It’s hard to full a cup…..When that cup is already full!!!

I’m not sure who first coined this saying….But I think it was well said by the psychic mother of the Na’vi people in the movie Avatar!!!

Most people understand what this common saying is getting at, and of course there is a great truth within these words.
It’s especially relevant to those that have been on this planet for some time that are becoming aware they’re holding strong beliefs that may no longer be serving them or what they’re wanting to experience in their lives.

The experiences we’ve had, especially in our earlier years start to shape our beliefs about life and how life works. Once our beliefs are in place, we receive much evidence of those beliefs and the beliefs of the larger culture we’ve been brought up in as the Law of Attraction responds to the vibrations we emit with matching manifestations strengthening our initial beliefs. This is the circle or cycle of creation so to speak.
We experience something, we believe what we see and we receive more evidence of the beliefs we hold….
Belief-Experience-Evidence-Belief….And so it continues….

Once we have strong beliefs in place, most would agree, it’s not an easy thing to automatically change those beliefs as there’s much power and momentum behind them. All our beliefs have come about over time with focused attention, so in order to change beliefs we feel are no longer helping us to achieve what we’re wanting in our lives, it makes sense that it will require some time and focus to move the thoughts that are at the basis of our beliefs,into a better feeling vibrational place.

Rather than changing negative beliefs we have, most will defend their beliefs by stating “It’s true, look at all the evidence of my belief!!”
And I say yes,….Whatever we focus on over time with emotional intensity will eventually draw evidence of our focus, Universal Law says it must.
The question isn’t so much is what we’re experiencing or observing true or not, the question is…..”Is what I’m experiencing or observing something I want to bring into my life in an even stronger way than what I’m experiencing now???”

If it’s a wanted experience, the answer for most would be yes. If it’s an unwanted experience or circumstance, the fact that it’s true or happening is not a criteria I find to be sufficient enough to give anything my focused attention. A better criteria is…..Am I wanting to attract similar circumstances into my life by focusing on this truth….Because enough focused attention given to anything will start to attract circumstances that have the same emotional feeling to them, unless we change our focus.

There are so many truths out in the big wide world, what’s wanted, what’s unwanted, and everything in-between.
We cannot eradicate anything by focusing in a strongly negative way on what we don’t like and find to be wrong within ourselves, others or the greater world, but we can experience all we’re wanting by focusing on all we find to be good in a strongly positive way and by making an effort to feel slightly better about those things we aren’t feeling so good about.
It’s a choice every single person is making every time we give our focused attention to something. Not knowing we’re creating our life experiences in this way means we may be focusing on strongly unwanted circumstances without making an effort to move our thoughts into better feeling vibrational places.

As always there’s a silver lining within every situation we encounter, especially unwanted circumstances, so even if we are living our lives without being aware of exactly how we’re creating it, manifestational evidence does strengthen as we move through time making it more likely we’ll start making the connection between what we continue to focus upon and what’s turning up in our experience.

Like all things in life, it’s a journey where we’re continually on the path to deeper understandings and knowledge. All experiences both wanted and unwanted have within them the opportunity for us to move forward in a more positive direction than we may have before the experience presented itself to us.
And sometimes we need to empty our cup a little….To allow enough space for something new and great to come in!!!

Now that’s something worth making an effort for….

And so it is….

Noah…An Interesting Movie Review.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m more into children’s movies than grown-up movies, but with my husband being of the adult, male variety, I do get to see other movies too.
So the other night we went to see Noah at the movies, and I’m happy to say, I quite liked it. (Because I am quite fussy about what I’ll watch)
It had all the usual ingredients that make up the average movie these days, love/hate relationships, violence; struggle, (Oh, it’s not sounding that great at the moment) a bit of fantasy, special effects, a fairly good ending, and a few Universal Truths thrown in there for good luck!! (Phew, that’s a bit better!)

Well, after writing that, I’m thinking hard about why I liked it?
I’m thinking, I’m thinking, I’m thinking…. Right, got it.
I like movies that involve anything about creation and communication with that which we believe created us, whether it’s factual or not, for it has the possibility of leading us into more of the truth of who we really are, it makes us question and think about such things, and that’s got to be a good thing, don’t you think!! (Well, maybe yes, maybe no, it depends on the direction of our thinking I suppose?)
Now whether the historical biblical story is accurate or not makes no difference to me, for unless there is someone living now that lived in that time and can tell us exactly what happened, (even then it depends on their personal perspective on things does it not?) It’s all speculation.
Now some may argue, it’s a factual event, experienced and written down by… blah blah blah blah blah…. And I say, have you heard a story about something that’s happened after it’s been retold 2 or 3 times? More often than not, the story has significantly changed, usually sounding far more interesting, and…unbelievable than what it really was, so imagine what happens to such a story that has been told over thousands of years to millions of different people, people who are in many different vibrational places, with different life experiences and perspectives on life with varied intentions and motivations behind what they are saying and doing.
Uhmmm, that makes for quite an amazing, captivating story I would say!
For me the best aspect of this movie is the absolute knowing portrayed by all that were living, of their creation, and their belief they had the ability to converse with their creator. What isn’t so great is the idea, that one was chosen above all others to do this? (Yep, you guessed it, I’ve sort of written about that, and if you’re interested, here’s the link, The Secret is…There is No Secret)
But in saying that, it’s only a reflection of what many believe now, and all movies, whether you love them or hate them, are a reflection of the beliefs, struggles, and triumphs many are living now, even if they are entwined within fantasy and intrigue.
I won’t go into what happens in the movie, just in case you want to see it, but it has a bit of everything in it, and although it’s definitely not the best movie ever made, it was an enjoyable 2 hours or so.
But whether you would like it or not, I have no idea…

And so it is…