And so the pendulum swings…

I use this saying to describe what can often happen when we have experienced strongly unwanted circumstances in our life, especially as we were growing up.
It goes something like this….

I have a very unwanted experience.
I decide this is not what I’m going to do in my life as I grow up.
I do the exact opposite in my own life to ensure I never become or do whatever it was that was done to me.

Usually the more unwanted and extreme the experience, the stronger and extreme the behaviour will be towards the opposite end of the behaviour scale so we may go from one extreme to the other extreme.
A good example of this is people who may have been harshly physically disciplined as children;
Some may never question this and continue with this behaviour in their own lives, but many will feel strongly this is not something they will choose to do and will often go to the extreme of complete freedom.
I can tell you, as a child that was harshly physically disciplined, I would definitely rather under discipline than over discipline, but it would be true to say that both extremes can produce very poor results.

Mostly it’s about balance, everything balances itself out sooner or later but it can take time, and by time, I mean it can take generations.
I do my best not to worry about people even if they are at the extreme ends of experience, and I definitely do not put my attention on whatever they are doing if it does not agree with what I am wanting in my own life experience or how I have chosen to live.
Putting our attention and focused thoughts on anything around us that we are wanting to experience and that feels good, is the best action we can take, for this starts redirecting us towards more of the experiences we are wanting to live, and of those circumstances, we are not wanting to live.
It’s totally okay not to like things, but you want the strongest vibration within you that the Law of Attraction is responding to, to be what you are wanting, not what you are not wanting.
People think they are focused on what they’re wanting, but often our focus is actually on the lack of what we’re wanting.
The only way to know the true direction of our thought is by how we are feeling. Positive emotion indicates you are moving towards something you are wanting, whereas negative emotion indicates you are moving towards something you are not wanting.

It’s not for me to judge what others should or shouldn’t be doing, I hold onto my belief that most people are doing the best they can, based on what they know, and when we know better we can do better.
In these days we are living now, things are showing up thick and fast in answer to our focused thoughts (vibration) that the Law of Attraction is responding in-kind to, letting us know exactly where we are.
And once we know where we truly are, and start improving how we are feeling….The skies the limit!!

And so it is….

Question from Master Eight…. Is it better to listen to other people?

This is a conversation between me and my eight-year-old son that I recorded and then typed out for this post.
If you’re wondering why it’s because he often asks me the most amazing questions that we’ll have a long conversation about. The last question he had was a few days ago, and at the end of it I said: “I’ve got an awesome idea, we should try recording our conversations and I’ll make a post out of them!” He thought that was a cool idea, so this is a conversation we had today!

For ease of reading, I have edited unnecessary content and very personal circumstances related to the subject we’ve been talking about but feel it’s a truthful representation, most being word for word, of our conversation.

Master Eight-M8, is in Italics.

So what’s your question again Darling?

M8-Is it better to listen to other people?

Compared to what?


Compared to what you want to do?


So what made you want to know that?

M8-Because I just wanted to know if people should listen to others.

So you want to know if you should listen to other people?


Like what other people?

M8-Like you and Daddy, people like that…

So you mean just Mummy and Daddy, not other people, because do you usually listen to other people?


Ok, who would be the other people in your life apart from Mummy and Daddy that you would listen too?

M8-Arghh…Uhm…My teacher at school.

Anyone else….or are you only talking about people you know well?

M8-Yer, not just like people you don’t know that are strangers because if people say things to me and it’s someone I don’t know, I don’t say anything and I just don’t listen to them.

That’s a good idea, it’s not good to listen to people you don’t know.

Do you think it’s a good idea to listen to Mummy and Daddy and your teacher at school?


Why do you think it’s a good idea?

M8-Well, sometimes if I don’t listen to you guys I might not get to do other things I want to do.

Ok, is that the only reason you listen because you don’t want the negative consequences?


Are you sure that’s the only reason you listen, because you don’t want something unwanted to happen?



M8-Well, sometimes I listen to you when I’m playing my game when you call me for lunch or dinner and I don’t just ignore you because I’m hungry.


Well, I think it’s a little bit sad the only reason you listen is because you want to be able to play your game, is that the only reason you listen?


Well, what other reasons are there?

M8-Arghh…because…I’m thinking…I’m thinking…I’m thinking…

Well my question to you is, are you only listening to us to avoid not being able to have something you want?

M8-Well sometimes I get in trouble if I don’t listen to you guys.

Yes, but…

M8-And I don’t like getting in trouble…

Like what sort of trouble?

M8-Like if I am mean I get told off or I have to go away for a bit.

But aren’t you sometimes listening because it feels good to listen?

