When you don’t expect too much from other’s…. It’s hard to be disappointed.

What I’m getting at with this statement is, when you place very high expectations on other’s, you put yourself in a position to be highly disappointed if things don’t work out how you may have envisioned, and it can also start the process where we may attempt to control or manipulate behaviour to try to get them to achieve the outcome we are desiring for them.

Most of the time, the outcomes we’re hoping for are usually positive and something that our recipient is usually desiring too, but when we place very high expectations on them, especially our young children, it can become a heavy burden for them to carry, which now means they may become more focused on the burden of someone else’s expectations of them rather than achieving what they are wanting in a positive manner and that’s not ideal.

Many may disagree and say, “It’s because I care, and I only want the best for them!” And I say, of course we do, especially when it comes to our beautiful children, we all want the best for them, but by placing excessively high expectations on them, often works against what we’re wanting rather than increasing the likely hood of it.

Not having high expectations of others does not necessarily mean you don’t care about how they are doing or that you don’t want them to achieve good things. It’s a great intention to want the best for everyone we come into contact with, that’s the true power of influencing people positively, for true knowing is felt at an emotional, vibrational level and does not require words or placing high expectations on people to effect them deeply.

For me the ideal situation is;

~ Knowing what someone wants, which is very easy to feel if you listen to what they are saying for any length of time.
~ Knowing they have the ability to get where they are wanting to go, even if a path does not seem clear at the present moment.
~ Knowing that everyone has their own experiences and desires that will produce may different circumstances in their life both wanted and unwanted that ultimately propels them forward.
~ To basically be at peace with their experience and to know things will work out for the best, even if there are a few bumps along the way, this is the greatest benefit you can hope to give to anyone.

If we allow ourselves to worry, be stressed, upset, annoyed, angry, or frustrated about another’s experience or situation without making an effort to move to a better feeling vibrational place or to find some good in it, we are of very little benefit to them, or to ourselves, it is true.
If we can let go of expectations we may be placing on ourselves and other’s, we make space for more wonderful things to flow into our life, it’s a way of saying we believe that life is supposed to be good, and we all have the ability to create what we’re wanting in our lives.
That’s a very good vibration to be sending out into the Universe don’t you think?

This life is a process, a journey, and we are all making our way in the best way we know how, so acknowledge that, and move forward as positively as you can, for that has to be good enough….

And so it is….

Luck has nothing to do with it…. Truly, it doesn’t!

Although I try not to complain too much to others and prefer to move into a better feeling vibrational place on my own regarding whatever I may have resistance about, like everyone here, I do sometimes slip and complain.
So the other day I was complaining about being busier than usual, and by husband commented, “You’re just lucky every day is not like that!”
Well, I’m not quite sure what possessed him to say such a thing (that’s not true, I knew exactly what he was trying to tell me of course) and my response was a very strong, “Luck has nothing to do with it!” Which pretty much ended the conversation. (Which was my way of saying, “I can’t believe you just said that to me, you know what I think about that comment!”)
There are a number of very different perspectives this comment can come from, both positive and negative.
1. I see things are working out well for you and I have no idea how, but would love to know how!
2. I see things are working out well for you and it makes me feel jealous because nothing seems to be working out well for me and I don’t know why?
3. I see things are working out well for you, and I’m annoyed because it feels like I’m working much harder than you but not receiving what I feel I deserve.
4. I see things are working out well for you, I bet you’re really appreciating it; I totally want to know what you’re doing! Do you think some of that will rub off on me!(Hehehe….I hope so!)
It’s not so much about the words we are speaking, but the intentions we hold while we are speaking them. (Remember, it’s not possible to hide what our true intentions are, the Universe knows, and so does everyone else usually) But it would be true to say, the better our intentions are as we speak our words, the more meaning and importance these words have, especially when they are heard by one that’s in a close enough vibrational vicinity to truly hear them.

So in the past it annoyed me when people commented I was “so lucky” when something good was happening in my life, because I always felt like no matter whether this was coming from a generally positive place or a negative place on their part, it always downplayed anything we may have done through our thought and action preceding this wanted circumstance turning up, as if things were just unfolding magically in our favour, with no effort or input from ourselves? And although this may be how it sometimes appears when observing others, there’s always more to the story than this.
There are many ways one can go about achieving that which they are wanting, but it always comes down to what our thoughts are regarding whatever we’re wanting, that then inspires action.
What did I just say?
I think I said, every action, no matter what that action is, is inspired by and through the thoughts we’ve predominantly been thinking in relation to whatever the subject is we’ve been thinking about.
So for anyone to take any action, positive or negative, wanted or unwanted, there has been thoughts that have been given enough focused attention (whether we’ve been aware of them or not) that the Law of Attraction has responded in-kind to, that attracts manifestations of the same vibrational frequency and inspires us into actions that are also in the same vibrational vicinity.
That’s a very good thing to know, don’t you think?
What that means, is that by the time we feel inspired into taking action, there is quite a lot of momentum behind us that makes it quite difficult to pull back from doing…. which isn’t a problem when it’s a positive action that is moving us in a direction we are wanting to go, but if it’s a negative action that is moving us in a direction we are not wanting to go, it takes some very strong will power to not carry that action out to its conclusion.
Well, now you might be thinking, “That doesn’t sound too good now?” And I say, “It is not possible to hide from the truth, the truth is the truth, whether we are liking it or not.”
But like I’ve said before “Knowledge is Power”

