The Right to Life or Death….Whose decision is it???

Each of us is ultimately in charge of our own mind and physical body, and although we may be influenced by the thoughts and beliefs of our society, culture, and the family we’ve grown up in, in the end it’s our decision whether we want to continue in this physical life or not.

When we enter this time-space reality, we came forward with strong purpose and intentions for this physical life, so our desire to live and experience the life we have chosen, is a very strong and powerful calling that sits at the very core of who we really are.

The ending of life in this physical body is a decision made by either the Physical us, the Non-Physical us or a combination of both the Physical and Non-Physical parts of us. For most, it would be true to say, this decision is usually made from our Non-Physical perspective.

The main reasons for making our transition back to the Non-Physical realm are;
~ The intentions that we put forward when coming into our current Physical life have been achieved and the soul is ready for a fresh and new Physical perspective. (Imagine wearing the same outfit for centuries, even if we really liked it, eventually we’d want to wear something different, so it is with experiencing different lives!!) Hehehe….That’s a very good analogy, I like it!!
~ If much resistant has been gathered over time while in our current Physical life, this takes a toll on the mind and body to a point where both may start to break down and the decision is made to return to the Non-Physical realm once again.

No matter how the circumstances unfold, it’s always us who decides when, where and how we will make our transition back to Non-Physical, even when we are not aware this is the case, which often we are not.
Although there are always exceptions to what most are doing, to make a conscious decision to leave this life experience from our Physical perspective requires us to have either gained insight into how we are creating our life, and how we may wish to end it in a desirable way, or we may have gradually gotten ourselves into a very not good feeling vibrational place we feel we cannot come out of, therefore making the choice to leave this body.
Some may find this hard to believe and I totally understand that point of view, for if we have not known there is another part of us that’s remained in the Non-Physical realm, and that this Non-Physical counterpart has been communicating to the Physical here and now part of us through our thoughts and emotions, our vibration…this would seem, well…weird.
Life truly is never-ending, and although we will all leave the body we’re currently in, who we really are never dies, but simply changes form.
When we are understanding this, we no longer feel the need to make judgements about whether others should continue in a painful manner at the end of their physical life, especially if this is not what they are wanting, and let’s be honest, not many would want to end this physical life in pain, but may feel they don’t have a choice or may be frightened to let go because they are unsure of what, if anything, may follow.

The death experience will come to us all, that we can be sure of, and when we can understand and embrace this truth about life, there is not much left to fear, and now we can live (and make our transition) as we intended too, just as we made our powerful and joyful decision to come forward into this physical life in the first place!!

And so it is….

Letting go is not the same as giving up…. Or is it???