M8-Yes, it does sometimes.

But you don’t listen to us all the time though do you, so if we asked you to do something but it strongly goes against what you want to do you don’t always listen, which is okay I’m just saying you’re not only listening to us blindly without any regard to how you’re feeling.


Would it be true to say you’re making a choice to listen based on, will it feel better to listen and do this or will it feel better not to listen and do that.
And doesn’t the decision you make depend on the possible consequences you think may happen, and how much you do or don’t want to do something, but it’s still a choice that you make after weighing up all the pros and cons of the situation.

So would it be fair to say you’re making your decisions based on what feels best and what you feel will get you the closest to what you are wanting and sometimes that’s listening to Mum and Dad and sometimes it isn’t


That’s all you can do, that’s what everyone does, from where ever we are now, we’re all choosing what we feel is the best option for us, the choice we feel will hopefully produce the best outcome.

Of course, I’m Mum so I would always say it’s a good idea to listen to your Awesome Mummy wouldn’t I!! Hehehe

M8-And Awesome Daddy!! Hehehe

Yes, and at the end of the day, you’re always guided by yourself. Sometimes it’s good to listen, and sometimes it isn’t, I can’t say you should always or exclusively listen to anyone because you have to listen to yourself. Only you know what feels best for you, don’t you think Darling?


And so it is….

Special does not mean better… Or does it???

Of course it doesn’t, but unfortunately many have come to the conclusion that to be special means your better or superior than others. As far back as I can remember, I felt there was something special inside of me, even though I wasn’t really sure what that specialness was, but it didn’t take me long to realise that everyone had that same specialness inside of them too, but that it was expressed differently in each person depending on the opportunities that we attracted and our ability to recognise and act on them.
Why do some feel better or superior to others?
This often comes from our upbringing where we may learn, if you’re not a winner you’re a loser, second is unacceptable, or “my way” is the right and only way, and although this idea has changed a lot in recent times, there are still many that are indoctrinated in these ways.
Of course we want our children to do well, that goes without saying, we want them to reach their potential and to do their best, but when we teach them the belief; if they don’t win they have not succeeded, this is not good. Some are coming from a place where they believe instilling a fear of failing is a good motivating tool, this is very outdated thinking that may have vaguely worked in the past, but No, it is not working any longer.
I am not suggesting we over praise or make everything someone does wonderful when it is not, our beautiful children sense this is off when done and usually rebel against this untruth with extreme behaviours, but what I am saying is, look for the specialness that is within us all, believe in it, look for it, and you will find it, not just in others but in yourself, for it’s often not until you find it within yourself that you can recognise it in others. Look for it when you are in a good feeling place, do not try to find it when you are experiencing strong negative emotion, for you cannot see it at that time, for you are focused in the opposite direction to where that specialness is.
You cannot search for anything for very long before the powerful Law of Attraction will bring you some evidence of that which you are focused on, this I know.
When we come to know who we really are, we come into a full and clear understanding of the awesomeness of us and all others, that is my desire for you!!
And so a journey together continues….

The truth will set you free….Or will it???

I’m sure many would have heard the quote many great teachers from the past have said: “the truth will set you free”. But what truth are they speaking of, and how would it set us free?

The truth they speak of, is the truth about how life in the Physical and Non-Physical world is really working, and the reason it is followed up with, “it will set you free,” is when we come to know the truth about how life is truly working and how we’re creating our own life experiences and you start putting this knowledge into practice in your life, you become one that’s truly free. For it’s through this understanding that you gain creative control over your life, and then you’ll feel the freedom of who you really are.

So does this mean we are only free if we know how this life is working?
No, freedom is the core of who we really are, along with truth and love. We come into this physical world free, we live here with free will and free choice, and we will make our transition back to Non-Physical free.
So if I’m not feeling free in my life, why am I not feeling free?
This is a natural consequence if we haven’t known how it is we’ve been creating our life experiences.
We may have come to the conclusion or belief that things just happen for no good reason, or that life was meant to be difficult, or that there’s someone outside of ourselves setting down rules and regulations as to what, how, and when we should be doing this or that and that’s why things are not working out.
Nothing could be further from the truth. You came here for a wonderful experience, not a life of pain and struggle, and it’s true we’ll all have our different challenges in life to overcome, but they’re always of our own making, and propel us to greater heights and understandings once overcome.

How could I be making problems in my own life without knowing about it?
Mainly because that’s what we all observed as we were growing up. We watched others around us focus on things that were not working in their life, creating more unwanted circumstances and being oblivious to what they were creating.
I say this to not blame others, for they were doing’s the best that they could with what they knew, no one would create unwanted circumstances in their life if they knew what they were doing, that would be crazy!

