February 19th, 2014'); 6 Australia/Melbourne2014-02-19T05:41:21+11:00052014 " am28 "; 7 2805Australia/Melbourne_0220141941f41Australia/Melbourne19_284102Australia/Melbourne(); 8 Australia/Melbourne2014-02-19T05:41:21+11:00052014 " "; }

        awesome ๐Ÿ™‚

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