Silver Cloud Quote
No, letting go is very different to giving up and you know they are different by how they feel.
If we are letting go of something it usually implies moving from a resistant feeling place with negative emotion to a good feeling place with positive emotion.
Whereas giving up on something usually implies moving from a resistant negative feeling place into more of a not good feeling place with stronger negative emotion.
We can call it whatever we want, but it’s all about how it feels when we think about it.
Think about this for a moment, even the words “letting go” feel like a release of something, maybe something we have strived for in a resistant way for some time gaining power and momentum in a not good feeling way. If we maintain that strong negative emotion it often gets to a point where we can stand it no more, something has to give. (or something quite unwanted often turns up)
So truly letting go is the release of some resistant negative emotions or energy and should immediately bring us into a more positive better-feeling place.
But letting go is not a one off occurrence in the sense that once you have released resistance, that’s it, you don’t need to do anything else.
Letting go is like everything else in our life, the positive thoughts we have just allowed ourselves to experience must be maintained by giving them plenty of air time or attention within our thought process.
This is very important, especially when changing negative beliefs or thoughts that have been held over long periods of time for they have become ingrained through receiving plenty of attention and focused thought, so even though we may temporarily let go of something and move to a better place, these thoughts also need to gain power and momentum through increased attention.
If we do not make an effort to give our new positive thoughts attention, we often slip back into the old ways of thinking.
It’s the same as a car that drives over a track many times, it’s often the first route we’re drawn to because we know it so well and it’s much easier than finding another way that requires more time and effort for us to take and may have unknown obstacles.
And so it’s the same with our thoughts, when thinking about any subject we have pondered for some time, the thoughts we have the easiest access to are those that have had the most focused attention on them from us, for they have been responded to by the Law of Attraction in-kind and have far more power and momentum behind them. This is good news if our thoughts are positively focused and maintained until we feel strong positive emotion, as this is creating wanted experiences, but if our thoughts are negative, this is an indication that we are creating less than wanted circumstances so it’s a good idea to make an effort to gradually move ourselves to a better feeling place.
It’s also good that as the old thoughts are thought less and less, just like our track, weeds will grow over them, and although it doesn’t go away, like anything, through lack of use, it becomes non-attracting once the new thoughts or beliefs have become our new dominant vibrational place on this subject. Once this has happened, our new improved thoughts become the new “general or normal” vibrational place, meaning, because we made the effort over time to bring ourselves into a better vibrational place that the Law of Attraction responded to in-kind as it does to all thoughts we have, now when we bring this subject into our mind, we will automatically have access to our improved thoughts. This is now our normal place!
So it would be true to say no matter what we’ve thought in the past, whether it be positive or negative, we don’t need to keep giving our focused thoughts and attention to them, but it does take some time and effort to change them, because remember, the old thoughts may have a bit of momentum behind them, but as we become more aware and sensitive to how we’re feeling and we start seeing the correlation between what we are thinking and feeling (vibrating) and what’s turning up in our lives, we do start making an effort to change and improve our thoughts.
Why is it important to know where we are?
To go anywhere you need to have a starting point, and that starting point needs to be true and accurate, that’s all. Finding out where we really are vibrationally is not about judging one’s self negatively or making ourselves feel bad, it’s purely about finding out where our true starting place is so we can move in the best way possible to where we want to be.
At the deepest level of who we really are, we know it’s possible to move into whatever it is we’re wanting, but we do have to start listening to what our emotions are telling us and to do our best to move into better feeling places.
When we start to believe we can make it where we’re wanting to go, our experience starts reflecting back to us the manifestational evidence of our improved thoughts and feelings (vibration)… And how good is that!!

And so our journey together continues….

The secret is….There is no secret!!

BeachAngelMany people pronounce they possess “the knowledge, the secret, the magic, the code, or the way” to living an improved life experience.
We are all holding knowledge about how life is working relative to where we are and what we have experienced in our life, that can benefit and be passed to others if who we are trying to pass the information on to, is in a place to hear it?
There is a formula, or things we can do that may improve our life experience, but it’s no secret, and proposing such knowledge is “a secret” or “magic” or whatever we are wanting to call it, makes it sound like an unachievable or unattainable knowledge that has been purposely kept from us for some unknown reason?
Nothing could be further from the truth, for not one of us have been left on our own without constant and consistent communication from the Non-Physical, Source Energy, Inner Being part of ourselves in the form of emotions letting us know where we are in relation to everything we are wanting.
I know it may feel like a secret when we are searching for answers, but not one of us has been chosen above the others as the distributor of knowledge.
It is freely available to all who seek it.
Of course, many who do understand how life is working, and desire to help others that are in place to hear about it, maybe knowing all people have the ability to attract the answers about life and that they may be an avenue, a cooperative component, in others creative process for what they are attracting.
So when someone is seeking answers about something and are starting to believe they may receive the answers to the question they have, (even though they may not be sure how theses answers are going to turn up!) They start the attraction of the answer they’re desiring through their focused thoughts.
As the Law of Attraction responds to our improved vibration, if it’s maintained over time, we will start to attract people, places, and events that match the dominant vibration we have going on within us about the subject.
Sometimes we may not be aware we’ve moved our vibration and may not be seeing what is turning up right in front of us. This is often what is happening when we look back and feel we have missed opportunities that were right there for us, but we did not see them at that time.
It’s true we cannot go back and change the past or even create exactly the same circumstances in our present or future experience, but if we are creating our life through our focus thoughts, (and we are) then creating similar opportunities or better opportunities in our future is only a bit of focused positive thought and time away!! (I can imagine you all jumping for joy right now!!) Hehehe, Opps, there I go again laughing at my own jokes!!
But seriously, nothing we are wanting comes from regretting what has happened in the past, it is time to make peace with that which we cannot change and move forward if that is what we are wanting.