So we may have sort of fell into the same vibrational place (general emotional place) as those that surrounded us. Yes, it’s only natural we would take on their beliefs and not always know how we were creating our life.
Have you noticed how our beautiful children are coming forth into this physical world now? They are emotionally sensitive, strong-willed, freedom seeking, not rule following souls.
In other words, they will not be easily guided away from who they really are, they are knowing their self-worth, they are believing they know what is best for them and they are telling us so, but are we hearing what they are trying to tell us or are we just labelling them as problem children?

They will not follow blindly what others say or give up their freedom easily, and to get them to do this, you must severely break their spirit. All I will say is the consequences of doing such things are not good. I’m not suggesting our children do not require guidance, actually, they require very specific guidance where their individual needs are known and considered and they’re actively involved, consulted and listened to when making decisions regarding them. They also often require explanations as to how and why you have come to the decisions you have. I know it takes more time, and sometimes you have to explain something so many times you want to scream and pull your hair out, (Yep, I’ve been there more than once!) but I can not overestimate the wonderful long-term effects that come from treating our children in this way.

The truth is, we’re all creating our own life experiences whether we’re aware of it or not, and when we know this, we start to feel the freedom and truth that’s within us more and more.
It is a journey and we don’t need to get there all at once, just do our best to pay attention to how we’re feeling and making an effort to feel slightly better than we currently are, especially if we’re in a not good feeling vibrational place, and over time we will feel our life experience improve.

Why would I bother to make an effort to feel better? Because it feels better to feel good doesn’t it?

And so our journey together continues….

A personal letter…

Don't Gossip Quote
This is a letter I am writing regarding a situation that happened a couple of days ago. Written to a family member that we don’t see that often. I’m not sure whether I will send it or not yet, let’s see how I go.

Dear Bill,

I am writing this letter in answer to what has happened between us recently, mainly for my own clarity and understanding more than anything, but I would be lying if I didn’t say I was hoping you would gain some clarity and benefit from it, but I understand, it’s unlikely you will hear anything I have to say.
The first thing I would like to speak to is your opinion that I’m “crazy, delusional, live in fairyland, and have no idea about the real world”. This almost makes me laugh when I think about it, because there’s so much truth in that, although it’s not very nice to speak to people in such ways, especially when you’re staying in their house as a guest. Let me enlighten you about what you actually meant by that.

We are in totally different vibrational, emotional places regarding almost all subjects that are important to us. I do my very best to see the positive in life, whereas you’re naturally focused on everything you feel hasn’t and isn’t working and blaming everyone else around you for it. I allow you to rant about everything that you feel is bad in life from politics, to the place we live, to people you feel are useless and have no value in life. I learnt many years ago there was no point bringing up the positives regarding whatever you were giving your attention to, for that just made you try harder to convince me into your way of thinking, and as you know, I am not easily convinced out of my way of thinking, which infuriates you.
I let you go until eventually, you speak of something I cannot stay silent on, for instance, the fact that the new generation of children need more controlling and “a good smack never hurt anyone”. I think that’s fairly rich coming from a person that never ever raised their hand to any of their children, but left it to his wife to do.
Anyway, the point I’m making is we sit at opposite ends of the emotional scale on almost every subject. So it’s not surprising you think I’m delusional and live in fairyland because you cannot see the world I see, for you do not have access to it because you’ve spent your life focused on the opposite of everything that is good therefore that is all you have access to.
And in answer to me not knowing what’s happening in the real world, I’m very aware of what is going on in this world, I have just chosen to focus on the best of it, I have chosen to feel as good as I can therefore I do my best not to focus on what I’m not wanting or things that are happening that I feel bad about, if I’m finding it hard to maintain a good vibrational place about something, I make an effort to move to a better feeling place or I don’t think about it.
I also laughed thinking about you telling me I live in the past; I often find it difficult to think what I did last week let alone 15 or 20 years ago. But of course, you have a wonderful memory for everything you think I have done in the past that was wrong. You will never get me to acknowledge such things, for I know the intentions I have whenever I do anything, and they are always good.
You will never pull me down to your negative miserable place regarding life I assure you, this is my life, it is my journey, who do you think you are to judge me, or anyone.
There are so many things that have happened in your life I could easily explain, for it’s easy for me to see how and why they’ve happened, but I would never tell you, for the outcome would be:
1. You would not hear the truth of what I say, but use it as more evidence of how crazy I am. Hehehe….
2. You would hear the truth of what I say, and it would bring you to your knees when you realise what you’ve created in your own life.
So where to from here? You are who you are, and I am who I am, and although I’ve remained hopeful in the last 20 years, I feel it’s unlikely we’ll find any common ground because even though we’re both changing every day, it’s still in the opposite direction to each other. I have decided you are no longer welcome in my home, healthy conversation and disagreements are a normal part of life, but when it deteriorates to name-calling and nastiness, this is unacceptable, and I will not accept someone doing this in my own home and in front of your own grandchildren.
I am unsure if we will speak again while you are in this physical life, but I look forward to speaking with you once you have made your transition back to Non-Physical. Oh, how we’ll laugh about all that went on here.

