Is it stink….to like your own post???

Hehehe, Oh this cracks me up!!
When I first started my blog, I would have definitely said yes, it’s very stink to like your own post!! And it’s funny because when I initially set everything up, for some reason my profile picture was coming up in my own community, and I can’t tell you how much time I spent trying frantically to figure out why I was on there and how to get myself off!
So of course, as many of you bloggers out there will know, under my community settings I also had commenters checked, that’s why I was coming up.
Ok, disaster averted, I just changed the settings and all was good, I was no longer in my own community!
Now fast forward three months and I find myself with quite a different perspective on the subject, for a number of different reasons.

1. When looking at my blog stats of where referrers came from, I often ended up on my own page or posts and always ended up reading them again, especially if they were older posts as I often couldn’t remember exactly what it was about or what I’d written. When I’d get to the end of reading the post, if my husband was around I’d say, “I don’t know who wrote this but they know what they’re talking about, this is really good….have you read this!” He’d say “Yer, I know” and then we’d just crack up laughing! (Hehehe, you know I’m going to read this one over and over don’t you!!)
2. I linked my blog to a new Facebook profile because I had a couple of friends who wanted to link to it from there, and although I’ve not been a fan of Facebook in the past, I do like technology so thought it was inevitable I’d have to get on a social media site sooner or later.

So, being on WordPress and Facebook has considerably altered my perspective about social media, and my general conclusions are;

1. It’s probably still a little bit stink to “like” your own stuff, but who cares, and in who’s opinion, if you want to like it, like it! I say, of course you like it, you wrote and posted the damn thing didn’t you, and of course it’s awesome, right!!

2. I also feel very strongly as I look through these forums that many are desperately seeking approval and love, and wanting validation from others for where they are. (Yes, birds of a feather do flock together, don’t they? Well mostly, but not always…)
There’s nothing wrong with this, but one thing is for sure, there will never be enough validation, love, or approval that comes from outside of ourselves in any form whether it’s from online relationships and communication or real life physical relationships.(or anything else for that matter)
For the good feeling one achieves from this lasts only a short time and we will usually find ourselves needing more and more of this external validation in order to feel good.
What does that sound like to you? Yes, for some, it does become an unhealthy addiction.
Now you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out this population consist’s mainly of the female variety. (Thought I’d better check the statistics out, and yes two-thirds of the population on social media are female, 2012 stats)
Of course it’s wonderful to have such external validation as this can help give us strength, especially in difficult times, but nothing will ever make up for the love, approval and validation that we have within us that is available to us in every moment of our lives from the Non-Physical, Inner Being part of us.
Anything less does not last, or is a temporary fix for what we are really reaching for.
And what is it we are reaching for?
The truth of who we are, the power that we have, the love we have within us, the ability to share that love with others that are in a place to receive it, just the pure perfection of who and what we are.
But we must be okay with who we are apart from others, this is true knowing, this is true love, and this is one path among many, that leads to true happiness. And so it is….

The secret is….There is no secret!!

BeachAngelMany people pronounce they possess “the knowledge, the secret, the magic, the code, or the way” to living an improved life experience.
We are all holding knowledge about how life is working relative to where we are and what we have experienced in our life, that can benefit and be passed to others if who we are trying to pass the information on to, is in a place to hear it?
There is a formula, or things we can do that may improve our life experience, but it’s no secret, and proposing such knowledge is “a secret” or “magic” or whatever we are wanting to call it, makes it sound like an unachievable or unattainable knowledge that has been purposely kept from us for some unknown reason?
Nothing could be further from the truth, for not one of us have been left on our own without constant and consistent communication from the Non-Physical, Source Energy, Inner Being part of ourselves in the form of emotions letting us know where we are in relation to everything we are wanting.
I know it may feel like a secret when we are searching for answers, but not one of us has been chosen above the others as the distributor of knowledge.
It is freely available to all who seek it.
Of course, many who do understand how life is working, and desire to help others that are in place to hear about it, maybe knowing all people have the ability to attract the answers about life and that they may be an avenue, a cooperative component, in others creative process for what they are attracting.
So when someone is seeking answers about something and are starting to believe they may receive the answers to the question they have, (even though they may not be sure how theses answers are going to turn up!) They start the attraction of the answer they’re desiring through their focused thoughts.
As the Law of Attraction responds to our improved vibration, if it’s maintained over time, we will start to attract people, places, and events that match the dominant vibration we have going on within us about the subject.
Sometimes we may not be aware we’ve moved our vibration and may not be seeing what is turning up right in front of us. This is often what is happening when we look back and feel we have missed opportunities that were right there for us, but we did not see them at that time.
It’s true we cannot go back and change the past or even create exactly the same circumstances in our present or future experience, but if we are creating our life through our focus thoughts, (and we are) then creating similar opportunities or better opportunities in our future is only a bit of focused positive thought and time away!! (I can imagine you all jumping for joy right now!!) Hehehe, Opps, there I go again laughing at my own jokes!!
But seriously, nothing we are wanting comes from regretting what has happened in the past, it is time to make peace with that which we cannot change and move forward if that is what we are wanting.

