The Lego Movie….a “TOTALLY AWESOME” review!

I absolutely love kids movies, and the Lego Movie is no exception to the rule as far as I’m concerned!!
When I first started watching the trailer I thought, seriously, a movie with little plastic Lego people, how ridiculous!
But I’m telling you, by the end of watching the trailer, I was convinced this was going to be the best movie ever!!
And for any of my unfortunate friends (you know who you are!) that happened to be around me for more than five minutes, I went on and on about how wonderful this movie was going to be, and I even reenacted some of the scenes I’d seen on the trailer, I just couldn’t help myself!!
Awesome has always been one of my favourite words, but now it’s “AWESOME” with pump-action hand signals like….

Which of course, is “TOTALLY AWESOME”. Hehehe….
So whether anyone else likes it or not, doesn’t matter to me, because I absolutely loved it, and that brings me back to the reason why I love kids movies so much.

I think the majority of people involved in the production of children’s movies, ( I don’t include children’s TV cartoons in this category ) have thought very deeply about the messages they think will be beneficial to their young audiences.
Many are relaying messages such as;

Believe in yourself…
Anything is possible…
If you believe that it will be, it will be…
Treat others as you yourself wish to be treated…
Be kind to others, but also stand up for yourself…
You are special….and so is everyone else, in their own way…
Most of the time, things are working out, even when it feels like they aren’t…

I could go on, but I think you get the picture.
On the whole, these are the types of messages the majority of children’s movies are attempting to convey, and of course there are exceptions to the rule, but I’ve thought about it, and I don’t want to bring your attention to a few kids movies out there that really suck!

As adults, if we strongly dislike children’s movies with these types of messages, it’s usually an indication that we have temporarily lost our way, or have stopped believing in such wonderful, uplifting outcomes because we may have experienced very different results in our own lives. It can be hard to sit through something that you no longer believe is true; and like it.

Of course I’m not suggesting our lives should be like children’s movies, (although it would be “awesome” sometimes!) I’m saying that some of the core messages within these movies are based on Universal Laws, that are pure and based in truth, without the resistant, or negative perspectives that are in the majority of other movies.
Sometimes even though we may not be completely believing these messages, it can still be uplifting and enjoyable to watch.
When we are knowing who we really are, and watching such things, it is truly a joyful, “Awesome Experience!” (Opps, I couldn’t help myself!!)
So, as Emmet would say…”Everything is Awesome,” but just in case it isn’t, let’s do our best to focus on the things around us that are awesome. Failing that, let’s just try to feel a little bit better than where we currently are, and failing that……Uhm……just go and see a movie, preferably something “AWESOME!!”

And so it is….

Why do bad things happen to good people???

The most important thing to remember when pondering this question is,

  1. Who is the person standing in judgement of another saying whether they are good or bad?

In truth, the core of who we really are is always good, one hundred percent, every person, no exceptions, and if you have been privileged enough to see a baby come into this physical world, you will understand what I am talking about, but even if you haven’t, it’s not hard to see when you look at a newborn, they are pure beings. This being true, what happens between birth and a point where we would class someone as “being bad?” Well, life happens. We have all come forward into this physical reality with desires and intentions, and if we were not given the freedom to express and explore who we were with loving guidance as children, things often got slightly off track, to a point where as adults, we find it difficult to live a happy life, or more substantially off track where we are spewing out our rage and hatred. This is in no way supposed to be a criticism over what we should’ve or could’ve done in the past, do not use what I have said to beat yourself over the head and feel guilty, for most of us were doing the best we could be based on what we knew at that time. No benefit comes from feeling guilty about the past, the best you can do is learn from what happened, believe that you can and will do better in the future and let it go, do not torture yourself with regrets over things you cannot change!

2. It’s often difficult to know whether circumstances you’re observing are wanted or unwanted.

It’s not hard to know when people are experiencing highly unwanted circumstances in their lives, especially if it is someone close to you that you know very well, but something we definitely don’t know, is how they will react to this unwanted experience, for there are always choices available to us that will move us to better places regarding the situation we are faced with, or to a worse place. Whatever choices we make, involve many different considerations based on what we’re wanting and the experiences we’ve lived, and is almost impossible for another to predict correctly. When a choice is made it may be difficult to know how our choice will unfold, for it usually takes time to see the results. A circumstance we have labelled as unwanted can often produce good results if it’s made from a positive place and is given further positive thought that eventually becomes our new belief. When we’re in the middle of a dilemma, if we find it difficult to know what to do, it’s often because we may have been strongly controlled and guided as children, without the opportunity to make choices for ourselves, putting many in a position where we are unable, or find it very difficult to make decisions for ourselves. Many of us learn these skills as we mature, some of us don’t. Prolonged negative focus on a problem also makes it difficult to see the best choice available to us, because when we do this, we’re not in the place to see the solution we’re searching for. And yes, there is always a solution for every problem, for one cannot exist without the other, it defies Universal Law! In this world we live, nothing exists without its opposite companion, think about this for a moment, up and down, hot and cold, love and hate, day and night. Yes, the polarities exist everywhere, along with everything in between.

