Do you want to share what you know now???

I know there are many who have overcome difficult situations, and have come to a place where we’re understanding the benefit of all we’ve experienced. Nothing can be more life enhancing than experiencing the resistance of your own thought creation and overcoming it, for this takes us to more amazing places that we may not have been able to experience had we not dealt with our unwanted manifestations. Of course we do not create these resistant circumstances on purpose, but they are part of being in physical form in this physical world. There will not be one of us that gets our thought so quickly aligned with our Inner Being and in such a good place, that nothing unwanted will ever come. This is part of accepting being physical, but I will say that we have the ability to hone our thoughts and feelings (vibration) to such a place, that any negative thoughts that are within you show up quickly and intensely, giving you the opportunity to move through your resistance and get to the other side. There will be no holding on to resistance for years and years and living the manifestation of it without awareness, those days will be gone. We’re coming into a time of heightened awareness, I’m sure you’ve noticed there are many coming to know who they really are and how life is really working, and just as a drop hits the ocean and ripples out in all directions, so those of us that know have the same effect.
I feel I have something very important to say about this. I know when we discover wonderful things about life and how it’s working because we’ve experienced it in our own lives, not just in theory but in our reality, we’re overjoyed and excited, and of course we want to share that with everyone we know, especially the ones we hold dearest and love the most, or others we see living highly unwanted circumstances in their lives. But I’m sure many of you have already experienced and know, it’s very difficult to help someone who is sitting vibrationally, a long way away from where you are.
When someone is sitting in a vibrational (emotional) place that’s very different to the other, for example someone that is happy compared to someone who is in rage or anger, it’s very difficult to find anything they agree on for they sit at opposite ends of the emotional scale and are seeing the world from completely different perspectives. Both perspectives are true, for when you’re sitting in a general place over many subjects, whether it be in joy or rage, that’s what’s being presented to you by the Law of Attraction. So people are not joking when they tell you why things are not working out for them, this is their experience, this has become their truth through the power of their own resistant thoughts and they will find it hard to hear anything differently.
So we all have the ability to uplift people, and those that know how life is working are sitting in a very powerful position (power over self, not others) and others feel something about your knowing, even if they’re unsure of what it is they’re feeling. To uplift someone that’s in a substantially different vibrational place from you, you must dominate and control your own vibration by standing firmly in your knowing, and not be encouraged out of your vibrational place by the other persons vibration. When we’re communicating with others, the person with the strongest vibration will always dominate the conversation or group, although it can change as subjects change during a conversation. You know you’ve lost your own vibrational alignment if you start feeling the need to convince others of your point of view and it becomes a disagreement or argument with both parties giving as many examples as they can of why their way is the “right way”.
Nobody likes being told they’re wrong or that they could be doing something in a better way, especially if they’re not seeking this information as this often causes them to justify and explain how and why they’ve got to where they are to try and convince you to their way of thinking.
Because it’s not possible to speak of something with strong emotion without emitting the same vibrational frequency, these types of conversations often set people more firmly in their resistant place which is the opposite of what you are really wanting to do! Now if you do stand firmly in your vibrational place, you will be able to speak the truth you know and they’ll understand what you have to tell them while you’re with them, but what happens when you are not around? Well, they’re often very confused.
Why is this?
We have not come to what we believe in one day or from one thought alone, it has been an accumulation of many similar thoughts, words, and actions over long periods of time that eventually become physical manifestations. Once something has physically manifested, now we are observing it which strengthens our belief in it, then we think and talk about it again, and so the cycle goes on and on.(which is awesome when you’re focused on what you want) What we believe has a lot of momentum and power behind it and will not be simply changed by one or two conversations, and almost never if we don’t have the desire to know and change. So even if you do dominate the vibration of the other encouraging them into your vibrational place, when you leave, their vibration will return to their normal place but they will be confused about what you have told them. This can cause a difficult situation where they want to be with you because it feels so good to be in your presence, but afterwards they’re confused, and may not feel good about what you’ve told them.
I have learnt some very strong lessons from experiences like this. I no longer give advice to anyone unless they’re seeking it, and you can feel when someone is ready to hear. It’s better to just let people be and accept we’re all different, for although words may help when we’re ready to hear them, ultimately we learn through our own life experiences. We all have our own journey and there are many paths to the same destination, so let those who want to hear from you come, but don’t force anything on anyone, for in doing so you make them wrong, and they are not wrong, they are doing the best that they can, just as you and I am!
And so our journey together continues….

