I need to forgive someone… Or do I???


Holding onto hurt from the past only hurts ourselves in the end.         Paulette De-Har

Whether we need to forgive ourselves or someone else depends entirely on where we are vibrationally. (thoughts and emotions we’re having in relation to subjects that are important to us)
If we’re in the lower emotional states, for example, depression, anger or rage, just to name a few, it’s most unlikely we’ll have the ability to forgive ourselves or anyone else from these places.
I do not say this with the purpose of making anyone feel bad, for if we find ourselves in this place, it does not have to be a permanent state for us to be in, for we have the ability to move into a better feeling place.


What many of us may have been doing, is waiting for circumstances to improve so we can then have a better feeling response to whatever we’re observing, and of course, it’s wonderful to observe and focus on good feeling experiences, but if we require others to change their behaviour to what we believe they should or should not be doing, without being prepared to move into a better feeling place apart from what others are doing, we give our power over how we feel to others, and that rarely feels good.

If we continue to require others to behave how we want them to before allowing ourselves to feel better, we condemn ourselves to feel less than good, for it’s not possible to control everyone “out there” doing whatever they’re doing.
So if what we think and how we feel creates or pre-paves our future experiences, (and it does) it’s important to take control of your thoughts by paying attention to how you feel when you think a thought.

It’s almost impossible to try to censor every thought that comes into our mind, for this just makes one stressed and worried about the negative thoughts we’re thinking, it’s much easier to let the thoughts come and notice how you’re feeling for this will let you know where you are on any subject you’re contemplating. Once we know where we are, we can gradually move to a better feeling place if that’s what we’re wanting.
I understand we may aspire to move directly and quickly to where we want to be, but if there’s a big emotional, vibrational difference between where we are and where we want to be, we may need to move little by little each time we think about that subject.
I know, it’s very annoying that we can’t be instantly where we want to be, but sometimes it’s good to make peace with this truth for we didn’t come to whatever emotional place we’re in through one or two thoughts, so it makes sense it will take more than one or two thoughts to change it.

Forgiving also comes from a place of believing someone has done something “wrong” that needs forgiving, which in reality is not true.
I am not suggesting when people do “not nice things,” this is good or that we don’t have the right to say what we do and don’t want to experience in our life. But I am saying, if we’re accepting we attract what comes to us through our vibration (thoughts and emotions) that the Law of Attraction is responding to in-kind, then unwanted circumstances have come through our own focused thoughts that we may or may not have been aware of, and even if our reaction was something less than nice, this can only happen if we were in a not good feeling place to begin with.
So acknowledge that you did your best with what you knew at that time, don’t look back and feel guilty or have regrets, for this is a form of self-torture that never gets us anywhere you want to be.
This is not a way to disregard “not nice” behaviour and just continue a cycle of behaviour over and over, NO, it is accepting what we did or what others have done in the past, learning from those experiences and letting them go so we can move forward positively.
If we are in the higher emotional places such a joy, belief and knowledge to name a few, forgiveness is not usually required, or can be passed through extremely quickly to move to one’s normal general vibrational place!
Does it sound like a place worth making an effort to move towards?
What do you think?

And so our journey together continues….

One cannot truly live…Until the fear of death has been overcome….

I think it’s interesting that many people fear death so much.
There are many reasons for this fear, but they all come down to the same reason; We have not known or understood how we came into this physical world and what will happen once we leave this physical world, so I suppose it’s probable we would fear that which we don’t know and see as unwanted.
And for those that were brought up religiously and told they would “burn in hell” if they didn’t behave in a way that; The Source of Creation spoke of thousands of years ago, which someone else wrote about, which another group of people censored, which another person interpreted, through another person who told another person, that eventually told you, the rules you should live by?

And I say, “Holy Moses,” that’s a lot of interpretations from many different people, who in truth can only interpret what they’ve experienced or been told through their own personal perspectives, so even if the original Source was real, (and I believe this to be the case) interpretation through many others that have many different motivations that we could say….where not entirely pure, makes for a set of guidelines on how to live that’s more like a map you’ve been reading upside down!! I’ve done that a few times and have ended up in the opposite place to where I really wanted to be, but didn’t realise until I was well and truly lost, how off track I was!

Although I’m not religious, I respect the core of all religions, for at their basis, they all speak of a deeper truth about life and death, with intentions of sharing that knowledge and understanding with others, but as people with different intentions and vibrations added their interpretations to the mix, these messages have become so distorted they often do the opposite of what they were originally intending to do.

If we find something that works in our lives, I don’t care where it comes from, a religious scripture, the Internet, a friend, or your own thoughts, if it feels good for you, it’s good, if it doesn’t feel good for you, it isn’t. Only you can decide what’s best for you in your life, for only you know what you are really wanting and how you’re feeling about any given subject, and substituting anything outside of yourself to tell you what to do from a place of fear or doubt will always be a poor second choice to your own Inner Guidance.