And so our journey together continues….

All things are possible…. Or are they???

I love it when people say,”anything is possible” for it indicates somewhere deep inside themselves, they know this, even if they are not yet completely believing it.
It’s a good start to speak in terms of what you’re wanting to believe, even if you aren’t entirely there yet, but words will not make-up for a lack of movement of thought (vibrations) into believing in what you’re wanting.
So how can everything and anything be possible in our lives?
Often when people speak of this, what they mean is, if you work hard enough for long enough with determination and don’t given in, you will always achieve that which you were wanting. And yes, that did and still does work for many, but as you look around at others experiences and your own, it doesn’t take long to figure out some people are doing all of those things and are still not achieving that which they are wanting.
So what’s going on, how can this be, shouldn’t this formula work for everyone?
NO, it doesn’t, because we may not have included some important factors that determine the outcomes or results we’re achieving, which is how we’re thinking and feeling (vibrating) in relation to what we’re wanting.
So let me rephrase “anything is possible” in a way that will move us more in the direction of what we’re wanting.
“If you spend time on something you feel passionate about, and stay positive, continuing to believe in what you’re doing by working through problems in a positive way, as you maintain your belief over time, that which you are wanting will eventually come, it is Law.”
I know, it’s a bit of a mouthful isn’t it, but it is true.
Staying positive does not mean unwanted circumstances or manifestations will not turn up, for this is resistance within you showing up, and depending on how you react and deal with this resistance, will depend on how well your experience unfolds. So everything we are vibrating (thinking and feeling) now, is pre-paving what will unfold in our future experience.
If we are not knowing this, we often focus negatively on the unwanted manifestations that do turn up, eroding our belief in what we’re doing, and although it can be very difficult to stay positive in the face of what you are not wanting, especially when this is what we have done for a large portion of our life, we make it very difficult to move ourselves into a better feeling place by focusing on unwanted.
We’ve all come forward from Non-Physical into this Physical world with constant and consistent guidance in the form of emotions from our Inner Being letting us know where we are in relation to everything we’re wanting. So now is the time to listen to how we’re feeling with a new and deeper understanding we may not have had before.
We may have assumed that negative emotion is an indication that others are doing something “wrong or bad” whereas in truth it’s the Non-Physical, Inner Being part of us communicating with the Physical us, indicating “the negative emotions you’re feeling now, are attracting circumstances that will feel similar to that which you are observing or thinking about now,” or “the positive emotions you’re feeling now are attracting circumstances that will feel similar to that which you are observing or thinking about now.” The stronger an emotion is when you give thought to something, the closer you are to the physical manifestation of it, and it matters not whether you are positively or negatively focused.
So all is possible, but in order for a possibility to become a probability it needs to be given focused thought over time gaining power and momentum. And for a probability to become an actuality the power and momentum you achieve through your focused thought needs to be maintained.
This is the formula of creation and anything we desire is possible. Listening to how we’re feeling and moving ourselves to a better feeling place regarding what we’re giving our attention to, is the piece of the puzzle we may have been missing! We may need to move that puzzle piece around, upside down or sideways before it fits, but eventually it will fit, for as you seek evidence of how the Law of Attraction is helping you to create your life, so it will come!!
And so our journey together continues….

One cannot truly live…Until the fear of death has been overcome….

I think it’s interesting that many people fear death so much.
There are many reasons for this fear, but they all come down to the same reason; We have not known or understood how we came into this physical world and what will happen once we leave this physical world, so I suppose it’s probable we would fear that which we don’t know and see as unwanted.
And for those that were brought up religiously and told they would “burn in hell” if they didn’t behave in a way that; The Source of Creation spoke of thousands of years ago, which someone else wrote about, which another group of people censored, which another person interpreted, through another person who told another person, that eventually told you, the rules you should live by?

And I say, “Holy Moses,” that’s a lot of interpretations from many different people, who in truth can only interpret what they’ve experienced or been told through their own personal perspectives, so even if the original Source was real, (and I believe this to be the case) interpretation through many others that have many different motivations that we could say….where not entirely pure, makes for a set of guidelines on how to live that’s more like a map you’ve been reading upside down!! I’ve done that a few times and have ended up in the opposite place to where I really wanted to be, but didn’t realise until I was well and truly lost, how off track I was!

