Everything happens for a reason….Does it not???

Yes, there’s no doubt everything that happens and unfolds within our lives happens for a reason, whether we are aware of this truth or not.

If we’re understanding how the Law of Attraction is working in our lives because we’re seeing the connection between what we’re giving our focused thought and emotion too and what’s turning up, it’s not hard to understand the truth this saying holds for us.
If we are still unaware of these powerful Universal Laws, it doesn’t matter too much, the Law of Attraction is responding equally and consistently to what every person is “putting out there” so to speak, but it would be true to say the more we understand how the Law of Attraction is working in our lives, the better able we are to create more of what we are wanting, and less of what we are not wanting.

Before we’re aware we’re creating our own life experiences, one will often attributes circumstances that happen to external forces such as other people, coincidences, chance happenings, God, or some other magical unknown force, especially if they are unwanted occurrences. And although external influences and circumstances do influence our experiences greatly, that influence comes from our own focused observation, thoughts and feelings in relation to those external circumstances.

Crediting what is turning up in our lives to factors outside of ourselves can often help us temporarily feel better in the short-term when moderately unwanted circumstances happen, but in the long-term and for more strongly unwanted circumstances, it can promote a feeling of helplessness and loss of control over ones life, and that’s rarely a good thing.

It’s always about how we feel when we give any circumstance focused thought, whether it’s something we’re observing or thoughts we bring into our conscious mind. What may feel not so good one day, can feel much better the following day, which is a very good indication positive vibrational movement has been made on the subject we’re giving our attention too.
If we’re believing what’s happening in our lives is happening for a reason and that everything usually works out in the end for our benefit, even if we can’t currently see how or why….This is a great belief that ultimately helps us get closer to achieving what we’re wanting in our lives.
Whereas if we don’t believe things usually work out in our benefit and have no idea why or how things are coming to us….This can make it difficult to achieve what we are wanting.

Some may argue, how can I hold this belief of things working out when my experience has shown me otherwise???
And I say, I know, it’s not easy to promote a belief when we’ve had much evidence in our lives to the contrary, but once we start to understand how those experiences have come to us, how we have attracted them, and notice the difference moving our thought to improved, better feeling vibration places reaps, then it becomes easier to maintain our positive focus in the face of opposition.

This life is a journey of discovery for us all, no matter how much we do or don’t know….And everything that’s happening, the wanted and the unwanted, is leading us into deeper and fuller understanding about life and who we really are!!

It’s when we come to know who we really are and how we are creating our life experiences that we can let go of the struggle we may be currently living.

Life was supposed to be good, and it’s only a matter of time before many of us start living more of the life we intended to live when we made our powerful intention to come into this Physical life!!

And so it is….

If you want it bad enough…..You’ll achieve it……Really???

I often wonder about the things that are commonly said, and think maybe not much forethought is put into some comments such as….If you want something bad enough, you’ll achieve it…

This can be said from a positive feeling place to encourage someone who may be close to achieving what they have set out to achieve, but when these words are spoken when one is far away from achieving what they are wanting and may have struggled for quite some time in the pursuit of their goal, it can be quite deflating. It often implies we just haven’t tried hard enough, which is so often untrue it’s unbelievable!! (Unless we’ve tried so hard for so long we’ve given up because it becomes so emotionally difficult and exhausting to continue from this resistant, not good feeling vibrational place)

It’s true to say, when we’re in the pursuit of any goal, the more we focus positively, the greater the likelihood of achieving our set goal is, but on the flip side of this equation is, if our focus is negatively driven, even though our desire can be very strong, the likelihood of achieving our wanted outcome is greatly diminished.

Intense struggle always promotes more struggle (Remember, Law of Attraction) unless our thoughts are moved into a more positive vibrational place where we believe things have the potential to work out for us…..Even if we aren’t currently knowing how. That’s having true belief and knowing how this Universe works and the power we have to create our own life experiences. This belief is difficult to produce without knowing how it is we’re creating our life.