So what is the answer to feeling better regarding death?
Well, that mainly comes down to what you believe will happen when you make your transition back to Non-Physical.
Firstly I think it’s a good idea to do our best to accept in a positive or neutral way that we will eventually make our transition, no matter what we believe in, this is a fact, so feeling bad about it does not improve our life experience, but diminishes it, so we may need to make a conscious choice to let this fear go. Most of us do accept this in a “that’s just the way it is” kind of way, which is preferable to feeling bad.
Some fear may come from not knowing what happens once we leave this physical body, and of course believing that everything ends and “we will be no more,” isn’t a very encouraging good feeling thought, for that gives rise to thoughts of “what has it all been for” especially for those that may have walked a difficult path.

If what we believe and think does not feel good when we think it, the only way to improve how we’re feeling is to improve what we believe by moving our thought to better feeling places. A strongly held belief cannot be changed immediately with one or two thoughts, but over time by gradually improving how we feel whenever the opportunity presents itself, is a pretty good idea. The more we practise moving our thoughts, the easier it gets, for you create power and momentum behind your new thought process.

If you have had the privilege to be in the presence of a person who is making their transition back to Non-Physical, this is a most wonderful and life affirming experience, for it’s almost impossible to witness this without feeling the movement of the Inner Being or Soul out of the body into something that feels more wonderful than anything we may have experienced before!
Some tell me they cannot believe in anything they don’t have physical evidence of, and I say, “Can you see air?” No, but…. Just because we can’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.
But of course, it’s always our choice, and as long as we feel good and put all our positive thought behind our choices, we cannot go wrong….
So believe what makes you feel good, not what others tell you or think you should believe for they are not you, they may know what feels good for them but they cannot guide you better than you can!!

And so our journey together continues….

Are you a teacher???

Frame Family
We all teach not through what we say but through the power of our example, every single time.   Paulette De-Har.

Yes, of course, we are all teachers, it‘s not a question of whether we are teachers or not, the real question is… what is it that you’re teaching?

We teach through the power of our example, and although we can teach through our words, if what we’re saying with our words is not consistent with our actions, it will always be our actions that people will believe over our words.

I’m not suggesting that we should change our behaviour because others are observing us, no, for when we start doing this, we’re no longer listening to our Inner Guidance, now we’ve cut ourselves off from the Non-Physical perspective that is knowing everything we’ve ever wanted in this life (and previous lives for that matter too!) sending us direct and constant communication through our emotions of which direction we’re moving in. Positive emotion indicates you’re moving towards something you are wanting, whereas negative emotion means you’re moving towards something that’s unwanted.

Just by being here in this physical body and physical world, we are teaching, it’s not necessary to sit people down and tell them anything, and in fact, unless people are asking for this information, they cannot hear what we have to say, even if it is good and true.
So when you are feeling great and full of life, loving what you’re doing, know that you are shining such a bright light, and you are a joy to behold to anyone that has the good fortune to be in your presence!!
And when you’re not having a good day, know that you are still setting a great example, an example of how to get up and do your best, even when it’s not easy.
Yes, it’s all so good!!

And so our journey together continues….

Do you want to share what you know now???

I know there are many who have overcome difficult situations, and have come to a place where we’re understanding the benefit of all we’ve experienced. Nothing can be more life enhancing than experiencing the resistance of your own thought creation and overcoming it, for this takes us to more amazing places that we may not have been able to experience had we not dealt with our unwanted manifestations. Of course we do not create these resistant circumstances on purpose, but they are part of being in physical form in this physical world. There will not be one of us that gets our thought so quickly aligned with our Inner Being and in such a good place, that nothing unwanted will ever come. This is part of accepting being physical, but I will say that we have the ability to hone our thoughts and feelings (vibration) to such a place, that any negative thoughts that are within you show up quickly and intensely, giving you the opportunity to move through your resistance and get to the other side. There will be no holding on to resistance for years and years and living the manifestation of it without awareness, those days will be gone. We’re coming into a time of heightened awareness, I’m sure you’ve noticed there are many coming to know who they really are and how life is really working, and just as a drop hits the ocean and ripples out in all directions, so those of us that know have the same effect.
I feel I have something very important to say about this. I know when we discover wonderful things about life and how it’s working because we’ve experienced it in our own lives, not just in theory but in our reality, we’re overjoyed and excited, and of course we want to share that with everyone we know, especially the ones we hold dearest and love the most, or others we see living highly unwanted circumstances in their lives. But I’m sure many of you have already experienced and know, it’s very difficult to help someone who is sitting vibrationally, a long way away from where you are.
When someone is sitting in a vibrational (emotional) place that’s very different to the other, for example someone that is happy compared to someone who is in rage or anger, it’s very difficult to find anything they agree on for they sit at opposite ends of the emotional scale and are seeing the world from completely different perspectives. Both perspectives are true, for when you’re sitting in a general place over many subjects, whether it be in joy or rage, that’s what’s being presented to you by the Law of Attraction. So people are not joking when they tell you why things are not working out for them, this is their experience, this has become their truth through the power of their own resistant thoughts and they will find it hard to hear anything differently.
So we all have the ability to uplift people, and those that know how life is working are sitting in a very powerful position (power over self, not others) and others feel something about your knowing, even if they’re unsure of what it is they’re feeling. To uplift someone that’s in a substantially different vibrational place from you, you must dominate and control your own vibration by standing firmly in your knowing, and not be encouraged out of your vibrational place by the other persons vibration. When we’re communicating with others, the person with the strongest vibration will always dominate the conversation or group, although it can change as subjects change during a conversation. You know you’ve lost your own vibrational alignment if you start feeling the need to convince others of your point of view and it becomes a disagreement or argument with both parties giving as many examples as they can of why their way is the “right way”.
Nobody likes being told they’re wrong or that they could be doing something in a better way, especially if they’re not seeking this information as this often causes them to justify and explain how and why they’ve got to where they are to try and convince you to their way of thinking.
Because it’s not possible to speak of something with strong emotion without emitting the same vibrational frequency, these types of conversations often set people more firmly in their resistant place which is the opposite of what you are really wanting to do! Now if you do stand firmly in your vibrational place, you will be able to speak the truth you know and they’ll understand what you have to tell them while you’re with them, but what happens when you are not around? Well, they’re often very confused.
Why is this?
We have not come to what we believe in one day or from one thought alone, it has been an accumulation of many similar thoughts, words, and actions over long periods of time that eventually become physical manifestations. Once something has physically manifested, now we are observing it which strengthens our belief in it, then we think and talk about it again, and so the cycle goes on and on.(which is awesome when you’re focused on what you want) What we believe has a lot of momentum and power behind it and will not be simply changed by one or two conversations, and almost never if we don’t have the desire to know and change. So even if you do dominate the vibration of the other encouraging them into your vibrational place, when you leave, their vibration will return to their normal place but they will be confused about what you have told them. This can cause a difficult situation where they want to be with you because it feels so good to be in your presence, but afterwards they’re confused, and may not feel good about what you’ve told them.
I have learnt some very strong lessons from experiences like this. I no longer give advice to anyone unless they’re seeking it, and you can feel when someone is ready to hear. It’s better to just let people be and accept we’re all different, for although words may help when we’re ready to hear them, ultimately we learn through our own life experiences. We all have our own journey and there are many paths to the same destination, so let those who want to hear from you come, but don’t force anything on anyone, for in doing so you make them wrong, and they are not wrong, they are doing the best that they can, just as you and I am!
And so our journey together continues….