So why do bad things happen to good people? Or for that matter, why do good things happen to bad people? The answer is always the same. You get what you focus on, whether you are good or bad or anything else. Have you seen people you may describe as “good” focus on negative aspects of their life? Does that make them bad? Of course, it doesn’t, but it does mean they are attracting unwanted circumstances into their lives through their focused negative thoughts. Have you seen people you may describe as “not been nice” focus on some positive aspects of their life? I’m sure you have, for they are attracting wanted circumstances into their lives through their focused positive thoughts too. In truth, we all have an immense number of thoughts on many different subjects within us, and what is manifesting is a blending of all of it.

It is not for me to judge who is good or bad, I am here like you, living my life in the best way I know how, and I believe others are doing the same. But it definitely is my job to decide for me, what I want to experience, and because I’m aware I create my life experience through my focused thoughts, I do my best not to focus on people or circumstances that I do not wish to bring into my physical experience. People are not truly bad, even when their behaviour indicates otherwise, rather they are misguided, and going about things in a way that will never truly get them what they want. We are all on our own journey in this physical life, so do your best to avoid judging others, for you do not know where they are in relation to what they are wanting, instead be the uplifter you were born to be, for there is no greater purpose than to be joyful in life, and to spread that joy to every person that has the good fortune to cross your path!!

And so our journey together continues…

Some truths about marriage…

Marriage means different things to different people, but it is generally accepted by most, that it is a commitment between two people, into an intimate relationship that excludes all others and lasts, “till death do us part”.

Well, that’s a very nice idea in a perfect world, actually, that’s a nice idea in any world. The question that’s interesting to ask is, is it really possible in the days that we are now living?
Absolutely yes, it’s completely possible, especially if that’s what we’re wanting, so why the high incidence of separation? As you can imagine, there are millions of reasons why people may separate, but often, there tends to be misconceptions or misguided beliefs about life, marriage, and relationships that contribute to this, therefore causing a flow on effect of smaller disagreements, and eventually more serious incidents.

Addressing misconceptions or false beliefs, not just the symptoms, is key, for running around trying to deal with the symptoms without addressing the deeper underlying causes, does not usually work, or only works in the short-term.
As you eradicate one symptom, another one rears its head, for the underlined cause is still there, and has not been dealt with.

A major misconceptions or false belief is, that it’s another person’s job to keep us happy. Now it goes without saying that most want to have uplifting and positive interactions with those around them, and that is a great desire, but if you are relying on others to always provide you with this, you get yourself, and whoever you are interacting with, in a very difficult position, for now you require them to behave in specific ways, before you allow yourself to be happy.

This is a sure way to stifle any relationship, for when you start requiring specific behaviour from others, you give them the responsibility for making you happy, rather than being responsible and in control, of your own happiness. Living in this way is like being on a rollercoaster, for you have made your happiness dependent on what the other is, or is not doing. For the person expected to behave in specific ways to please the other, this is very tiresome, and over time, becomes a burden that leads to resentment.
I’m not saying it’s not nice when people are behaving in ways we find to be wonderful, of course it is, and yes, we’d be crazy not to be happy about that when it happens, but when this is a prerequisite we require before allowing ourselves to be happy, we’re in for a rough ride.
Our true power and freedom comes from being able to be happy, apart from what others are doing. I know it isn’t always easy when coming from a life experience where you needed to behave in ways to make those around you happy, where there were often strong negative consequences if we did not. I suppose it’s natural that we often follow the same path that we were brought up with, but part of growing up, is questioning the beliefs that have been passed to us and deciding for ourselves, how we want to live our life now!

Are the beliefs that have been passed to me by my family, my community or my religion relevant to the life I’m living now? These questions can only be asked and answered by each individual, for no other is in a better position, to decide what is best for you, than you are. When you allow yourself and others the freedom to be who they really are, not just in marriage, but in all relationships, and you make it your job to keep yourself happy apart from how others are or are not behaving, you are a pure joy to be around!
For true love is synonymous with freedom, and freedom is at the very core of who we really are!

And so our journey continues….