Although I’m not religious, I respect the core of all religions, for at their basis, they all speak of a deeper truth about life and death, with intentions of sharing that knowledge and understanding with others, but as people with different intentions and vibrations added their interpretations to the mix, these messages have become so distorted they often do the opposite of what they were originally intending to do.

If we find something that works in our lives, I don’t care where it comes from, a religious scripture, the Internet, a friend, or your own thoughts, if it feels good for you, it’s good, if it doesn’t feel good for you, it isn’t. Only you can decide what’s best for you in your life, for only you know what you are really wanting and how you’re feeling about any given subject, and substituting anything outside of yourself to tell you what to do from a place of fear or doubt will always be a poor second choice to your own Inner Guidance.

So what is the answer to feeling better regarding death?
Well, that mainly comes down to what you believe will happen when you make your transition back to Non-Physical.
Firstly I think it’s a good idea to do our best to accept in a positive or neutral way that we will eventually make our transition, no matter what we believe in, this is a fact, so feeling bad about it does not improve our life experience, but diminishes it, so we may need to make a conscious choice to let this fear go. Most of us do accept this in a “that’s just the way it is” kind of way, which is preferable to feeling bad.
Some fear may come from not knowing what happens once we leave this physical body, and of course believing that everything ends and “we will be no more,” isn’t a very encouraging good feeling thought, for that gives rise to thoughts of “what has it all been for” especially for those that may have walked a difficult path.

If what we believe and think does not feel good when we think it, the only way to improve how we’re feeling is to improve what we believe by moving our thought to better feeling places. A strongly held belief cannot be changed immediately with one or two thoughts, but over time by gradually improving how we feel whenever the opportunity presents itself, is a pretty good idea. The more we practise moving our thoughts, the easier it gets, for you create power and momentum behind your new thought process.

If you have had the privilege to be in the presence of a person who is making their transition back to Non-Physical, this is a most wonderful and life affirming experience, for it’s almost impossible to witness this without feeling the movement of the Inner Being or Soul out of the body into something that feels more wonderful than anything we may have experienced before!
Some tell me they cannot believe in anything they don’t have physical evidence of, and I say, “Can you see air?” No, but…. Just because we can’t see something, doesn’t mean it isn’t real.
But of course, it’s always our choice, and as long as we feel good and put all our positive thought behind our choices, we cannot go wrong….
So believe what makes you feel good, not what others tell you or think you should believe for they are not you, they may know what feels good for them but they cannot guide you better than you can!!

And so our journey together continues….

A little word about living in the present moment….

