Don’t judge a book by its cover….

I think many would have a good idea what people mean when they say "Don't judge a book by its cover."
It's fairly obvious that you cannot know everything about a person purely by observing their physical appearance and this saying speaks to that truth by reminding us to avoid judging others too harshly or in a negative way before we've got to know them.
But that's where the truth of this statement ends.
Of course it's not nice to judge others harshly when you don't know a lot about them, but the idea that you will not take anything that you are observing with your own eyes, and what you may be feeling from them vibrationally into consideration when deciding whether you wish to interact with another person or not is…..Well, it's highly unlikely as this happens automatically, whether we are aware of it or not.
So our interpretation of another comes not just from what we are observing, ( hair, skin colour, clothing, cleanliness, presentation etc) not to underestimate what we are seeing, but also from a persons facial expressions, body language, and especially from what they are sending out vibrationally.
We all have a general vibrational signal that is being emitted from us in every moment we are in this physical body. (and when we are in the Non-Physical realm too….But that would require a post of its own!!)
Our general vibrational place is made up of all the thoughts and feelings we’ve ever had, although subjects we are currently focused on and things we feel very strongly about both positive and negative, will be sending out a stronger signal than subjects that are less important to us.
Whenever we come into contact with others, we’re picking up on their vibration to a certain extent, depending on how sensitive we are to how we’re feeling and how aware we are that this is happening.
Whatever we may be feeling when we’re observing anyone, but especially those we don’t know, will be a blending of their physical appearance, body language, and most importantly, their vibration. This is a positive occurrence, unless we make very negative judgements based on the information we are receiving.
When others are very different to ourselves, we often feel it very strongly and sometimes negatively, and we may assume, “there must be something wrong with that person,” otherwise why am I feeling not good when I look at them?
Whereas it’s usually an indication not that someone is “not good,” but that there will be a lot of differences between the two of you.
Now it’s true to say that it wouldn’t be much fun if we were all the same, but on the flip side of that, it’s not usually much fun to interact with people who are vastly different to ourselves either, especially if our core beliefs about life are at the opposite ends of the scale for this can make for some very not nice communication, and no one usually wants that!
Another factor about our physical appearance that’s often not considered is, what we see on the outside is always a reflection of what’s going on inside us and what we’ve been doing with our thought process, for it’s not possible to hide who you have been and who you are currently being, it’s out there for everyone to see, especially if you are holding negative thoughts and feelings about past experiences that the Law of Attraction is responding in-kind too, for this takes its toll on the mind and physical body!
So although it’s definitely not nice to judge others negatively by how they look, it’s important to acknowledge that we’re all receiving valuable information about the others we come into contact with that’s letting us know if it’s a good idea to communicate with them right now or not, and to guide people to not listen to the guidance they are receiving, is very poor advice at best.

For me, I get very strong feelings and information about others, and I do not feel the need to speak to those that are vibrationally a long way from where I am because I know they feel very uncomfortable around me, and that’s not nice for anyone including me.
Rather than trying to push relationships that aren’t a good match, it’s better to let those that are on the same wavelength to you come, for that is a coming together of two like-minded souls….And that is so good!!

And so it is….

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