If we’re not knowing we are the creators of our own experience, and even sometimes when we do know, we may attribute unwanted circumstances that turn up in our lives to outside external forces such as God, the government, or other people, and although there are external forces that do have an effect in our lives because we give these subjects our focused attention, we have control over whether we focus on the positive aspects they bring into our lives or all the not good aspects they may bring into our lives…..And that changes everything about our experience and what we will be attracting because we always get that which we give prolonged focused attention too, with strong emotion, whether they are circumstances we’re wanting or not.

If we’ve strived for something for a long time without receiving the results we’re wanting, we probably do need to assess what we’re doing and change something. When we change and hopefully move our thought into a better feeling place, unwanted circumstances often turn up so we can release any negative resistant thoughts we’ve had going on that we may have previously been unaware of.

If we are able to work through what has shown itself to us, our own resistance, this moves us closer to the vibrational vicinity we need to be in to allow what we’re wanting to start flowing into our experience, but it does take some time before we may see improved results, especially if we’re highly focused on the end result we’re wanting, for this can prevent us from seeing all the small improvements that are happening along the way.

This is often what happens when we achieve what we are wanting but it doesn’t feel that great because we realise our journey was very hard work or a struggle, and it wasn’t fun.

There is not one of us alive that does not truly want to achieve what we are wanting in our life, it’s just a matter of how connected we’ve been to our Inner Guidance, the Non-Physical part of ourselves that’s communicating to us through our emotions and if we’ve known what those emotions are indicating.

It’s when we come into vibrational alignment, (our good feeling emotional place) where the blending of the Physical and Non-Physcial parts of us takes place, and that’s when much of our struggle ends and gives way to more of what we are really wanting to experience…..And that really is awesome!!!

And so it is….

Noah…An Interesting Movie Review.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m more into children’s movies than grown-up movies, but with my husband being of the adult, male variety, I do get to see other movies too.
So the other night we went to see Noah at the movies, and I’m happy to say, I quite liked it. (Because I am quite fussy about what I’ll watch)
It had all the usual ingredients that make up the average movie these days, love/hate relationships, violence; struggle, (Oh, it’s not sounding that great at the moment) a bit of fantasy, special effects, a fairly good ending, and a few Universal Truths thrown in there for good luck!! (Phew, that’s a bit better!)

Well, after writing that, I’m thinking hard about why I liked it?
I’m thinking, I’m thinking, I’m thinking…. Right, got it.
I like movies that involve anything about creation and communication with that which we believe created us, whether it’s factual or not, for it has the possibility of leading us into more of the truth of who we really are, it makes us question and think about such things, and that’s got to be a good thing, don’t you think!! (Well, maybe yes, maybe no, it depends on the direction of our thinking I suppose?)
Now whether the historical biblical story is accurate or not makes no difference to me, for unless there is someone living now that lived in that time and can tell us exactly what happened, (even then it depends on their personal perspective on things does it not?) It’s all speculation.
Now some may argue, it’s a factual event, experienced and written down by… blah blah blah blah blah…. And I say, have you heard a story about something that’s happened after it’s been retold 2 or 3 times? More often than not, the story has significantly changed, usually sounding far more interesting, and…unbelievable than what it really was, so imagine what happens to such a story that has been told over thousands of years to millions of different people, people who are in many different vibrational places, with different life experiences and perspectives on life with varied intentions and motivations behind what they are saying and doing.
Uhmmm, that makes for quite an amazing, captivating story I would say!
For me the best aspect of this movie is the absolute knowing portrayed by all that were living, of their creation, and their belief they had the ability to converse with their creator. What isn’t so great is the idea, that one was chosen above all others to do this? (Yep, you guessed it, I’ve sort of written about that, and if you’re interested, here’s the link, The Secret is…There is No Secret)
But in saying that, it’s only a reflection of what many believe now, and all movies, whether you love them or hate them, are a reflection of the beliefs, struggles, and triumphs many are living now, even if they are entwined within fantasy and intrigue.
I won’t go into what happens in the movie, just in case you want to see it, but it has a bit of everything in it, and although it’s definitely not the best movie ever made, it was an enjoyable 2 hours or so.
But whether you would like it or not, I have no idea…

And so it is…