I remember when the catch phrase “living in the now” was what many people were speaking and writing about, and although it did bring a lot of awareness to many people, some of it was confusing. Many discussions revolved around the concept that having an ego prevented one from truly being present in the now.
This depends on your ideas and perspective of what ego is.
If we look in the dictionary, you tend to see two main distinctions of what the ego is;
1. The self, being separate from the world and others, and consciousness that controls thought and behaviour.
2. Appropriate pride in one’s self; (self-esteem) or an exaggerated sense of self-importance; (conceit)
The first description describes what the ego is, whereas the second description describes the two common ways it’s often exhibited as behaviour.
In the past the ego has had a bad reputation because it’s been associated with people who have judged and seen themselves as superior or better than others, and yuk, it’s never nice to be around such a person as this, that’s for sure!
But maybe we’ve had a one sided perspective about it? There’s always two ways to look at anything, and that’s either positively or negatively and there’s a large variety of emotional places within both perspectives, but it’s not possible to be focused on positive and negative at the same time, you’re either negatively focused, or positively focused in the moment.
So the negative perspective of ego brings our attention to trying to gain things in a ruthless and uncaring way with no regard for others, whereas the positive perspective of ego brings our attention to knowing the power of who we really are, and that we have the ability to achieve what we’re wanting without the need to hurt others. It’s about being true to who you are, but also allowing others to be true to who they are.
I suppose the ego has had such negative connotations for so long, it’s hard to think of this word in a positive way, so I prefer to say, the “self” instead of ego, for the sake of keeping the feeling of the word neutral.
So what’s really happening when we’re being or behaving as our negative self?
Firstly it’s important to recognise how our negative self has been created. This usually happens when we’ve been brought up by others who didn’t know how life was really working, most did do their best so it doesn’t help us to blame, but it does help to know how you got where you are. So it’s quite normal that we walk down a similar path to those that taught us, it’s often not until things start going off the rails we start to question what we’ve been taught, and we may have a feeling that somethings not quite right? So this propels us into a new journey of discovery, a journey of coming into an understanding of who we really are.
Sometimes the very thing we are judging as bad, wrong or unwanted is exactly what someone needs to move things forward in a positive direction. You see, we’re all on the same path in a general sense, we’re all on a journey of self discovery, but that journey will be completely different for every single one of us because we’ve all come forward with different intentions and we’re all in different places in relation to those intentions so the path that leads us into the full and wonderful discovery of who we are will be different for everyone. It’s not to say that one way is better or worse than the other, it’s just different. That’s why I often speak about not judging others, because we just don’t know where they are in relation to what they’re wanting, and even if we do, if they’re not in a place to hear any advice, it doesn’t have the positive effect we’re wanting. We don’t have to like what others are doing but we must accept, that for them, it could be the next logical step that will lead them to the next and the next and the next. All we can do is know that everyone is doing their best to move in a better direction and into more of what they’re wanting, in the same way we are.
For me this is a way of making peace with what others are doing, I do my best not to focus on what others are doing if it doesn’t align or agree with what I am wanting for myself, for I know, by judging and focusing on what others are doing only includes that unwanted vibration within me, which then means with enough focused attention, I have the possibility of bringing similar feeling experiences into my life. I know not focusing on unwanted circumstances you believe are affecting you is more easily said than done, but it does get easier with practise, and in time, as your focus improves, you are no longer attracting so many unwanted situations, for the negative vibration that was bringing them to you has been replaced with a more positive vibration, and that’s what’s now being responded to by the Law of Attraction. So depending on where the majority of your focus is, things are often getting worse and worse, or better and better.
So what about when we’re being our positive self?
Through knowing how life is working, we start to remove resistance from past experiences by moving to better feeling places and understanding more fully how and why these things may have happened. Once we’ve let go of negative thoughts from past experiences, we’re no longer bringing it into our present thoughts, which means you have stopped the negative attraction of what you are not wanting!
Have you observed people who have had negative experiences in the past, and although the people and places in their life may change, they seem to create the same situations over and over again?
If there is much focus on unwanted circumstances without moving to a better feeling place, we can eradicate all the people involved in this unwanted scenario, but if our thought does not improve, we will create similar situations again. This is the Law of Attraction in action, it’s the Universes way of showing you what you’ve got going on vibrationally. And you answer every time with the power of your thought, so it’s a good idea to pay attention to how you feel for your emotions are communication from the Non-Physical part of you, your Inner Being, letting you know if your thought is positive and moving you in the direction of what you are wanting, or negative and moving you in the direction of something you are not wanting.
So it’s hard to be truly focused on the present moment when you have many things from the past you have not dealt with or moved to a better feeling place on, and it often prevents us from seeing the good that’s happening now. Focusing intently on anything that we’re doing now and dealing with what is manifesting in our life in the most positive way we can, helps to bring us more into the present moment. We don’t need to go back and rehash the past to move through any resistance we have about it, because everything we have going on vibrationally from the past is showing up now, in one way or another, whether we know it or not. If we focus on what’s happening now and move to the best feeling place we can regarding it, we will move through any resistance we have.
Remember, we did not come to a resistant place in one day, so celebrate the small improvements you make, for many small improvements over time make a very big difference to your life experience!
And so our journey together continues….

Do you want to share what you know now???

