I’ve sacrificed so much for this…….Uh oh!!

If we feel like we’ve given up a lot for anything, whether it be our career, family, children, or friends, this can set us up for disappointment if the effort we feel we’ve put into such things is not reciprocated.

I often hear people say they do many things for their children and feel like their efforts are not appreciated.
And I say, if course our efforts are not appreciated….Children in these days are coming forward with a much stronger understanding of who they are, and who others are. They’re understanding whatever someone does is their choice and not so much about them, even if we are trying to tell them what we’re doing is only for their benefit. If we are feeling resentful about the things we are choosing to do for our children…..this is not ideal.

I know we all have to do thing’s sometimes that we’d rather not,(like going to children’s birthday parties!!!) And yes, maybe we’re doing it because we feel we should, but it’s important to make an effort to move into a better feeling place regarding whatever we’ve chosen to do otherwise it does leave one feeling quite resentful if appreciation for the unwanted effort we’ve made isn’t reciprocated.

From the viewpoint of Law of Attraction, if we are receiving back that which we are giving out through our vibration, and we are, when we feel annoyed or under appreciated, if we give these thoughts and actions plenty of air time and focus through our thought process the likelihood of receiving back appreciation for our efforts are not great. The more actions we take and feel annoyed, under appreciated, or begrudgingly do without improving our thought, the greater the possibility of attracting more circumstances where we may feel under appreciated!!

I know that may sound a bit, well…..annoying, but the truth is, even if we are doing something for someone else’s benefit, we must admit at some level, we are also doing it for ourselves, because we feel it’s the best choice we can make at that time. (even if it is a choice better two unwanted circumstances) It’s about taking responsibility for the choices we make and feeling as good as we can about them, rather than blaming others for “all that we have to do for them!”

Of course it’s wonderful when others appreciate what we do, it would be pretty unusual if we didn’t like to be appreciated, but it must be enough that it’s what we want to do, that it’s something we believe is good or of benefit to ourselves first, and then others.

Trying to make anyone feel guilty by telling them all the things we are doing “just for them,” is not usually a good idea and often encourages a greater lack of appreciation…..unless of course, we bring very unwanted consequences upon them.
Learning to appreciate that which we currently have rather than focusing on that which we do not yet have is a very important part of the creation process, for it’s our positive focus on all that we already have that is working well and good that is the easiest path to all we’re wanting in our future experience!! (Remember, Law of Attraction)

Appreciation is a difficult concept to teach to our children because they believe it’s their natural birthright to have anything they are wanting, and they aren’t too far off the mark with that knowing. I encourage this belief in my children (yes, I really do!!) and explain to them they also need to foster an attitude of appreciation for all they already have that is good rather than focusing on what they don’t immediately get. We also talk about the Law of Attraction and how we’re pre-paving our future experiences by how we are feeling now, and that making an effort to feel as good as we possibly can, especially in the face of unwanted circumstances, is the best we can currently do!
The best way we can hope to teach our children how to appreciate what they currently have is by being an example of appreciation ourselves. I’m not talking about over praising every tiny thing in an out of proportion general way, but more focusing on the good that we see all around us in very genuine and specific ways.

It’s not possible to fake true appreciation, and when we are looking for things to appreciate, it’s not long before the Universe delivers us circumstances that start matching that dominant vibration within us, and that is what one might say is…. “Choice”!!

And so it is….

I need to forgive someone… Or do I???


Holding onto hurt from the past only hurts ourselves in the end.         Paulette De-Har

Whether we need to forgive ourselves or someone else depends entirely on where we are vibrationally. (thoughts and emotions we’re having in relation to subjects that are important to us)
If we’re in the lower emotional states, for example, depression, anger or rage, just to name a few, it’s most unlikely we’ll have the ability to forgive ourselves or anyone else from these places.
I do not say this with the purpose of making anyone feel bad, for if we find ourselves in this place, it does not have to be a permanent state for us to be in, for we have the ability to move into a better feeling place.


What many of us may have been doing, is waiting for circumstances to improve so we can then have a better feeling response to whatever we’re observing, and of course, it’s wonderful to observe and focus on good feeling experiences, but if we require others to change their behaviour to what we believe they should or should not be doing, without being prepared to move into a better feeling place apart from what others are doing, we give our power over how we feel to others, and that rarely feels good.

If we continue to require others to behave how we want them to before allowing ourselves to feel better, we condemn ourselves to feel less than good, for it’s not possible to control everyone “out there” doing whatever they’re doing.
So if what we think and how we feel creates or pre-paves our future experiences, (and it does) it’s important to take control of your thoughts by paying attention to how you feel when you think a thought.

It’s almost impossible to try to censor every thought that comes into our mind, for this just makes one stressed and worried about the negative thoughts we’re thinking, it’s much easier to let the thoughts come and notice how you’re feeling for this will let you know where you are on any subject you’re contemplating. Once we know where we are, we can gradually move to a better feeling place if that’s what we’re wanting.
I understand we may aspire to move directly and quickly to where we want to be, but if there’s a big emotional, vibrational difference between where we are and where we want to be, we may need to move little by little each time we think about that subject.
I know, it’s very annoying that we can’t be instantly where we want to be, but sometimes it’s good to make peace with this truth for we didn’t come to whatever emotional place we’re in through one or two thoughts, so it makes sense it will take more than one or two thoughts to change it.

Forgiving also comes from a place of believing someone has done something “wrong” that needs forgiving, which in reality is not true.
I am not suggesting when people do “not nice things,” this is good or that we don’t have the right to say what we do and don’t want to experience in our life. But I am saying, if we’re accepting we attract what comes to us through our vibration (thoughts and emotions) that the Law of Attraction is responding to in-kind, then unwanted circumstances have come through our own focused thoughts that we may or may not have been aware of, and even if our reaction was something less than nice, this can only happen if we were in a not good feeling place to begin with.
So acknowledge that you did your best with what you knew at that time, don’t look back and feel guilty or have regrets, for this is a form of self-torture that never gets us anywhere you want to be.
This is not a way to disregard “not nice” behaviour and just continue a cycle of behaviour over and over, NO, it is accepting what we did or what others have done in the past, learning from those experiences and letting them go so we can move forward positively.
If we are in the higher emotional places such a joy, belief and knowledge to name a few, forgiveness is not usually required, or can be passed through extremely quickly to move to one’s normal general vibrational place!
Does it sound like a place worth making an effort to move towards?
What do you think?

And so our journey together continues….