And so it is…

A little word about living in the present moment….

I remember when the catch phrase “living in the now” was what many people were speaking and writing about, and although it did bring a lot of awareness to many people, some of it was confusing. Many discussions revolved around the concept that having an ego prevented one from truly being present in the now.
This depends on your ideas and perspective of what ego is.
If we look in the dictionary, you tend to see two main distinctions of what the ego is;
1. The self, being separate from the world and others, and consciousness that controls thought and behaviour.
2. Appropriate pride in one’s self; (self-esteem) or an exaggerated sense of self-importance; (conceit)
The first description describes what the ego is, whereas the second description describes the two common ways it’s often exhibited as behaviour.
In the past the ego has had a bad reputation because it’s been associated with people who have judged and seen themselves as superior or better than others, and yuk, it’s never nice to be around such a person as this, that’s for sure!
But maybe we’ve had a one sided perspective about it? There’s always two ways to look at anything, and that’s either positively or negatively and there’s a large variety of emotional places within both perspectives, but it’s not possible to be focused on positive and negative at the same time, you’re either negatively focused, or positively focused in the moment.
So the negative perspective of ego brings our attention to trying to gain things in a ruthless and uncaring way with no regard for others, whereas the positive perspective of ego brings our attention to knowing the power of who we really are, and that we have the ability to achieve what we’re wanting without the need to hurt others. It’s about being true to who you are, but also allowing others to be true to who they are.
I suppose the ego has had such negative connotations for so long, it’s hard to think of this word in a positive way, so I prefer to say, the “self” instead of ego, for the sake of keeping the feeling of the word neutral.
So what’s really happening when we’re being or behaving as our negative self?
Firstly it’s important to recognise how our negative self has been created. This usually happens when we’ve been brought up by others who didn’t know how life was really working, most did do their best so it doesn’t help us to blame, but it does help to know how you got where you are. So it’s quite normal that we walk down a similar path to those that taught us, it’s often not until things start going off the rails we start to question what we’ve been taught, and we may have a feeling that somethings not quite right? So this propels us into a new journey of discovery, a journey of coming into an understanding of who we really are.
Sometimes the very thing we are judging as bad, wrong or unwanted is exactly what someone needs to move things forward in a positive direction. You see, we’re all on the same path in a general sense, we’re all on a journey of self discovery, but that journey will be completely different for every single one of us because we’ve all come forward with different intentions and we’re all in different places in relation to those intentions so the path that leads us into the full and wonderful discovery of who we are will be different for everyone. It’s not to say that one way is better or worse than the other, it’s just different. That’s why I often speak about not judging others, because we just don’t know where they are in relation to what they’re wanting, and even if we do, if they’re not in a place to hear any advice, it doesn’t have the positive effect we’re wanting. We don’t have to like what others are doing but we must accept, that for them, it could be the next logical step that will lead them to the next and the next and the next. All we can do is know that everyone is doing their best to move in a better direction and into more of what they’re wanting, in the same way we are.
For me this is a way of making peace with what others are doing, I do my best not to focus on what others are doing if it doesn’t align or agree with what I am wanting for myself, for I know, by judging and focusing on what others are doing only includes that unwanted vibration within me, which then means with enough focused attention, I have the possibility of bringing similar feeling experiences into my life. I know not focusing on unwanted circumstances you believe are affecting you is more easily said than done, but it does get easier with practise, and in time, as your focus improves, you are no longer attracting so many unwanted situations, for the negative vibration that was bringing them to you has been replaced with a more positive vibration, and that’s what’s now being responded to by the Law of Attraction. So depending on where the majority of your focus is, things are often getting worse and worse, or better and better.
So what about when we’re being our positive self?
Through knowing how life is working, we start to remove resistance from past experiences by moving to better feeling places and understanding more fully how and why these things may have happened. Once we’ve let go of negative thoughts from past experiences, we’re no longer bringing it into our present thoughts, which means you have stopped the negative attraction of what you are not wanting!
Have you observed people who have had negative experiences in the past, and although the people and places in their life may change, they seem to create the same situations over and over again?
If there is much focus on unwanted circumstances without moving to a better feeling place, we can eradicate all the people involved in this unwanted scenario, but if our thought does not improve, we will create similar situations again. This is the Law of Attraction in action, it’s the Universes way of showing you what you’ve got going on vibrationally. And you answer every time with the power of your thought, so it’s a good idea to pay attention to how you feel for your emotions are communication from the Non-Physical part of you, your Inner Being, letting you know if your thought is positive and moving you in the direction of what you are wanting, or negative and moving you in the direction of something you are not wanting.
So it’s hard to be truly focused on the present moment when you have many things from the past you have not dealt with or moved to a better feeling place on, and it often prevents us from seeing the good that’s happening now. Focusing intently on anything that we’re doing now and dealing with what is manifesting in our life in the most positive way we can, helps to bring us more into the present moment. We don’t need to go back and rehash the past to move through any resistance we have about it, because everything we have going on vibrationally from the past is showing up now, in one way or another, whether we know it or not. If we focus on what’s happening now and move to the best feeling place we can regarding it, we will move through any resistance we have.
Remember, we did not come to a resistant place in one day, so celebrate the small improvements you make, for many small improvements over time make a very big difference to your life experience!
And so our journey together continues….