I know there are many who have overcome difficult situations, and have come to a place where we’re understanding the benefit of all we’ve experienced. Nothing can be more life enhancing than experiencing the resistance of your own thought creation and overcoming it, for this takes us to more amazing places that we may not have been able to experience had we not dealt with our unwanted manifestations. Of course we do not create these resistant circumstances on purpose, but they are part of being in physical form in this physical world. There will not be one of us that gets our thought so quickly aligned with our Inner Being and in such a good place, that nothing unwanted will ever come. This is part of accepting being physical, but I will say that we have the ability to hone our thoughts and feelings (vibration) to such a place, that any negative thoughts that are within you show up quickly and intensely, giving you the opportunity to move through your resistance and get to the other side. There will be no holding on to resistance for years and years and living the manifestation of it without awareness, those days will be gone. We’re coming into a time of heightened awareness, I’m sure you’ve noticed there are many coming to know who they really are and how life is really working, and just as a drop hits the ocean and ripples out in all directions, so those of us that know have the same effect.
I feel I have something very important to say about this. I know when we discover wonderful things about life and how it’s working because we’ve experienced it in our own lives, not just in theory but in our reality, we’re overjoyed and excited, and of course we want to share that with everyone we know, especially the ones we hold dearest and love the most, or others we see living highly unwanted circumstances in their lives. But I’m sure many of you have already experienced and know, it’s very difficult to help someone who is sitting vibrationally, a long way away from where you are.
When someone is sitting in a vibrational (emotional) place that’s very different to the other, for example someone that is happy compared to someone who is in rage or anger, it’s very difficult to find anything they agree on for they sit at opposite ends of the emotional scale and are seeing the world from completely different perspectives. Both perspectives are true, for when you’re sitting in a general place over many subjects, whether it be in joy or rage, that’s what’s being presented to you by the Law of Attraction. So people are not joking when they tell you why things are not working out for them, this is their experience, this has become their truth through the power of their own resistant thoughts and they will find it hard to hear anything differently.
So we all have the ability to uplift people, and those that know how life is working are sitting in a very powerful position (power over self, not others) and others feel something about your knowing, even if they’re unsure of what it is they’re feeling. To uplift someone that’s in a substantially different vibrational place from you, you must dominate and control your own vibration by standing firmly in your knowing, and not be encouraged out of your vibrational place by the other persons vibration. When we’re communicating with others, the person with the strongest vibration will always dominate the conversation or group, although it can change as subjects change during a conversation. You know you’ve lost your own vibrational alignment if you start feeling the need to convince others of your point of view and it becomes a disagreement or argument with both parties giving as many examples as they can of why their way is the “right way”.
Nobody likes being told they’re wrong or that they could be doing something in a better way, especially if they’re not seeking this information as this often causes them to justify and explain how and why they’ve got to where they are to try and convince you to their way of thinking.
Because it’s not possible to speak of something with strong emotion without emitting the same vibrational frequency, these types of conversations often set people more firmly in their resistant place which is the opposite of what you are really wanting to do! Now if you do stand firmly in your vibrational place, you will be able to speak the truth you know and they’ll understand what you have to tell them while you’re with them, but what happens when you are not around? Well, they’re often very confused.
Why is this?
We have not come to what we believe in one day or from one thought alone, it has been an accumulation of many similar thoughts, words, and actions over long periods of time that eventually become physical manifestations. Once something has physically manifested, now we are observing it which strengthens our belief in it, then we think and talk about it again, and so the cycle goes on and on.(which is awesome when you’re focused on what you want) What we believe has a lot of momentum and power behind it and will not be simply changed by one or two conversations, and almost never if we don’t have the desire to know and change. So even if you do dominate the vibration of the other encouraging them into your vibrational place, when you leave, their vibration will return to their normal place but they will be confused about what you have told them. This can cause a difficult situation where they want to be with you because it feels so good to be in your presence, but afterwards they’re confused, and may not feel good about what you’ve told them.
I have learnt some very strong lessons from experiences like this. I no longer give advice to anyone unless they’re seeking it, and you can feel when someone is ready to hear. It’s better to just let people be and accept we’re all different, for although words may help when we’re ready to hear them, ultimately we learn through our own life experiences. We all have our own journey and there are many paths to the same destination, so let those who want to hear from you come, but don’t force anything on anyone, for in doing so you make them wrong, and they are not wrong, they are doing the best that they can, just as you and I am!
And so our journey together continues….

Inspiration v’s motivation…. What’s the difference???

PaperPlaneMotivation is a term that has been thrown around a lot in the past, it was not uncommon to hear many people proclaiming what we should be doing and saying “let’s get motivated to do this, let’s get motivated to do that,” much to the disdain of people who were sitting in a not very good feeling place and didn’t feel like getting motivated to do anything!! Hehehe (Oops, is that mean of me!)
But seriously, I wouldn’t laugh at someone who was in a bad feeling place because we’ve all been there at one time or another, but I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. The ones that look at you like you’re an alien for being happy and are hoping the Mothership is going to beam you up so they don’t have to see you anymore. And let’s be honest, even those of us that are normally happy have our down days where a bright-eyed bushy-tailed person comes along but we’re not in a place to appreciate their positiveness.

Ok, so what’s wrong with motivation?
Of course, nothing’s wrong with motivation if it feels good to do something there’s never anything wrong with that, and if you want to call it motivation so be it, it’s all good. But I will say, if you’re having thoughts and ideas that feel very good and exciting, that’s not motivation that’s inspiration!!

So what does motivation mean?
Motivation implies taking action from a slightly resistant place, meaning it’s usually an action we don’t really want to do but feel we have too, to achieve the results we desire. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but if our motivation doesn’t turn into inspiration, it eventually fizzles out, as resistant actions cannot usually be sustained by motivation alone. It’s interesting to observe the results we’ve achieved from being motivated, especially if we’ve been highly externally motivated rather than internally motivated.