Do you think setting goals will get you where you’re wanting???


A goal set with positive focus and expectations is halfway to being achieved.        Paulette De-Har

That’s a very interesting question, isn’t it?
And the answer depends on where you are coming from. For example, if you make goals for yourself and feel good about them, believing you will be able to achieve them, that is definitely a goal worth setting and you will be well on your way to achieving it as long as you stay focused in a positive manner. So what happens when we make a goal and feel good about it to start with, but then do not follow through with positive thoughts. If we do not maintain our belief and positive thought regarding the goals we make, it’s very unlikely that we’ll achieve them.


This often happens when looking at the pros and cons of any situation, what we’re really doing is including negative thoughts into our vibrational (emotional) mix, meaning, depending on whether you’ve focused more on positives or negatives, this will determine how things will unfold in reality. Of course it’s very normal to look at all possibilities when we’re trying to move forward in our lives, but if we focus intently on everything we think could possibly go wrong and may prevent us from reaching our goals, more than how everything may work out well, this will be the strongest vibration within us, and the Law of Attraction ensures we’ll receive back that which we have vibrationally given out.

There is no such thing as NO in this attraction based Universe that we all live in. For example, when we say yes to something, it’s included as a possible future manifestation, and when we say no to something, it’s also included as a possible future manifestation. Saying yes with positive focus attracts wanted circumstances, whereas saying no with negative focus is attracting unwanted circumstances. A positive focus on any goal that’s maintained over time with emotional intensity must eventually bring that which we’re wanting, whereas maintaining negative focus over time with emotional intensity must eventually bring that which we’re not wanting.

This is often a consequence of doubting our ability to create what we are wanting or we may not see a path that will get us where we are wanting to go, so we give up. I am not judging anyone for giving up on their goal, if it feels like the best thing to do, it’s not for me to say that you shouldn’t, but I will say, the fact that a goal is set in the first place, means we were wanting to achieve it, and with positive focus there’s no reason why we can’t.

Why do we doubt our ability to achieve our goals?
We may have experienced circumstances in the past that have not worked out how we were wanting despite taking many actions and being very determined which eventually, over time, erodes our belief in ourselves and our ability to achieve what we desire.

In reality, there is always a mixture of positive and negative thoughts regarding any subject or goal that we hold, but there will be a more dominant vibrational feeling about it and that’s always what’s manifesting.
So yes, setting goals can definitely get us where are we wanting to go when we do our best to stay positively focused, working through any resistant, challenging circumstances that arise by;
1. Being aware of how we’re feeling regarding anything we give attention too.
2. Once we know how we’re feeling, doing our best to move to a better feeling place, especially if we’re in a negative vibrational place.
3. Doing our best to enjoy whatever is happening now by relaxing and not being too hard on ourselves.
4. Holding strong to the belief that things really are working out, even if it doesn’t currently look like it, and yes, that’s something that requires practice, but we’ve all come forward with the ability to do this if that’s what we’re wanting.

And so our journey continues….