Take care,


Well, there’s my letter. After reading it through I feel quite sure I won’t send it because I don’t think it would probably do much good. It was fun to write though.

And so our journey continues….

Why do bad things happen to good people???

The most important thing to remember when pondering this question is,

  1. Who is the person standing in judgement of another saying whether they are good or bad?

In truth, the core of who we really are is always good, one hundred percent, every person, no exceptions, and if you have been privileged enough to see a baby come into this physical world, you will understand what I am talking about, but even if you haven’t, it’s not hard to see when you look at a newborn, they are pure beings. This being true, what happens between birth and a point where we would class someone as “being bad?” Well, life happens. We have all come forward into this physical reality with desires and intentions, and if we were not given the freedom to express and explore who we were with loving guidance as children, things often got slightly off track, to a point where as adults, we find it difficult to live a happy life, or more substantially off track where we are spewing out our rage and hatred. This is in no way supposed to be a criticism over what we should’ve or could’ve done in the past, do not use what I have said to beat yourself over the head and feel guilty, for most of us were doing the best we could be based on what we knew at that time. No benefit comes from feeling guilty about the past, the best you can do is learn from what happened, believe that you can and will do better in the future and let it go, do not torture yourself with regrets over things you cannot change!

2. It’s often difficult to know whether circumstances you’re observing are wanted or unwanted.

It’s not hard to know when people are experiencing highly unwanted circumstances in their lives, especially if it is someone close to you that you know very well, but something we definitely don’t know, is how they will react to this unwanted experience, for there are always choices available to us that will move us to better places regarding the situation we are faced with, or to a worse place. Whatever choices we make, involve many different considerations based on what we’re wanting and the experiences we’ve lived, and is almost impossible for another to predict correctly. When a choice is made it may be difficult to know how our choice will unfold, for it usually takes time to see the results. A circumstance we have labelled as unwanted can often produce good results if it’s made from a positive place and is given further positive thought that eventually becomes our new belief. When we’re in the middle of a dilemma, if we find it difficult to know what to do, it’s often because we may have been strongly controlled and guided as children, without the opportunity to make choices for ourselves, putting many in a position where we are unable, or find it very difficult to make decisions for ourselves. Many of us learn these skills as we mature, some of us don’t. Prolonged negative focus on a problem also makes it difficult to see the best choice available to us, because when we do this, we’re not in the place to see the solution we’re searching for. And yes, there is always a solution for every problem, for one cannot exist without the other, it defies Universal Law! In this world we live, nothing exists without its opposite companion, think about this for a moment, up and down, hot and cold, love and hate, day and night. Yes, the polarities exist everywhere, along with everything in between.

So why do bad things happen to good people? Or for that matter, why do good things happen to bad people? The answer is always the same. You get what you focus on, whether you are good or bad or anything else. Have you seen people you may describe as “good” focus on negative aspects of their life? Does that make them bad? Of course, it doesn’t, but it does mean they are attracting unwanted circumstances into their lives through their focused negative thoughts. Have you seen people you may describe as “not been nice” focus on some positive aspects of their life? I’m sure you have, for they are attracting wanted circumstances into their lives through their focused positive thoughts too. In truth, we all have an immense number of thoughts on many different subjects within us, and what is manifesting is a blending of all of it.

It is not for me to judge who is good or bad, I am here like you, living my life in the best way I know how, and I believe others are doing the same. But it definitely is my job to decide for me, what I want to experience, and because I’m aware I create my life experience through my focused thoughts, I do my best not to focus on people or circumstances that I do not wish to bring into my physical experience. People are not truly bad, even when their behaviour indicates otherwise, rather they are misguided, and going about things in a way that will never truly get them what they want. We are all on our own journey in this physical life, so do your best to avoid judging others, for you do not know where they are in relation to what they are wanting, instead be the uplifter you were born to be, for there is no greater purpose than to be joyful in life, and to spread that joy to every person that has the good fortune to cross your path!!

And so our journey together continues…

Are you using an outdated roadmap???