What do I mean by being externally or internally motivated?
Being internally motivated is seeking information through one’s own desire to achieve something, and although you may be receiving advice from another, the original desire is inspired from within, so you are asking for the information and this means you’re more open and receptive to hearing and receiving benefit from it. External motivation usually involves people and resources outside of yourself giving you advice and information on what they feel you should be doing to achieve whatever it is you wish to achieve. There is usually less of a feeling of asking and more of a feeling of just being told what to do.

This is not necessarily a negative, it all depends on the person seeking the advice, for most of the time when people are giving advice, they’re usually coming from a good place and trying to help someone, but what’s more important is where the person receiving the advice is vibrationally (emotionally). If they aren’t feeling good about what they feel they must do and they do take action, it’s very unlikely they’ll continue on with it in the long-term, whereas if they’re feeling excited and inspired about the advice they’ve been given, action is taken from this place often reaps much better results and becomes a joy to do rather than a chore.

So motivation always implies different amounts of hard work or struggle and we’re often more externally motivated, and the harder it is to maintain. I’m not suggesting you can’t maintain or get results through motivation, you can, it’s just that it often involves hard work that isn’t always fun.

But you see, it’s all about your thought at the end of the day. You can be highly externally motivated to begin with, and the action you take may be hard work, but if you move yourself to the best feeling place you can regarding whatever you’re doing, you will make your way, in time, to inspiration, and when you find yourself inspired you will not need any external motivation to do anything for your inspiration will be coming from within you 100%, they don’t call it “Divine Inspiration” for nothing!

And then you will truly inspire others, not by your words but through your actions and your example, and you may find they come to hear your words, for they will want to know how to get to this wonderful place they see you in.
I’m not saying to get in an inspired place for others, NO, do it for yourself, for when you find yourself in this place, you will feel it, and you can know for sure you’re receiving clear communication from your Inner Being, and at these moments the Physical and Non-Physical you has blended together perfectly….
And Oh my, doesn’t it feel good!!

And so our journey together continues….

Why do I find it difficult to make decisions???


Which way to go is not as important as our focus once a decision has been made. Even less than desirable decisions have the possibility of amazingly positive results.         Paulette De-Har  

There are many reasons why we may find it difficult to make decisions in our life, but it always comes down to the same thing in the end. The fear of making a decision that may unfold in an unwanted direction, and of course none of us want to do this.
This is often based on a false belief that all that’s required for something to turn out well is to make the correct decision, and although it’s true to say the better we feel about the decisions we make, the higher the possibility of a positive outcome becomes, decision-making is only a small part of the creative process. Nonetheless, it is important, for if we cannot make decisions effectively, it can be difficult to move forward in any direction, leaving us in a type of limbo of indecision, until we’re forced into making a decision, and that never usually feels good.


Once we’ve made a clear decision, we are now often in the place where we are inspired to take action. The outcome will depend greatly on how much positive vibrational momentum we had in the beginning and if we were able to maintain a positive focus as we moved forward with the tasks that need to be undertaken to achieve our goal.

It’s important to know, everything that unfolds is based on our thoughts and feelings in relation to our decision. Continually questioning and second-guessing whether we’ve made the correct decision, splits our vibrational energy rather than putting all our positive thought behind the decisions we’ve made.
Whatever choice we make is not that important, what is important is putting all our positive thought behind the decision we have made, and not looking back with regret. So it doesn’t have to be the “best choice in the world” because we make it the “best choice” by the power of our positive thought!!!
When we do make choices, choosing what we believe is best and running with it is all we can do, and if we find ourselves thinking negatively as we sometimes do, making an effort to feel slightly better at that moment is a great thing to do. If we have a lot of resistance this may not be that easy so we may need to completely change our focus to something different, returning to think about and move our resistant subject when we are in a better feeling better place.
If making decisions has become difficult for us, we may become more and more unsure of ourselves as time goes by. This is because a strong vibration of uncertainty, unsureness and fear creates more of the same feeling within us as the Law of Attraction responds to those dominant thoughts and feelings in-kind. As our vibration is emitted from us, it moves out into the Universe and joins with other vibrations with similar emotional feelings and thoughts, gaining power and momentum to eventually returning to us.
Our vibration can be changed in every moment we are conscious, but as we hold any thought that produces an emotional feeling and focus on it, it becomes easier to feel this way as the powerful Law of Attraction is giving us easier access to more and more thoughts, with the same vibrational content. This is where the saying “from bad to worse” comes from, but I prefer “from good to better” because it works both ways.