Do you think setting goals will get you where you’re wanting???


A goal set with positive focus and expectations is halfway to being achieved.        Paulette De-Har

That’s a very interesting question, isn’t it?
And the answer depends on where you are coming from. For example, if you make goals for yourself and feel good about them, believing you will be able to achieve them, that is definitely a goal worth setting and you will be well on your way to achieving it as long as you stay focused in a positive manner. So what happens when we make a goal and feel good about it to start with, but then do not follow through with positive thoughts. If we do not maintain our belief and positive thought regarding the goals we make, it’s very unlikely that we’ll achieve them.


This often happens when looking at the pros and cons of any situation, what we’re really doing is including negative thoughts into our vibrational (emotional) mix, meaning, depending on whether you’ve focused more on positives or negatives, this will determine how things will unfold in reality. Of course it’s very normal to look at all possibilities when we’re trying to move forward in our lives, but if we focus intently on everything we think could possibly go wrong and may prevent us from reaching our goals, more than how everything may work out well, this will be the strongest vibration within us, and the Law of Attraction ensures we’ll receive back that which we have vibrationally given out.

There is no such thing as NO in this attraction based Universe that we all live in. For example, when we say yes to something, it’s included as a possible future manifestation, and when we say no to something, it’s also included as a possible future manifestation. Saying yes with positive focus attracts wanted circumstances, whereas saying no with negative focus is attracting unwanted circumstances. A positive focus on any goal that’s maintained over time with emotional intensity must eventually bring that which we’re wanting, whereas maintaining negative focus over time with emotional intensity must eventually bring that which we’re not wanting.

This is often a consequence of doubting our ability to create what we are wanting or we may not see a path that will get us where we are wanting to go, so we give up. I am not judging anyone for giving up on their goal, if it feels like the best thing to do, it’s not for me to say that you shouldn’t, but I will say, the fact that a goal is set in the first place, means we were wanting to achieve it, and with positive focus there’s no reason why we can’t.

Why do we doubt our ability to achieve our goals?
We may have experienced circumstances in the past that have not worked out how we were wanting despite taking many actions and being very determined which eventually, over time, erodes our belief in ourselves and our ability to achieve what we desire.

In reality, there is always a mixture of positive and negative thoughts regarding any subject or goal that we hold, but there will be a more dominant vibrational feeling about it and that’s always what’s manifesting.
So yes, setting goals can definitely get us where are we wanting to go when we do our best to stay positively focused, working through any resistant, challenging circumstances that arise by;
1. Being aware of how we’re feeling regarding anything we give attention too.
2. Once we know how we’re feeling, doing our best to move to a better feeling place, especially if we’re in a negative vibrational place.
3. Doing our best to enjoy whatever is happening now by relaxing and not being too hard on ourselves.
4. Holding strong to the belief that things really are working out, even if it doesn’t currently look like it, and yes, that’s something that requires practice, but we’ve all come forward with the ability to do this if that’s what we’re wanting.

And so our journey continues….

How does our vibration create our life experiences???

If we were to look in a dictionary, vibration is simply described as a rapid movement or quivering of particles. Early in the 19th Century, scientists in the area of Quantum Physics discovered everything that exists in the Universe is energy vibrating at different speeds and frequencies, and by only observing something, you affect how it vibrates with your expectation. So your expectation effects what you’re observing, meaning you aren’t just observing, you are playing a creative role in everything that’s happening.