Try reading a roadmap from a hundred years ago and see where it gets you! I’m sure you can see fairly quickly, that is ridiculous advice. So it always amazes me how some people are still trying to live their lives by a book that was written 2000 years ago.
As with an old roadmap, most of the large landmasses and major roads are still probably the same, but as you get into the more specific small details of your map, almost everything will be different.
So one could say, the basic principles or major concepts within these books are still strong and relevant to the lives we are living today, but the specific details, when relating it to our daily lives here and now, are very different. And so it is, with many books and scriptures that were written by many different sages and prophets from the past.

It’s not for anyone to tell others what they should or shouldn’t take from these books, that is a choice made by each individual based on their freedom to choose as they wish. The criteria I would use to determine whether I would follow advice given by, not just books, but anything is… is it working for me? If it isn’t working in our lives, who cares who said it, when they said it, and why they said it? If it improves our life in any way, then for us, it must be sound advice, but if it doesn’t improve our life after giving it time, why would we continue to follow it? The only reasonable answer I can come up with for following advice that obviously is not working, is if we are coming from a place of fear.

Fear that we need to do something someone else has set out for us, or there will be unwanted consequences? This often begins from the first day we are born into this physical world. As children we allowed, without really knowing we were doing it, our Internal Guidance to be overridden by the people around us that had been here longer than us, and thought they knew exactly how, what, and why we should be doing this or that. I am not blaming anyone, I am stating a fact. Most were doing their best based on how they grew up and what they knew at the time, nevertheless, it produces a lack of confidence and a need to be guided in every little thing we do, so when something new comes up, we are often lost as to what to do, often searching for direction and advice from external sources.

This does not necessarily need to be negative if we can assess honestly how the advice we have taken is working in our life rather than blindly following without question, even when, deep down, it doesn’t feel right. That’s our Inner Guidance, our very own internal emotional guidance, that’s specifically and precisely giving us advice on any matter that is important to us. We had it when we entered this physical world and we’ve had it every day since.

If we feel we are not receiving any such guidance, it’s because it has been overshadowed and drowned out by all the advice and guidance that has come from external sources, often to such a point, we’re no longer even aware we have it.
If we don’t believe or even know we have such guidance, it can be near impossible to find without conscious awareness, and so we go from one source of advice to another, searching for something that fits us just right, but it will not be found from outside of us, what we are searching for comes from within us.

The best advice will always come from within you, and many of us are starting to access this wonderful Inner Guidance. We are now living in a time, where we are questioning the way we do things, and the beliefs that have been given to us by our family, culture, community or religion. There is benefit to all of it, even in doing things that are not working, for it is often in the process of realising something isn’t working that you become open to what it is that does work.
Such is the process and joy of this physical life….

And so it is….

Observations about our Beautiful Children….

Anyone that has children would have no doubt noticed that today’s generation of children are very different from their parents and previous generations. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out, and it’s interesting to note, when people often speak of this, they tend to highlight many things they consider negative.
“We didn’t do that in my day, we behaved ourselves and just did what we were told.”
Now that’s lovely if we’re believing everything someone else tells us or our feeling good depends upon making someone else happy and feel good. But the truth is, most of our beautiful children are not prepared to take everything we say as being right or good for them. I understand this makes for navigating the parenting of children far more difficult than it may have previously been, it’s rather easy when someone has largely substituted their own Inner Guidance for someone else’s, for they are more likely to listen and blindly follow instructions…. But is this what we really want for our children??? For me, the answer is simple…. No.

To bring today’s children to a place where they will listen and follow without question, their spirit has usually been broken to some degree, and the long-term consequences of this are not usually what we are wanting for those we deeply love. When a child’s own Inner Guidance is overridden and their spirit is broken by others, even those that have the best of intentions, what happens when you are not there to guide them? They are often lost and seek out another that will direct them in what to do, for they have not had an opportunity to think and make decisions for themselves. I’m not suggesting our little ones need no guidance, but the days of following without question are far behind us. I like to think of it now as more of a collaboration between parent and child, a belief that all have value, ideas, opinions and suggestions that at the very least, deserve to be listened too, considered and negotiated.

Our children have very different and specific needs compared to previous generations. A one size fits all, do what I say approach (and sometimes not what I do) no longer works and did it ever work….I don’t know??? Children are coming forward in these times with a stronger determination, purpose, and confidence that does require a more flexible parenting style, and in truth are guiding us all to be better parents, better teachers, and better leaders.
Yes, they are teaching us to be better human beings…and I cannot think of a greater life purpose to have in this wonderful physical world…

And so it is….