The Law of Attraction is giving back that which we’ve originally sent out, and adding power to it so we know where we are. For anything to manifest in our life experience, many thoughts need to be held over time and with emotional intensity, it matters not whether they are negative thoughts and feelings producing unwanted circumstances or positive thoughts and feelings producing wanted experiences.
The Law of Attraction does not judge any thought as good or bad, it’s purely a magnifying mirror if you like. Yes, that’s a good analogy.
So what we’re thinking and feeling in relation to what we’re wanting is incredibly important, for this is creating our future experiences. Everyone is getting immediate feedback from our Inner Being in every moment as to where what we’re thinking now, is taking us. If we’re feeling a positive emotion, we can know for sure, we’re moving towards wanted experiences, whereas if we’re feeling negative emotion we can know for sure we’re moving towards unwanted experiences.

Remember, our vibration can be changed because we have control over what we think and how we feel, and we have the ability to move to a better feeling place on any and all subjects that are important to us.
We’ve all made it this far whether we’ve known this or not and we will continue living many wonderful things, all I am saying is….there may be some amazing Universal Laws that we haven’t been aware of, that the understanding of, will change many things in our lives for the better.
When we begin to experience and know this, it becomes easier to make decisions, but don’t take my word for it, only you have the power to show yourself how you are creating your life.
It does take some time and effort, but I’m not sure if there’s a more worthwhile cause than living the awesome life you came here to live!!

And so our journey together continues….

Knowledge is power….Or is it???

Is knowledge power? Well, that depends on what your definition of power and knowledge is.
Some people believe that power is having control over others, and although they may feel like they control others, in truth this in an illusion, for no other can take your power away from you without your permission, you must be a cooperative participant and allow it to happen. I’m unsure how believing you have the ability to make people feel inferior and miserable is a definition of power, but unfortunately, for some, it is.
When I speak of power, I’m never referring to believing you have power over others, the power I speak of is the power you have within you, that is consistent, reliable, and available to you in every moment, on all subjects that are important to you. Even if you aren’t aware of the Inner Guidance that’s available to you, that does not mean your Inner Being is not communicating with you. It means you are not aware of it and aren’t hearing it.
Why have we not been hearing our Inner Being?
Because we haven’t understood how that communication has been taking place. Our Inner Being or the Non-Physical part of us is communicating to us through our emotions. We have mistakenly thought our emotions are confirmation that whatever or whoever we’re observing when we feel negative emotion, is bad or doing something wrong, and because of this false belief, we’ll often try to control people’s behaviour so that we can feel better when we observe them. It doesn’t take to long to work out that doesn’t work. But what’s the alternative? To take control of your mind and know that you have the ability and choice to feel better about whatever it is you’re giving your attention to now. Not in 10 minutes, 10 days, 10 months or 10 years, right now!! You have the ability to feel a little better about what you’re thinking about right now, even if it’s only a slight improvement in how you’re feeling. Imagine if you make this small effort every time you find yourself in a not good feeling place, you can make some serious positive vibrational movement (positive emotional movement) in a short amount of time, and it doesn’t take long before this is reflected in your real life manifestations, for its like anything else in life, when you first start doing something new, it’s a little tricky but once you get the hang of it, it gets easier and easier. Yes, as you feel better and maintain that higher vibrational place, your manifestations must follow that improved feeling place. That’s how this Universe works. You are receiving that which you have put out through your vibrational offering (powerful focused thoughts and emotions). As you move to better feeling places on subjects that are important to you, you will be able to more easily access your Inner Guidance and create more of what you’re wanting in your life experience.
What about knowledge, is knowledge power?
That depends entirely on what knowledge you hold. Any knowledge you hold that prevents you from being happy cannot give you a feeling of having power in your life. But it can be an opportunity to either leave that knowledge out of the equation or gradually move to a better feeling place regarding it.
Knowledge that empowers you and makes you feel good is wonderful, whereas knowledge that disempowers you and makes you feel terrible is not good. Remember, as you think of anything you know or believe, your Inner Being is communicating to you and letting you know if you are moving in the direction of something you are wanting or not.
So, is knowledge power? Yes and no. If the knowledge you hold moves you closer to what you are wanting and feels good, yes. If the knowledge you hold moves you further from what you are wanting and feels bad, No.
Start paying particular attention to how you are feeling about things, for many of us have gotten so used to feeling a certain way about something it has become our normal way of feeling. If you want to know how you feel about something, focus on it, and this will give you an emotional feeling that will let you know where you are. It’s important to know where you are before you can move to where you are wanting to go, be kind to yourself while doing this and remember, we have all been doing the best we can based on what we’ve known, and when we know better, we can do better, and that’s what life is all about!

And so our journey continues….

How does our vibration create our life experiences???

If we were to look in a dictionary, vibration is simply described as a rapid movement or quivering of particles. Early in the 19th Century, scientists in the area of Quantum Physics discovered everything that exists in the Universe is energy vibrating at different speeds and frequencies, and by only observing something, you affect how it vibrates with your expectation. So your expectation effects what you’re observing, meaning you aren’t just observing, you are playing a creative role in everything that’s happening.

