Share if you care….No I won’t!!

Like Theo says in the movie Turbo, “Well aren’t you just a little ray of sunshine!!” Not….Hehehe….That’s me I’m talking about!!

But seriously, what I’m talking about is something all of us do at some point or another, but unfortunately many have made this “a way of being,” believing manipulating others through negative emotion is the only way to get anything done! (And yes if you believe this, this will be your experience, mostly anyway…)
Oh my god, just saying that makes me cringe!
I know we all do this sometimes, and it isn’t the end of the world if we do, but knowing what we’re really doing does help us to shift this pattern of behaviour if that is what we’re wanting to do?
Many may disagree and say, “No, I’m just telling……the possible negative consequences that could happen if they continue this behaviour, I don’t want them to do!(Yep, it’s all about us!)
And I say “If we were aware that we may be helping another to focus their attention on strongly unwanted experiences by telling them all the horrible things that may happen to them….. Uhmmmm, that’s not that good.”
The stronger the negative emotion our recipient has allowed themselves to experience by listening to others attempts to guide or manipulate them, the worse position they are in, and if whatever the focus of this fear is, is brought up over and over and over again, this is now a subject that can start producing strong negative emotion and repeated focused attention, ( creating power and momentum ) that the Law of Attraction will be responding in-kind too….
There is always many ways to the same destination, for example, rather than “You could get killed by doing that!” maybe “I’m going to hold your hand until you remember to look so we stay safe.”
It’s not so much about the exact words we use as we are trying to guide others, it’s more about the vibrational place we are in as we speak these words. Are we coming from a negative unwanted vibrational perspective, or a positive wanted vibrational perspective?
That brings me to a very important distinction, are we more focused on what we’re wanting, or more focused on what we are not wanting? (even if it’s what we are wanting for others, it’s still what we are wanting…is it not?) Because whichever vibration is strongest within us for whatever subject we’re giving thought too, will be what’s predominantly turning up in our reality.

Some may think, “Well, it often works, so it must be a good thing to do!!”
And I acknowledge it does sometimes work but at the cost of what? Trying to promote feelings of intense fear, guilt or unworthiness is not the only way to get someone to do something, but can become a common way we react if this has been what we have become accustomed to doing, especially when it comes to dealing with our beautiful children!
Manipulating behaviour in these ways erodes self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth, and can start the process where we start to believe we are not good human beings anymore.
And I’m sure you’ve noticed, often when we try to manipulate in this way, our recipient suddenly feels inspired to do exactly what we have instructed them not to do! (and that goes for big people too….I think this is where the phrase “reverse psychology” must have come from!)
When this happens we will need to up the fear factor and really “scare the pants off them” to get them to listen, or we need to do something else. Hehehe….Oops sorry, just laughing about the scaring the pants off them bit!!
That brings me back to the title of this post, share (or like) if you care….When this is added to the bottom of a post, this is a classic example of trying to guilt people into doing something. If I receive such a post, even if it is good, I will not share or like it!

I will not allow others to manipulate me from their not good feeling place.
And just as importantly, I do not wish to share something that may make others do something out of guilt either.
Talk about sharing the “chain of pain” and not good feelings all around the place….
And no, I won’t do it!

And so it is….

Why would we not tell the truth???

There maybe millions of reasons why one would not tell the truth, but all these reasons come down to the same core reasons which are;
1. Fearing the possible consequences that may result from telling the truth.
2. Not feeling good enough in some way therefore feeling the need to make oneself sound better in the eyes of others, ultimately for their approval and admiration. Did you notice, this is still fearing the possible consequences of telling the truth, or more to the point, being who you really are.
This is not a very good feeling vibrational place to be in, feeling you must make yourself out to be something other than what you really are to be accepted or loved by others.
If we are coming to truly know who we really are, we would never feel the need to make excuses or not tell the truth to be seen as “acceptable or good” in another’s eyes, for we already have our own approval and acceptance of ourselves as we are, and are not requiring it from others in order to feel good or worthy.
Is it nice if others like us?
Yes, of course it is, but if we require this from every person we come into contact with, we better get very good at knowing exactly what others are wanting and expecting, and start adjusting our behaviour accordingly!
It’s not possible to be liked by every person that may be observing us “out there” for we are all in different vibrational places, meaning everything we observe is filtered through our own personal life experiences that brings us to our own beliefs about life. It’s better to accept we are all different and know it’s not possible to be liked by everyone, and just be our genuine selves!
Others will think what they will think, and whatever they maybe thinking (and remember, what others are exactly thinking is only speculation on our part anyway) is more of a reflection of who and where they are rather than whoever they’re observing or judging is.

If I was considering not telling the truth or doing something that went against what I felt was right so others may possibly like me more, the question I would ask myself would be….
Is it worth not being true to myself and who I really am to get a small fleeting moment of approval from another? Because believe me, it is fleeting and doesn’t last long, unless we’re prepared to do everything and anything we feel others want to get their constant approval, and even then, we cannot guarantee we will achieve it.
Holy Moses, that just sounds so hard, doesn’t it? And I say “for goodness sake, don’t do it!” It’s a way of being that will never ultimately lead anywhere you are wanting to go!

To tell the truth or not is a natural developmental stage we go through when we’re children as the brain starts to grow and mature, and often depending on the many varied experiences we have during our childhood, especially experiences related to how harshly we were disciplined with negative consequences, and whether not telling the truth was a strategy that worked for us, will often effect the choices we make as we grow up to whether we feel it is necessary, or in our best interests, to “tell the truth or not?”.
The reason I prefer to say,”to tell the truth or not,”rather than the word lying or liar, is I find these words to be very harsh and negative and prefer to put a slightly more neutral feeling (vibration) to an already slightly negative subject. I only use the word liar if I have become angry, which I do my very best to avoid, or better said, do my best to move into a better feeling place on before I react in a way I would prefer not too!
Anger or rage is the approximate vibrational place where the word liar usually sits, because think about it, have you heard anyone say, “You’re such a good liar darling, I could just hug you!!” not likely. Hehehe….That’s so funny!!

Ok, but seriously, for me, I know when people are not telling the truth, it oozes out of them like a disease. (dis-ease….Lack of ease!) And I find it very difficult to stay in the presence of one that feels the need to do such things. And to tell you the truth, (as if I wouldn’t…Hehehe) most people are aware and feeling that something is not right when they speak with someone who isn’t telling the truth, something always feels off, not quite right, but we may not be listening to what we are feeling, because of not understanding or knowing what it is that our feelings are telling us, and because it doesn’t feel good to think someone is not telling us the truth. (which is our natural tendency of moving to a better feeling place!)
So in other words, unless we have absolute proof that someone isn’t telling us the truth, it often feels better to discount or ignore the feelings that are being communicated to us, letting us know exactly what others are coming to us with, than to acknowledge they aren’t telling us the truth. The more aware and sensitive we are to how we’re feeling, and the more important it is for us to know if people are being truthful, the stronger our knowing of what the truth is, when we see it, hear it, or touch it.

All I can say is this, if we cannot be ourselves, who else can we be, after all, everyone else is taken.
So if you can only be you, why not be the “real you” and if others don’t like it, that’s their problem, not yours! And be proud of who you are now, because you are here, living your life in the best way you know how….
And as long as you are happy with who and what you are being, that has to be good enough….

And so it is…