What does this mean for us?
To understand how life is working and how we are creating our life experience, it’s important to know everything in the Universe is energy in motion which is vibration, even though it appears solid and static. That being true, the thoughts we think produce emotions within us that emanate out of us as a vibration of a specific frequency and is responded to by the Universe.

Who responds to what?
The Universe (Law of Attraction) responds with the same vibrational frequencies that we’ve originally given out, in manifested form. We are asking for what we’re wanting through our focused thoughts, and the Universe is responding equally to everyone with manifested evidence of the dominant vibrations within us.
I’m sure you’ve noticed that matter doesn’t manifest the moment you have a thought about something, as the physical manifestation of it does not immediately spring into your experience.
Why is this? Because one thought, on one subject does not have enough momentum or creative power to come fully into our physical reality. For anything to manifest, there must be thought that has been thought on for long enough, (momentum) that we experience strong emotional feelings (creative power) when we give thought to any subject.
Even the emotions we feel are manifestations, which are the receiving of that which we have originally given out. If emotions are manifestations of thoughts the Universe has responded to, and they are, maybe we should look at them more closely.
What do our emotions mean?
Emotions are communication from what I have been calling our Inner Being, or Non-Physical, Soul part of us. Yes, we came forward into this physical life from Non-Physical, and when we leave this physical life we’ll return to the Non-Physical realm.
When we made the choice to come into this physical world, a part of us, the physical part, was born, the other part of us that you may or may not be entirely aware of, stayed in Non-Physical. It’s impossible to separate the physical and Non-Physical parts of ourselves.
The Non-Physical part of us is letting us know where we are in relation to everything we’re wanting through our emotions. Positive emotion indicates we’re moving towards the manifestation of something wanted, whereas negative emotion indicates we’re moving in the direction of something unwanted. The stronger the emotional feeling we have when we think about anything, the closer we are to the physical manifestation of a circumstance, that will feel very similar to the dominant feeling we’ve had on that subject when it turns up.

As you can imagine, we have thousands of different thoughts on all the subjects we may think about, which will be a mixture of positive and negative thoughts with varying degrees of emotional intensity to them. So what is manifesting regarding any subjects that are important to you, is a blending of all the thoughts and feelings you’ve had, which gives you a sort of vibrational set point on that subject.
When a vibrational set point or emotional attitude has been achieved in relation to any subject, any new thoughts you have regarding that subject, naturally fall easily into the already established emotional place, and the longer the vibrational set point for that subject is maintained, the harder it is to move to a different vibrational place. This is great when we’re sitting in a positive place, but not so good when we’re sitting in a negative place.

How does the Non-Physical part of me know everything I’m wanting?
Any moment the physical us experiences something, desires are stirred within on what would be a better experience; these desires are automatically received and known by the Non-Physical and doesn’t require our conscious awareness to be communicated. Many times we’re very aware of the desires we have, especially when we’ve held them for a long time in a resistant place. Our desires are received by our Inner Being and held at the vibrational frequency required for them to come into our physical reality without any opposing vibration signals. By opposing vibrational signals, I mean negative emotion or resistance, for it is the negative emotion that causes resistance that prevents anything you’re wanting from manifesting.
Why are my desires not manifesting more quickly?
Think about how it feels in the first moment we desire something, this is always a strongly positive feeling about what you are wanting, but depending on whether we believe we will receive what we’re wanting or not, usually determines what thoughts follow.
If we believe what we are wanting will come, it’s easier to maintain a good feeling place until we feel momentum and intensity of positive emotion, and as long as we hold steady in our good feeling place, sometimes in the face of evidence to the contrary, the physical manifestation must eventually come, it is Law!
If we don’t believe what we are wanting will come, and we maintain a not good feeling place until we feel momentum and intensity of negative emotions, and we hold steady to the resistance we’re feeling, the physical manifestation of more of what we are not wanting must eventually come, it is Law!
Remember, nothing is set in stone, and we always have the ability to change our vibration in any moment we choose. Once we know our emotions are communication from our Inner Being, (and not evidence there’s something wrong with who or what you’re giving your attention to) the trick is to become aware of how we feel and move ourselves to the best possible feeling place we can.
As we gradually improve our thought, we improve the manifestation that will unfold and the good news is… no matter where we are, on any subject that is important to us, we have the power to move to a better feeling place about it now.

I am not saying this is always easy, and it does take some time and effort, but I believe in the strength and power that has always been within us to create our own lives, for I have experienced this in my own life.
Look closely at your own life and those that you know well, for it’s through your own observations and life experiences we see evidence of how life really works…

And so our journey together continues…