A personal letter…

Don't Gossip Quote
This is a letter I am writing regarding a situation that happened a couple of days ago. Written to a family member that we don’t see that often. I’m not sure whether I will send it or not yet, let’s see how I go.

Dear Bill,

I am writing this letter in answer to what has happened between us recently, mainly for my own clarity and understanding more than anything, but I would be lying if I didn’t say I was hoping you would gain some clarity and benefit from it, but I understand, it’s unlikely you will hear anything I have to say.
The first thing I would like to speak to is your opinion that I’m “crazy, delusional, live in fairyland, and have no idea about the real world”. This almost makes me laugh when I think about it, because there’s so much truth in that, although it’s not very nice to speak to people in such ways, especially when you’re staying in their house as a guest. Let me enlighten you about what you actually meant by that.

We are in totally different vibrational, emotional places regarding almost all subjects that are important to us. I do my very best to see the positive in life, whereas you’re naturally focused on everything you feel hasn’t and isn’t working and blaming everyone else around you for it. I allow you to rant about everything that you feel is bad in life from politics, to the place we live, to people you feel are useless and have no value in life. I learnt many years ago there was no point bringing up the positives regarding whatever you were giving your attention to, for that just made you try harder to convince me into your way of thinking, and as you know, I am not easily convinced out of my way of thinking, which infuriates you.
I let you go until eventually, you speak of something I cannot stay silent on, for instance, the fact that the new generation of children need more controlling and “a good smack never hurt anyone”. I think that’s fairly rich coming from a person that never ever raised their hand to any of their children, but left it to his wife to do.
Anyway, the point I’m making is we sit at opposite ends of the emotional scale on almost every subject. So it’s not surprising you think I’m delusional and live in fairyland because you cannot see the world I see, for you do not have access to it because you’ve spent your life focused on the opposite of everything that is good therefore that is all you have access to.
And in answer to me not knowing what’s happening in the real world, I’m very aware of what is going on in this world, I have just chosen to focus on the best of it, I have chosen to feel as good as I can therefore I do my best not to focus on what I’m not wanting or things that are happening that I feel bad about, if I’m finding it hard to maintain a good vibrational place about something, I make an effort to move to a better feeling place or I don’t think about it.
I also laughed thinking about you telling me I live in the past; I often find it difficult to think what I did last week let alone 15 or 20 years ago. But of course, you have a wonderful memory for everything you think I have done in the past that was wrong. You will never get me to acknowledge such things, for I know the intentions I have whenever I do anything, and they are always good.
You will never pull me down to your negative miserable place regarding life I assure you, this is my life, it is my journey, who do you think you are to judge me, or anyone.
There are so many things that have happened in your life I could easily explain, for it’s easy for me to see how and why they’ve happened, but I would never tell you, for the outcome would be:
1. You would not hear the truth of what I say, but use it as more evidence of how crazy I am. Hehehe….
2. You would hear the truth of what I say, and it would bring you to your knees when you realise what you’ve created in your own life.
So where to from here? You are who you are, and I am who I am, and although I’ve remained hopeful in the last 20 years, I feel it’s unlikely we’ll find any common ground because even though we’re both changing every day, it’s still in the opposite direction to each other. I have decided you are no longer welcome in my home, healthy conversation and disagreements are a normal part of life, but when it deteriorates to name-calling and nastiness, this is unacceptable, and I will not accept someone doing this in my own home and in front of your own grandchildren.
I am unsure if we will speak again while you are in this physical life, but I look forward to speaking with you once you have made your transition back to Non-Physical. Oh, how we’ll laugh about all that went on here.

Take care,


Well, there’s my letter. After reading it through I feel quite sure I won’t send it because I don’t think it would probably do much good. It was fun to write though.

And so our journey continues….