What does this mean for us?
To understand how life is working and how we are creating our life experience, it’s important to know everything in the Universe is energy in motion which is vibration, even though it appears solid and static. That being true, the thoughts we think produce emotions within us that emanate out of us as a vibration of a specific frequency and is responded to by the Universe.

Who responds to what?
The Universe (Law of Attraction) responds with the same vibrational frequencies that we’ve originally given out, in manifested form. We are asking for what we’re wanting through our focused thoughts, and the Universe is responding equally to everyone with manifested evidence of the dominant vibrations within us.
I’m sure you’ve noticed that matter doesn’t manifest the moment you have a thought about something, as the physical manifestation of it does not immediately spring into your experience.
Why is this? Because one thought, on one subject does not have enough momentum or creative power to come fully into our physical reality. For anything to manifest, there must be thought that has been thought on for long enough, (momentum) that we experience strong emotional feelings (creative power) when we give thought to any subject.
Even the emotions we feel are manifestations, which are the receiving of that which we have originally given out. If emotions are manifestations of thoughts the Universe has responded to, and they are, maybe we should look at them more closely.
What do our emotions mean?
Emotions are communication from what I have been calling our Inner Being, or Non-Physical, Soul part of us. Yes, we came forward into this physical life from Non-Physical, and when we leave this physical life we’ll return to the Non-Physical realm.
When we made the choice to come into this physical world, a part of us, the physical part, was born, the other part of us that you may or may not be entirely aware of, stayed in Non-Physical. It’s impossible to separate the physical and Non-Physical parts of ourselves.
The Non-Physical part of us is letting us know where we are in relation to everything we’re wanting through our emotions. Positive emotion indicates we’re moving towards the manifestation of something wanted, whereas negative emotion indicates we’re moving in the direction of something unwanted. The stronger the emotional feeling we have when we think about anything, the closer we are to the physical manifestation of a circumstance, that will feel very similar to the dominant feeling we’ve had on that subject when it turns up.

As you can imagine, we have thousands of different thoughts on all the subjects we may think about, which will be a mixture of positive and negative thoughts with varying degrees of emotional intensity to them. So what is manifesting regarding any subjects that are important to you, is a blending of all the thoughts and feelings you’ve had, which gives you a sort of vibrational set point on that subject.
When a vibrational set point or emotional attitude has been achieved in relation to any subject, any new thoughts you have regarding that subject, naturally fall easily into the already established emotional place, and the longer the vibrational set point for that subject is maintained, the harder it is to move to a different vibrational place. This is great when we’re sitting in a positive place, but not so good when we’re sitting in a negative place.

How does the Non-Physical part of me know everything I’m wanting?
Any moment the physical us experiences something, desires are stirred within on what would be a better experience; these desires are automatically received and known by the Non-Physical and doesn’t require our conscious awareness to be communicated. Many times we’re very aware of the desires we have, especially when we’ve held them for a long time in a resistant place. Our desires are received by our Inner Being and held at the vibrational frequency required for them to come into our physical reality without any opposing vibration signals. By opposing vibrational signals, I mean negative emotion or resistance, for it is the negative emotion that causes resistance that prevents anything you’re wanting from manifesting.
Why are my desires not manifesting more quickly?
Think about how it feels in the first moment we desire something, this is always a strongly positive feeling about what you are wanting, but depending on whether we believe we will receive what we’re wanting or not, usually determines what thoughts follow.
If we believe what we are wanting will come, it’s easier to maintain a good feeling place until we feel momentum and intensity of positive emotion, and as long as we hold steady in our good feeling place, sometimes in the face of evidence to the contrary, the physical manifestation must eventually come, it is Law!
If we don’t believe what we are wanting will come, and we maintain a not good feeling place until we feel momentum and intensity of negative emotions, and we hold steady to the resistance we’re feeling, the physical manifestation of more of what we are not wanting must eventually come, it is Law!
Remember, nothing is set in stone, and we always have the ability to change our vibration in any moment we choose. Once we know our emotions are communication from our Inner Being, (and not evidence there’s something wrong with who or what you’re giving your attention to) the trick is to become aware of how we feel and move ourselves to the best possible feeling place we can.
As we gradually improve our thought, we improve the manifestation that will unfold and the good news is… no matter where we are, on any subject that is important to us, we have the power to move to a better feeling place about it now.

I am not saying this is always easy, and it does take some time and effort, but I believe in the strength and power that has always been within us to create our own lives, for I have experienced this in my own life.
Look closely at your own life and those that you know well, for it’s through your own observations and life experiences we see evidence of how life really works…

And so our journey together continues…