The Awesomeness of Music!!!

I love music…..And there’s not much in this physical world that will raise ones vibration as easily as music does!!

Although this is true, like all things, the production of music is a reflection of where the creators of it are vibrationally with their thoughts and emotions, which is another way of saying music can be made from any emotional position, rage, hate, anger, freedom, love, joy, fun, etc…..
In a similar way to this, what we’re choosing to listen to can also be a reflection of where we generally are vibrationally.

In the past, a lot of music spoke to the struggles of the times, world problems, (U2, Sinead O’Connor, Midnight Oil) relationship woes, (Madonna, Dido, Adele) and other subjects that many struggled with, (Eminem, Creed, Tonic).
Much of it made awesome music that was deeply heartfelt and emotional, taking the listener on a journey so to speak, into emotional places the creator had been and often to emotional places we’d experienced in our own lives.

So let me ask you, do you put sad music on when you’re down and make yourself sadder??? Hehehe…..Opps sorry, that might not be funny to some people!!
I use to do this when I was a teenager, and I have to say it would make me feel very sad, but afterwards I’d feel better. I think it helped me to release my negative emotions to some extent so then I could move myself to an even better feeling place more easily. That was some time ago, so maybe it had something to do with not having the skills or not knowing how to feel better on my own???

Anyway, for me it seemed to work back then, whereas now I only use music to raise my vibration and how I’m feeling to very high-flying places, not lower it.
For those that really love listening to music and feel moved at a very deep level by it, this is an awesome tool to use. Whereas if you’re not that into it, you’ll wonder what the heck I’m going on about!! Hehehe….

That’s ok, different strokes for different folks, isn’t that how the saying goes???
So if you do love music, use it to your advantage, when you’re feeling good and even when you’re not feeling so good, put your favourites on and see how it changes how you feel. If it helps you to feel better, even if it’s only temporarily, use it!! This is an easy way to divert our focus helping us to stop or slow the progression of negative emotions from gaining power and momentum, which ultimately means we’re now in a much better place to cope with whatever it is that’s upset us!!

I always say to my husband, “If I had music continuously streaming into my ears, I’d never have any problems!!” (And I do my best to have my headphones in as much as I can!!) He just rolls his eyes and laughs….Cause he’s just not that into it!!

And so it is….

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