When you don’t expect too much from other’s…. It’s hard to be disappointed.

What I’m getting at with this statement is, when you place very high expectations on other’s, you put yourself in a position to be highly disappointed if things don’t work out how you may have envisioned, and it can also start the process where we may attempt to control or manipulate behaviour to try to get them to achieve the outcome we are desiring for them.

Most of the time, the outcomes we’re hoping for are usually positive and something that our recipient is usually desiring too, but when we place very high expectations on them, especially our young children, it can become a heavy burden for them to carry, which now means they may become more focused on the burden of someone else’s expectations of them rather than achieving what they are wanting in a positive manner and that’s not ideal.

Many may disagree and say, “It’s because I care, and I only want the best for them!” And I say, of course we do, especially when it comes to our beautiful children, we all want the best for them, but by placing excessively high expectations on them, often works against what we’re wanting rather than increasing the likely hood of it.

Not having high expectations of others does not necessarily mean you don’t care about how they are doing or that you don’t want them to achieve good things. It’s a great intention to want the best for everyone we come into contact with, that’s the true power of influencing people positively, for true knowing is felt at an emotional, vibrational level and does not require words or placing high expectations on people to effect them deeply.

For me the ideal situation is;

~ Knowing what someone wants, which is very easy to feel if you listen to what they are saying for any length of time.
~ Knowing they have the ability to get where they are wanting to go, even if a path does not seem clear at the present moment.
~ Knowing that everyone has their own experiences and desires that will produce may different circumstances in their life both wanted and unwanted that ultimately propels them forward.
~ To basically be at peace with their experience and to know things will work out for the best, even if there are a few bumps along the way, this is the greatest benefit you can hope to give to anyone.

If we allow ourselves to worry, be stressed, upset, annoyed, angry, or frustrated about another’s experience or situation without making an effort to move to a better feeling vibrational place or to find some good in it, we are of very little benefit to them, or to ourselves, it is true.
If we can let go of expectations we may be placing on ourselves and other’s, we make space for more wonderful things to flow into our life, it’s a way of saying we believe that life is supposed to be good, and we all have the ability to create what we’re wanting in our lives.
That’s a very good vibration to be sending out into the Universe don’t you think?

This life is a process, a journey, and we are all making our way in the best way we know how, so acknowledge that, and move forward as positively as you can, for that has to be good enough….

And so it is….

One thought on “When you don’t expect too much from other’s…. It’s hard to be disappointed.

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    You know this is so true, I’ve found in the past I have set unacheivable expections not only on others but also on myself. This really sucks as you can not point the finger at any but yourself when this happens. Overtime I have stoped doing this which in turn have helped me not do the same to others (well most of the time). I still have to kick myself from time to time to remind myself to let go, work in progress I reckon, thanks for the post

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