I feel something so right doing the wrong thing…..I feel something so wrong doing the right thing…..

These are lyrics from the song Counting Stars by One Republic.

So how could one feel right doing the wrong thing, and wrong doing the right thing??? There are an infinite number of answers to that question depending on the specific circumstances we may be talking about, but take the specifics out of the situation and it always comes down to the same reasons which are;

I have been raised with many values, rules, and morals standards that have been taught to me by my family, culture and the society I am apart of, and although mostly I believe these are good and make my physical experience here enjoyable, why do I sometimes feel like I’ve done something wrong when I’ve done the right thing as prescribed by my up-bringing? The short answer is, we’ve gone against the communication or guidance we’ve received from our Non-Physical counterpart that’s communicating with us through our emotions. The stronger our negative feelings are, the more strongly we’re moving in an unwanted direction, but on the flip side of this, the stronger our positive feelings are, the more strongly we’re moving in the direction of something we’re wanting!!

I like to talk in terms of wanted and unwanted rather than right or wrong, for whatever we are doing may be judged as right or wrong by others and ourselves, but this is rarely useful. What’s really important is….Is what I am choosing to think, speak or act on now, moving me closer to that which I am really wanting to experience, or is it moving me further away from what I am really wanting to experience???

If something doesn’t feel good or right to us, it isn’t good for us, end of story. It doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world of course, it just means when we have a feeling that we shouldn’t be doing this or that, it’s communication from our Non-Physical counterpart that stayed in the Non-Physical realm when we made the decision to come forward into this Physical world, telling us that the thoughts, words or action were currently taking are not moving us in the direction of what we’re really wanting.

This doesn’t mean that things can’t work out well if we have taken action when we’ve felt we shouldn’t have, because we have the ability to constantly change and amend what we’re thinking, saying and doing until we’re in vibrational alignment with what we’re really wanting.

Vibrational alignment is another way of saying we are in harmony.
In harmony, or emitting the same vibrational frequency between the Physical part of us that’s here in this Physical world and the Non-Physical part of us that’s communicating with us through our emotions from the Non-Physical realm..

As many would know, the Non-Physical realm is a place where strongly unwanted circumstances do not exist. Although there are variations in vibrations even there, there’s not the vast variations we can experience in our physical world environment. We came with the freewill to choose from all we observe what it is we wish to experience, and although we do tend to congregate in groups of similar vibration, (Law of Attraction!!) The rules and regulations of how we should live and create what we’re wanting to experience in our lives can never be dictated by another outside of ourselves, no matter how well-meaning they are!!

When one feels their experience is threatened by others behaving in a way they find to be inappropriate, and much negative focused attention is given to such circumstances until strong negative emotion is produced and maintained over time, the Law of Attraction will bring us evidence of that which we are now strongly vibrationally emitting, because it’s all “Out there!!”
It’s our job to focus on what we have decided through the living of our life, what we’re wanting to experience, and allow others to do the same.
Just as we are free to choose, so is everyone……And this isn’t a problem when we know nothing strongly unwanted can enter our world unless we maintain and increase negative focus on it.

At the end of the day, we are all in charge of ourselves and what we do, rules dictated by others can be a helpful guide sometimes, but usually come from a place of trying to control others for fear they will do something “inappropriate” that may threaten our way of life.

When one is often in alignment with what and who they really are, a blending of our Physical and Non-Physical selves, Laws, Rules, and Regulations are never required, and if one is far away from this blending or alignment, Laws don’t work anyway….

And so it is….

The art of communication is….???


Communication happens between all living things. The question is not whether this is so, but more are we aware this is so?    Paulette De-Har


As we start interacting with others, a group or individual with the strongest dominant vibration dictates how the conversation goes and everyone else usually adjusts their vibration to be part of the conversation. For most, this happens at an unconscious level when we have a desire to participate in a conversation and to listen to what others have to say, even if it’s not where we usually stand on that subject. We may feel we have something valuable to add to the conversation or we may want to persuade others to our way of thinking, sometimes we simply do not want to be rude. Think about some of the interactions you’ve had in the past, there is often one that is more dominant as this is a natural occurrence when communicating.
Are you aware this is happening?
Knowing this helps us to be able to make more informed choices about whether we allow ourselves to be part of a conversation that may not be helping us or others to create what we are wanting in our lives.
Is the dominant person positively or negatively focused?
It never does any good to be part of a conversation that is dominated in a negative direction, and if we cannot maintain a positive vibrational place, this is not a conversation that’s usually worth continuing with.
How are you feeling as this conversation progresses?
As this conversation continues, positive emotion indicates we’re creating wanted circumstances in our life, whereas negative emotion indicates we’re creating unwanted circumstances in our life, every time.
Some may say it’s impossible not to come into contact with negative people while living our lives, and yes, I would definitely agree with that statement, but it’s not about trying to eradicate every negative person or situation, but more about how we react to these encounters that determines what we are pre-paving in our future experiences.
No two people are in exactly the same vibrational place ( because how boring would that be anyway! ) So there will always be differences between us, but it’s interesting to take note of who we do come into contact with, as it is a reflection of what we’ve got going on vibrationally.
Don’t let me give you the impression we never want to come into contact with negative people, for they always give us a wonderful opportunity, a chance to take control of our mind and how we feel, by not letting others negativeness drag us down. It can also help us to focus more intensely and powerfully on what we are wanting.
Or we can choose to observe others with negative judgements, blame or criticism, therefore focusing more strongly on interactions we’re not wanting that the Law of Attraction is responding to in-kind and giving us more of.
If we do surround ourselves or find ourselves with many negative people around us, I think it’s worthwhile asking one’s self why this is? If we’re able to maintain a positive place while in their company, there is usually a backlash afterwards of extreme exhaustion or feeling low for it takes great power to maintain a good feeling place amongst many negative ones for any period of time, but it is preferable to letting our vibration be brought down to their level.
So everyone sits in a general vibrational place which can usually be explained as our common demeanour or mood that we’re often in. We may have ups and downs, but there is always a general mood that we naturally return to over and over and it can be at any emotional place from appreciation and love all the way down to hopelessness and depression or anywhere in between.
Although people can be encouraged out of their general vibrational place by others, if no change of thought takes place, the shift will only be temporary and their vibration will return to their normal place once the influencer leaves. It often takes awareness and the desire to feel good above all other things and apart from what others are doing to make any lasting vibrational movement.
You often hear people say opposites attract and although this is often true, especially in the beginning, if similarities are not found on core beliefs, these relationships do not usually last. There must be some vibrational harmony within any relationship otherwise it is often a very unpleasant relationship to be in.
So it’s interesting to look at the interactions and relationships we’re involved in, both positive and negative for it is an indication of where we are and what we are attracting through our thoughts and emotions. (vibration)
For it’s not until we know where we are and how we got here, that we can see with more clarity where we want to go and how to get there!
And so our journey together continues….