And so our journey together continues….

How does focusing on the past….Effect my now and my future???


Looking into the past is not necessarily a problem…….Unless it is past negative experiences we are focused upon and not feeling good about. This is how the past can continue to be brought into the future.       Paulette De-Har

That depends entirely on what from the past you are focused on.
If you are remembering something and are feeling positive emotion about it, this is an indication you are creating something now, with positive thoughts and emotions (vibrations) in your future that you are wanting, and as you maintain that positive feeling place, over time you create both power and momentum with your focused thoughts. As you continue to maintain a good feeling, high-flying vibrational place, the physical manifestation of something that matches or is similar to how you are feeling must come. It is Law!!
If we are looking back and remembering positive experiences but comparing them to where we are now and wishing we could go back in time or regretting where we are now, this is not so good. When we focus on anything, we emit a vibration (thoughts and emotions) and if we’re feeling dissatisfaction and regret, the Law of Attraction responds in-kind, (receives your vibration and matches it with similar thoughts and physical manifestations to let you know where you are and what you are creating) so with enough attention to these negative feeling thoughts, we create more momentum, and as the thoughts of dissatisfaction or regret are maintained, you will eventually experience unwanted manifestations that match or feel similar to the thoughts that created it.
It is not possible to believe that life is a struggle and things generally don’t work out how we’re wanting and experience the opposite of that.
I hear you when you say “but this has been my experience, this is the truth, there is evidence everywhere supporting what I think” and I know, we don’t make up unwanted stuff for the fun of it, but if you wish to experience something other than what you are, you must find something right now, from where you are, that you can focus on that feels better than what you are now experiencing.
I know it’s not easy when this has not been taught to us as we were growing up, but what is the alternative?
The saying, “when it rains it hails” didn’t come from nowhere. This is a clever way of saying as you focus on anything whether it be positive or negative (although this saying is definitely orientated towards negative experiences) you will get more of it, if it’s something wonderful that you’re wanting to experience more of, awesome, focus on it more, whereas if it’s unwanted experiences you do not want more of, you must change your focus to something that feels better. (actually, you don’t have to do anything, but you know what I mean!!)
It’s a good idea to start with something that’s easy, a subject that is not the most important thing in the world to you, for as you have success with subjects that are more easily moved to a better feeling vibrational place, over time you will notice the improvement in your life experience, giving you a stronger belief that you can change circumstances in your life for the better if that’s what you’re wanting!
Although we are pre-paving our future experiences with how we’re feeling now, and how we’re feeling now may come from many experiences we’ve had in the past, it’s true to say, it has to be good enough to want to feel good now, not tomorrow, not next week, not next year, now!
Look for the best that is around you from where you are standing right now, if we’re waiting for circumstances to improve before we allow ourselves to feel better, that is a backwards way of going about it, and often cannot be with subjects that have a lot of power and momentum in a negative direction behind them.
So if you can think of things from the past in a positive manner, that’s great and would be time well spent, but if you cannot think about the past in a positive light put your attention on something else that does feel good.
This can be the reason why many are experiencing similar negative circumstances in their life over and over again, for every time we think negative thoughts and feelings about the past, although they are new creations with new thoughts, they have the vibrational emotional content of previous hurts or pain that we then bring into our vibration NOW, which the Law of Attraction responds to with similar circumstances being created again, and unfortunately over time, if our vibration on this subject does not improve, experiences often become worse and worse until we find a way to let go and move to a better vibrational place.
Nothing stays the same but things do not need to get worse and worse, once we take control of our mind, things can only get better and better, and that’s the truth!!


And so our journey together continues….